Is Khan A Stronger Primal Seduction?

i always believed khan was basically a stronger version of primal seduction.

that was until i saw this post recently:

i understand that khan also has scrripting unrelated to sex/women so im asking specifically about that aspect.

when it comes to sex/women, is khan basically a stronger version of primal seduction?

if someone only cares about sex/women then in the long run would primal seduction or khan give better results?

popular members like @Luther24 and @Azriel have flat out said khan was stronger so i was very suprised by sain’t’s post above.

I would not see it like that but like,

Faster/easier less recon but might be “unstable” due to not working on other areas
Take longer adaptation and probably more recon, but more complete/whole and probably more stable

Then, which one is better is a matter of personal preference.

BTW there are an almost infinite number of variables in life, I would not make comparisons using the personal experiences of others as a reference


The way I see it is that the programs can be split into all encompassing and singular goals, so things like Emperor, Stark, Khan are all aiming for huge sweeping changes in pretty much aspect of your life, they kind of all touch on social/romance/wealth/productivity etc. Primal seduction however is ONLY romance.

Long term use of Khan could maybe be viewed as ‘better’ for romance because it works on multiple traits that make you attractive like having your life in order, a stable income etc.

Primal Seduction I would listen to if my ONLY goal was romance, or I had a stack I was happy with and wanted to add some seduction to it. Khan I would listen to if I wanted to build my character from the core up and wanted to essentially enhance my life in all aspects. That being said Khan would have more work to do and therefore be a much slower process.



I did khan for a long period of time and right after that i did PSIT (ultima) for two month).
I can tell you this on PSIT it was more about women romance comparing to khan.
On khan women came along for sure but not because i was showing interest or focusing on them.
Sometimes i would even feel bored by them . They would not get attention from me , it was more an alpha vibe and also as time was passing i was focusing more and more on my goals than ladies , but my game was i the top as soon as i decided to use it.
use PSIT to get laid .
use Khan to change your mindset about dating social interaction and life in general .
that’s how i see it.


It should be stronger but due to the scope of objectives it could take long in accomplish them.

PS is more focused, but surely as strong as you need for seduction matters.


This is what i believed as well until i saw the recent post by saint.

@TheQuestion check out this post:


Only thing I’d add to that is:

Take a look at Total Reprogramming for example:

The second stage of Khan – the stage where you will reprogram your beliefs, your personality, your emotions to such a level where power and sexuality is your natural state of mind. The effortlessness of power is the Khan’s privilege.

This stage will help you change everything you desired to change your whole life, by both pushing you to change and being guided by your views of your ideal image of yourself. Everything will come naturally and fit your deepest, innermost personality – and everything that will be changed will be changed to the man you’ve dreamed of becoming, painted in the colors of Khan – power and sexuality.

Khan is way more comprehensive.

It’s not really a romantic/attraction program, it’s more of a complete upgrade of yourself into the most powerful sexually/socially dominant version of yourself - what ever your ideal image of that is.


thank you for seeing me as popular
Khan is not a stronger version of primal seduction
It’s an incredibly deep, multi-faceted program with a heavy focus on dominance, sexuality, power and then as the icing of that seduction/romance

@friday said it well

“Khan is the epitome of self-development. It is not about seducing women but pushing you to grow up as a man, develop godlike qualities and character traits, and finally become a man of such a high caliber, that is only natural for all women to get aroused and attracted to you. The success with women is not the primary goal, but the inevitable consequence…" -Friday (January '22)

I’ve always run Khan alongside quite a hefty few other subs/customs
so my results could have been enhanced/ influenced by that.

To me, the seduction capacity on Khan far exceeds anything else in the long wrong.
Both in terms of the man you become and in terms of the visceral effects of it.

It has primal seduction: iron throne- as part of it I believe.

Subs with smaller scripts or scope of goals will get results faster. In this case Libertine or PS might be quicker routes for pure seduction.

It depends on your weak point though.
If your uber confident and dominant and can go out and talk to anyone, and escalate but you don’t get a lot of attraction or interest or as much as you like. Libertine or Wanted could be the route.

If you get a lot of interest but can’t act on it. Primal, Primal Seduction, or even Khan might be faster.

They should run a healing title and re-assess their priorities–JK

In the long run my bet would be on Khan.
On PS -I’m pulled towards the gravity of an encounter
On Khan-I am the gravity in every encounter

However -there MAY be a LOT to work through when on Khan before it get’s to the point where recon and internal growth doesn’t compromise proactive seductive capacity.

Personally: I love the drive on Khan- its so visceral.
If someone were to say they would give me a million dollars if I slept with a thousand woman in a year. I’d run Khan.


which stage of khan specifically gave you these amazing effects?