Is Dragon Reborn good?

Hello! Can someone who completed all Dragon Reborn stages can tell me if it is good? I would want to buy it, but I need to know more about. Also should I use it alone or pair it with something else? Thanks in advance!


Paging @subliminaluser and @jcast

Is it good? It will profoundly change you, but you have to be ready and willing to go with it. It’ll cost you your current self but your real self will emerge.


Thanks and waiting for more opinions on how it will change you.

It’s fantastic but not recommended as your first Subliminal Club audio. The sales page recommends the same.

Personally, it has changed me a lot and helped me get over a lot of my older negative programing. It keeps the things that help you move forward while destroying ANY limits that restrain you.

It’s the ultimate mental, emotional and spiritual healing subliminal. And it needs perseverance and time to make use of it the max.

I encourage you to search for Dragon Reborn journals on the forum and read them up. Take a more active role in finding the answers. You will find results we have even forgotten by now by reading those journals.


I see. Should I pair it with something? Or just use it alone?

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Definitely. I would very much consider stacking Dragon Reborn with A Love Bomb for Humanity. This will fundamentally change you to your very core.


I see, thank you. Actually, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m IsaacCole, I asked you few months ago on Dragon Reborn main thread if it’s worth to use etc. Never got my hand on it, but next month I can get it for sure. I think it’s way better to heal before or just feel better with you at your inner core (I guess it is called that way) than just starting with other programs like Emperor etc. Since I’m 19 years old, what results should I expect? I guess you guys are older than me and you experienced more stuff than I did, but just to get an idea.

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I would have given anything to run Dragon Reborn when I was 19. It would have altered my life drastically and dramatically. I still highly recommend stacking Dragon Reborn with A Love Bomb for Humanity. These two together will help you become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and set the path for a strong future.

I don’t remember you off the top of my head but if I ignored you I sincerely apologize

Yeah I’m older . I’m 54

In terms of results especially as I said when stacking with A Love Bomb for Humanity you can probably expect to become very much your own person. Not to easily swayed by the moods and actions of others . It really is incredibly transformative


Many ahead! And no, you didn’t ignore me, you answered me. I will use these 2, thank you so much. So one loop of dragon reborn and one loop of a love bomb for humanity. Then break one day, and repeating the cycle again, right? How much time should I allocate for each stage?


That’s exactly what I would do. 21 days then 5 days off. Run two or three 21 day cycles of each stage of Dragon Reborn



Go with it, mate. :slight_smile: I’ll be going the same route.


What SC titles have you run so far?


Rebirth and Ascension, and tried out of curiosity Wanted with Stark.

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That’s very good. You can definitely run DR then.

@JCast 's recommendation to run it with Love Bomb for Humanity is a good idea. @Varuna is doing the same.

LBH will reduce the recon and is very complimentary to DR. LBH is water, DR is fire. LBH is yin, DR is yang. LBH is feminine, DR is masculine. LBH is loving healing, DR is brutal healing. LBH is soft, DR is hard. You will get a very good balance running the 2 together.


Got it! And I like how you explained it, short and on point. Good luck to everyone!


@alexandruflorin543 - glad I could help, my friend. All the best!


I also noticed stacking LBH with total breakdown St1makes me not to dream bad dreams.


Did you experience this with Lbh?, because since I started running it I felt more calm and collected.


It was definitely after I added A Love Bomb for Humanity


Exactly what I’m experiencing right now. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you, as I was searching for the right words until I saw this gem you posted :slight_smile: