Invictus Supreme (new customs shenanigans)

Welcome to yet another journal by yours truly :call_me_hand:t4:

In the last journal, I was mainly focused on customs with Khan, as well as the revelations that I got from RoM, and while the journey was fulfilling in its own way, I got a bit detached from the materialistic world (in a way), thus, this journal will revolve more around my worldly and physical gains.

I’m starting my new job at the Olympics Committee this Monday, as a Business Affairs manager, meaning that there will be 2 things to focus on the most:

1- Networking.
2- Using those networks to get things done.

And while I am pretty capable of doing those 2 things by myself after all the growth I received from all the subs I ran (especially Stark), I need to make sure that I also am able to reflect a much higher status than before, as status matters a lot here.

Thus, the journey to embody El Maestro has commenced :call_me_hand:t4:

El Maestro ZPv2

  • Ascension Chamber core

  • Stark core

  • Emperor core

  • R.I.C.H. core

  • Heracles

  • Gloryseeker

  • Lifeblood fable

  • Entranced

  • Fearsome

  • Song of joy

  • Transcendental connection

  • Chosen of Venus

  • Carpe diem ascended

  • Joie de Vivre

  • Deep sleep

  • Serum X

  • SPS: Endocrine system

  • Dominion

  • Jupiter

  • Void of Creation

Fairly excited to be back on the Emperor + Stark combo again, as it was, coincidentally, the stack I ran when I first joined my previous job as well haha

As for why there are physical prowess related modules, well, I’m gonna be working within the sports industry, and if I want to exude the highest level of status and presence, then I need to show it physically with my body as well, which I will work on even harder now with Emperor’s physical shifting capabilities :muscle:t3:


Looking forward to it. Is this the only title you are listening to or do you have any others in your stack?

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I haven’t decided yet, as it’s the first day of the custom.
I will leave the stack slots open for when @SaintSovereign releases the new GMX, as gaming is another that I want to improve on, as E-Sports will be part of the Olympics, starting this year in June with the first ever Olympic ESports week.

so probably gonna focus on GMX LoL :grin:

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And what about incoming ROS or maybe another delicious we do not know about yet (Revelation of the body) :slight_smile:?

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i’ve already used RoS before haha, it’s not something that I wanna touch again :sweat_smile:

as for this, when it comes out, I shall see :wink:


Bro, can you share your experience of Elegance vs Harmonic Singularity? ( Not intended to derail your journal, if you want i can remove the post)


in what context?
the modules are very different haha

but briefly speaking,

Elegance: movements become fluid, and the way I do things, whether walking or lifting, just seems so effortlessly aesthetic (natural walk becomes similar to a runway model).

Harmonic Singularity: much more about being relaxed all over the body, which manifests the effects by making you feel like your body’s muscles are rejuvenated 24/7, making you feel like you just had the best massage of your life haha.

different modalities, and different purposes :grin:


I see, thanks. I have used harmonic singularity for a long time and its amazing how relaxed and good it makes me my body feel, addictively good haha! Thought that elgance had similar relaxation but then with graceful embodiment of body language :pray::smiley:


I would like to see a lifting weights as a runway model :smiley:

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Initial impressions and results:

  • Made a complete new plan for how I wanna proceed with life this year, including a financial plan with my bank, with fixed deposits being taken each month so that I get a 100k return by December :money_mouth_face:

  • Already bounced back at the gym, with both my weight and strength going back up, as well as a sudden inspiration last night that ended with me creating a new workout program, that even got approved by the strength specialist coach at my gym :muscle:t3:

  • Another one of my grand plans includes a new car by the end of next month, as I’m now planning to sell my current one and upgrading to a better one :call_me_hand:t4:

  • Surprisingly, I’m not much different socially than my previous customs, I guess being on Stark (first the store title and then the core) for a year now does play a big role in how openly social I am 24/7 :eyes:

  • I was already excited for my new job, but now I have a very different kind of an excitement, with a flame inside my heart telling me that I’m gonna dominate and outperform from day 1, which is tomorrow :sunglasses:


Good luck on your new job mate. :pray:


Ayyy thanks mate :pray:t3:

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Emperor is so draining to me still.

It doesn’t matter if I listen to emperor alone, in a custom with 2 cores, 3 cores or 4, emperor still always ends up draining me energetically.

Now I’m kinda back thinking about what to do.

I’d rather not make a new custom, and I already have plenty of customs that I could just update to ZPv2, but most of them have a few things I don’t want, or end up having things I don’t need :upside_down_face:

Choices choices


It’s interesting that Emperor is more draining to you than Khan. Aside from my first run of Emperor, I don’t recall it being particularly draining, could it be the physical shifting?

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Trust me, I’m more baffled by this than anyone else :joy:

My intuition says that it might be a type of a deep reconciliation of a much deeper part of me.

I mean, my core character and personality aren’t aligned with Emperor in the slightest haha, I don’t work hard in life in general (except at the gym), and this has been an issue most of my life, think of it this way:

Gifted vs Hardworking

That’s the conflict here I assume, and due to that, Emperor goes really deep within my core in order to try and change those aspects, because in Emperor’s vision, I’m probably not worth that title :rofl:

But hey, it’s no biggy, this is probably the exact reason why not only Stark is super attuned to my core, but it’s also the one core I just don’t remove or change, as it resonates with the way I do things (social influence, “smarter” work than hard work, motivated by popularity, etc.)

I’m very vain about who I am, my abilities, my intelligence (being tested for it at around 6 with a score of 144 :stuck_out_tongue:), my popularity and my achievements, so I guess in that sense, I’m pretty much more Stark than the sub itself :rofl:


So I haven’t posted about my first day at the Olympics Committee yet, nor the second day, and now it’s already my 3rd day here :stuck_out_tongue:

But basically, the place is amazing, but I’ve been humbled real quick :sweat_smile:
I mean, firstly I’m the youngest here, and everyone else are mostly 40+, so in that sense, I’m a baby here :rofl:

Secondly, all of them make upwards of 80k a month, with a lot of them being 100k+ a month :sweat_smile:
And here I was thinking I’m already in the big leagues :rofl:

Got a lot more to do.

But as for my first impressions, I love this place so far, the work environment doesn’t seem to have any toxicity here, nor am I noticing any discrimination between the people, which is something I was feeling disgusted by in the previous organizing, so that’s a nice change.

Other than that, from day 1, I’ve been sitting in meetings to observe how everything works with my boss and stuff, and man, the meetings here feel so different and “intense”, like yesterday, I was at the headquarters of the biggest consumer goods company, and man did I feel like I was in some high level place, and on top of that, I was asked for my age there when I got introduced, and my age baffled them, cause I’m the youngest person they’ve ever had in a meeting like that, which might also be why all I’ve been hearing from people is:

“You’re gonna have a very bright future ahead of you”

So there’s that, too early to judge the work though, because it’s still just the first week, however, as I’m under probation for 3 months, I’m thinking about trying out at least one more unit before deciding to stick in the unit I was elected for, which is called Corporate Relations & Sponsorships, it’s nice, but the kind of marketing I like revolves around campaigns and stuff, so we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

So now, due to aforementioned issue with energy drain with Emperor, so I ordered something that would suit my job more, which has Stark and Chosen as the main cores, and EF3 being the physical core here, with AsC core of course.


I can say only one thing.
You’re gonna have a very bright future ahead of you


That sounds great, @Invictus!

And it also makes sense that you would manifest for yourself a place where you feel stretched, stimulated, and inspired to grow.

Wish you a thrilling ride.


Hahaha well played :rofl:

Thank you man :pray:t3:
I just feel like the last few days, when I was talking about ego and all, and how I let it “die down” a bit was bad, it was kinda weird cause now the environment is humbling me.

It’s something I wasn’t considering as much before, but the reason for the imbalance seemed to come from me not balancing the outer humility vs my inner ego.

So with that said, now I’m moving more towards consciously messing with my “stats” depending on the environment, so like:

  • raising the “arrogant ego” by 50% when I’m gaming, 75% when I’m alone and just chilling, and 100% when I’m at the gym.

  • lowering the aforementioned ego and raising the humility by 50% when I’m with my girl, 75% when I’m with friends, and 100% at work :rofl:

I feel like I change profiles, but here’s the thing, I’ve noticed that me having Ascension Chamber core in my customs that I rotate so much has had a huge effect on me and my reality.

As I have mentioned before, I have not been indulging in any hash or weed smoke for the last 2 weeks, then yesterday morning I was listening to some songs from Wiz Khalifa, and by mid day I had hash manifested to me :rofl:

Another thing I noticed as well was when I was listening to some of Eminem’s older serious songs, it ended up making me workout harder and I felt stronger in the gym.

There have been other instances as well, with other kinds of videos, but I feel like having ascension chamber in my customs, as well as my continuous use of RoM (until I did my washout before the emp stark custom), my natural RAIKOV effect is on steroids, making me absorb the content and reflect it with all of my reality :eyes::thinking:

Which is very interesting to say the least.


using the ego; not letting the ego use you.

:muscle:t6: :muscle:t6: :muscle:t6: