Introduction and sub usage road map (Insights and help wanted)

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone’s well under the challenging weather and pandemic. I would like to also mention that you guys seem to have a great active community. Special shout out to @Malkuth and @khan for their quick posts to my question yesterday.

Let me introduce myself.

I used subliminal from other vendors in the past. From some of them, I got results, and from others, I didn’t get results. (And from some, I felt effects, but I wasn’t sure whether they were placebo or actual sub’s results)

Almost a year or so, I haven’t used any subs, and then I found you guys. Active forum with many users should mean that there is something good about the company. (And I haven’t seen that many complaints in the forum about the products). I also found your products interesting, particularly House of Medici as I don’t think I have seen other producers offering products about family building or legacy leaving. Most importantly, I found SubClub’s subliminal building concept interesting and the idea of subliminal reconciliation appealing. I am a person who does not take one way orders or instructions well. I am type of a person who must first understand and accept the instruction to follow. (This was one of strong reasons I had for leaving my country in early age to study abroad.) Given these, I thought to try SubClub.

What am I looking for from subliminal usage? Quite a lot of things. But first, I suppose I should explain my interests and my situation.

Ever since I was young, I had always been drawn to technologies. During my high school, I questioned why and how the world worked in the way it was working, and what my purpose and task are in the world. These then turned into more specific questions. Particularly my thoughts revolved around three topics.

  1. Human nature, 2. Finance/Financial system, and 3. Technology

And the questions involved with how does 1, 2, and 3 influence one another and how do these shape individual lives, societies, the world, and global affairs?

These were the questions I had when I was in a graduate program. I nearly finished the program, but was forced to stop, because of a complication with military draft. (It’s a long story, and I want to make this as concise as possible.)

It was during the master’s program that I had developed strong interests in artificial intelligence and 4th industrial revolution as I saw these will leave profound impact to humankind and how we adjust and adopt to these changes can lead to either thriving or extinction. It is also during this time when I developed disappointments to academic system and thought that I will need to eventually move on to private sector.

My current thought is that I will need to develop better understanding of AI, if I want to do something about AI and 4th industrial revolution. (And I would like to get a job or do a business related to them). Consequently, I applied to one master’s program, and may apply to more. (I’m trying to get the credentials that comes with the degree and also picking up skills at the same time. Although academic degrees are expensive, their credentials still carry weight. Besides, boot camps are not cheap either. And I will need credentials in the beginning, especially if I want to leave and get a career or do a business abroad.) Unfortunately, I haven’t done math for a long time, and I currently lack necessary programming skills. (My previous master’s degree pursuit was related to international relations.)

So the plan is to start with subs that will help with my productivity and learning speed.

I am thinking Quantum Limitless with Beyond Limitless, Limit Destroyer, Rebirth, Sanguine, and perhaps Mind’s Eye. I think I will mostly stick with Quantum Limitless and Beyond Limitless. I will probably run other subs on occasion as needed. Why? I have been diagnosed with high functioning autism, ADD, and dysthymia (think of it as low level, but a long-term and persistent depression). I am currently not feeling much of symptoms in dysthymia, but it can easily come up. I can be very highly critical about myself and be very pessimistic. Thus, occasional usage of other subs.

The first round of subs will be mostly about learning things as quickly as possible and have improved cognitive functions. Hence the big focus will be on Quantum Limitless and Beyond Limitless.

The second round of subs will be about start building my own career/business, or my kingdom/empire. So my thoughts about the second round of subs are Ecstasy of Gold, Emperor: House of Medici, Stark/Emperor, Power Can Corrupt, and Inner Circle.

What’s the reasoning behind the second round of subs? From my experiences, I developed a very strong desire to build strong independence and freedom, and I realized that prerequisites to obtaining these is obtaining financial freedom. I thought Ecstasy of Gold was the logical choice for this. I have also had desire to start building my family and (family) legacy for a long time. House of Medici seemed like a good sub to fulfill this. Why then third element of Stark/Emperor? Stark seemed like a good choice as I am thinking of doing something related to high tech, but I wasn’t sure whether my character would fit better with Stark or Emperor sub. Then Power Can Corrupt and Inner Circle seemed like very good choice or intuitive choice to add for the second round of subs.

However, I think I will also need to have seduction and sex related subs. (I may do this as a third round of subs, or side running during the second round when needed.) Why? I said I am interested in building family and family legacy. I suppose I can do these without having a wife and children, but I think it’s somewhat contradictory to try achieve family legacy without starting my own family. (i.e. having a wife and children…) Why then seduction and sex subs? Because I think a strong and healthy family involves, no, actually requires, having a great and healthy sex life. Hence picking up seduction and sex related subs. Besides, I may get a wife and form an alliance with a great family, (which was basically what marriage was mostly about). Thus, I think having a wife may not be a such a bad idea, only if I can get the right one. However, sex and seduction is something I haven’t had successes, so having a sub that can aid can definitely help.

To summarize I am thinking of having 2~3 rounds of subs.

1st round: focus on learning, increasing cognitive abilities, and clearing remnants of emotional and psychological issues.

Potential sub lists
Main: Quantum Limitless and Beyond Limitless
Stacks/occasional use: Limit Destroyer, Mind’s Eye, Rebirth, and Sanguine

2nd round: focus on building career/business/kingdom/empire and start building my (family) legacy

Potential sub lists
Main: Ecstasy of Gold, Emperor: House of Medici
Stacks/occasional use: Stark/Emperor, Power Can Corrupt, Inner Circle, (and perhaps Aegis Initiative)

Sex and Sub related subs for either side use during 2nd round or as a 3rd run

Potential sub lists
Libertine, and others (such as primal seduction (both regular and iron throne), sex mastery and sex and seduction and etc…)

Other interesting subs that didn’t make it in the categories above: Alchemist Supreme, Aura, Dreams, Khan, Commander, …

I haven’t yet purchased any of subs, but once I determine/finalize the usage pattern, I think I will purchase them all at once. (Well, I’m trying to take advantage of that first time purchase discount. If I am going to use the subs in the future for sure, why not take the advantage of the discount?)

So, help me decide the sub routine. Comments are welcome, and please share your thoughts and insights.


p.s. Wow this has gotten into a really long introduction. I hope people don’t mind reading the long post. I felt the need to explain myself to best determine the sub usage.


Welcome to the club!

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If your starting Quantum Limitless
and BLU I would follow the official listening recommendations

In your situation I would personally start with Emperor or Stark for a month solo and then add in QL Stage 1 for a 4-6 weeks alongside it, then QL stage 2 4-6 weeks etc.

So I would run run one main Alpha/productivity/ empire manifesting sub along with QL. Just cause they move things fast and have noticeable impact and I’d want to get thing going as fast as possible.

However if you have the patience and purely want to focus on cognitive development and balancing then QL solo and BLU would be great choices together

BLU is also extremely strong for productivity, creativity, being fearless in execution, and even socially more adapt.

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Thank you for welcoming me to the club!


Thank you for providing the link to the usage guide/instruction. I wasn’t able to find the instruction, so I was going to wait until after I purchase subliminals.

I appreciate your suggestion, and your suggestion makes sense.

One reason why I wanted to first purely focus on cognitive development and balancing is that I need to build prerequisites and skills to take the AI program. (My current application to the program can and will provide prerequisites if I get accepted. (It will be a conditional acceptance.) Many others, on the other hand, will require that I meet the prerequisites by the time of application.) So I applied to start the program from next summer, giving me roughly a year to build necessary skills and prerequisites.

So yeah, I was thinking of giving at least a year to focus on productivity, creativity, and cognitive development first, and once I start the AI graduate program, I thought to move on to the 2nd phase/round which is about start building family legacy/empire. (And I was thinking to run occasional BLU or QL for refreshers in the middle of the road to not let go of what I would have built from running cognitive based subs)

However, I suppose I could follow your thought to start with emperor or stark. Still, I am not sure how effective it would be to run alpha/empire building sub during the pandemic lock down and when I don’t really have much going on other than picking up the prerequisites.

Anyway, if I were to follow your advice, which would be a better choice emperor or stark? What about House of Medici?

And onto the other question, say I choose to focus on cognitive development. And probably because of my tendency and my condition (dysthyma and other issues) pessimism and negativity comes in. Would running sanguine/rebirth/limit destroyer be a good idea, when that happens? (Sorta like using them for fast acting medicine, and once those feelings subside, get back to BLU.)

I love that sub club has so many good products, but like I mentioned in my question yesterday, it makes me feel too paralyzed to make a decision and take action.

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lol I get it. It’s like here’s the infinity stones-pick one

You can’t go wrong-you have a sense of what your goals are-you will succeed with whatever options your looking at. It’s just the style of how you want to succeed.

Emperor and Stark both have productivity, focus, and intelligence enhancers.
That’s why I think they would suit your focus.

Emperor is lone wolf-super Alpha -I can spend 12 hours alone doing work and barely blink an eye-it’s got a ‘warrior’ push, extreme and increasingly effortless self discipline, focus, and will power.

Stark is productively ‘getting lost’ in your own interest, learning, producing, it’s pulled by cognition, and inspiration. Much more social than Emperor as well.

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So many choices for newcomers. I would give chance Khan first for first four months, healing , wealth, status, productivity . Otherwise Stark has lots of for your first and second round to chew :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Khan may be a good first choice in general
but the sexuality and socializing from it could make
the intensive cognition tasks sW72hw has planned out
more challenging.



I forgot to mention,
Emperor can be a ‘difficult’ sub to run for some people,
and there is wisdom in building up to it through Ascension and Ascended Mogul.
you should read around and make an informed decision for yourself.(without overanalyzing :thinking::joy:)

It was my first sub and still on it-but wanted to let you know


yes thats true but also is very good balanced. sexuality and socializing is status based, you choose how much is important at any moment. strong productivity and limitless ensure you stay on track of yours plans. Khan has very strong energy to melt whatever life throw on you, problems , obstacles, enemies and yes hearts as well . You just do what you want to do

on this forum are jurnals where Khan ST4 for is strongly recommended for exams, carer building


I’ve never run Khan,
so thank you for the clarification.
Khan sounds freaking awesome
I want to run Khan sooo badly - 3 more months :smirk:



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Now is a suboptimal time for Khan given conditions.

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I know myself,
gotta keep priorities lol

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Yup, Khan is pretty much a beast, seduction focus, but you have the same dominance as Emperor (and more social). :heart::heart:


Everyone, thank you all for sharing your opinions. I was going to mention each of you, but the system prevents me from mentioning more than two of you in a post.

A question:

Azriel mentioned that Emperor can be difficult for the first timer. Khan seems more aggressive (at least from the product description). Can’t Khan be more difficult to run than emperor for the first timer? (First timer to SubClub, but not the first timer of subliminals)

Still, I think there can be benefits to running Khan first. According to the description, the first stage of Khan is about total breakdown, which seems like a reset. Thus, if I were running subliminals prior to Khan, it seems I may lose results from the prior subliminal use.

Yet, there are a few things that make me hesitant to throw Khan in my subliminal use.

First is the heavy focus on sex, seduction, and social part. As SubliminalUser mentioned, wouldn’t it be a suboptimal time to run sex, seduction, and social focused sub? I remember running sex and seduction related sub before, and when I wasn’t able to execute or go out there to at least attempt to socialize, things felt pretty bad, like depression and etc. Given the pandemic, which I anticipate to go at least until the end of year to maybe even longer than a year, I wonder if running Khan can be smooth.

Still, sex, seduction, and social are those that I all lack, and had less success (to no success) than other areas of life. And as Dragonborn said, if Khan is well balanced, it may be alright.

Second, when it comes to alpha/building empire type of subs, I thought Khan doesn’t fit well with my personality/characteristics. I’m more of a lone wolf type, which, I guess, would mean that emperor may fit better (based on Azriel’s statement that “emperor is lone wolf-super Alpha”).

However, since I am too much of a lone wolf already (have zero social life, which although has made my surviving the pandemic easier) doing Khan (or Stark) can make me more of a balanced person.

So I am not yet eliminating Khan for the starter. (Besides, I thought to include Khan somewhere in the road map, I wasn’t sure how and when to include.)

A second question/thought: Another reason why I thought to run Quantum Limitless, apart from getting high cognitive ability and productivity boost, was an assumption that if I run Quantum Limitless, I would have faster result with subs afterwards as it is supposed to enhance my ability to learn and execute too.

If my assumption is correct, wouldn’t there be a benefit of running Quantum Limitless as the first sub?

Take a more balanced approach first, or tackle one area at a time. Tough choice.

QL, Emperor and Khan are all heavy subs. Based on my experience, Emperor had the most reconciliation among the 3. And given that QL and Khan are both multistage, i would suggest you not stack both.
Given that you’re both a lonewolf and someone who wants to be more social, I’d suggest you either try Ascencion or Ascended Mogul first prior to trying Khan or Emperor. I believe that both Ascencion and AM go well for either social types of people or those who are more at home by themselves.

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As for this,

Yes QL does boost cognitive ability and productivity. However, don’t equate being able to learn faster with having faster results with subs. Do note that subs “talk” to you and “guide” you. It’s not exactly giving you concrete steps on what to do next. In addition, your results with one sub may not be the same with another. It all depends on how your subconscious accepts those. If you’re naturally a loner, it may take longer for you to be a social butterfly than being able to build a business from scratch.

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Yes, it certainly would as it increases processing, absorption and execution of scripts due to enhanced energy, cognition and overal brain power. Now, that may also result in increased reconciliation because your execute scripts easier.

Keep in mind like @d1gz said, reconciliation is always determined by the amount of beliefs that have to be reconciled between your conscious & unconscious mind in order to reach the goals of a subliminal. Taking a more Esoteric approach to this; As within (unconscious) So without (conscious), a subliminal changes your within, if your without (conscious reality) doesn’t reflect these beliefs then it will cause extensive reconciliation.

For example I’m a natural Daredevil, the subliminal named Daredevil here in the store naturally matches my way of behaving, the underlying energy that I have and so on. So I bet if I ever run that subliminal, it would give me almost no reconciliation because in this case my conscious & unconscious realities are already in alignment.

I’m running Ascension and it brings the Daredevil out of me because this is the person that I am, don’t try to be someone else, it won’t create the best of you.

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@Hermit are you running Ascension by itself or in a custom?

In a Custom, yet I have it as a singular Core, added with some modules to enhance Ascension.

My Custom is named Da Vinci and includes:

  • Ascension Core

  • Deep Sleep

  • Omnidimensional

  • Deus

  • Carpe Diem Ascended

  • Productivity Unleashed

  • Extreme Exercise Motivation

  • I Am

  • Attachment Destroyer

  • Blue Skies

  • Spiritual Freedom

  • Gratitude Embodiment

  • Joie De Vivre

  • Energetic Development

  • The Architect

  • Ego Adsum

  • Sanguine

  • Iron Frame

  • Temptation

  • Yggdrasil

A lot of thinking went into the combination of these modules, and I totally love the outcome. This subliminal is awesome and can transmute any person into the Ascended version of himself in no time.

I Am & Attachment Destroyer in tandem with Ego Adsum and Ares which I believe is in the Ascension Core are real game-changers.