Intro, woman, living from the heart

Hello everyone!

Happy to be here! I’m a newbie to subliminals, and have 25 years experience in yoga, meditation, dance, tantric and embodiment practices. I have a loving husband, three children and I feel deep sexual desire and potency and connection to source. I have done quite a bit of healing and energy work. And keep coming up against my edge, a fear of stepping into my power. I want to offer my deepest gifts, live from my heart and bring more love into the world and to explore other realms. I’m a feminine identified woman.

I’ve been reading the forums and product descriptions trying to grasp all the titles and acronyms, best ways to utilize the technology, how to build a custom stack etc. It’s a bit overwhelming, honestly! And perhaps organized for the masculine mind :wink: (I’m not saying that is a good or bad thing…)

I also prefer to live life offline and so don’t usually participate in online forums. Please cut me some slack if I stumble a bit here on the forum. I’ll be happy for some support along my journey with subs and have appreciated the posts and personal shares I’ve already read, which have allowed me to learn a great deal, and quickly!

I’m on week 4 of Seductress + Love Bomb with definite results and what seems to be some reconciliation, in particular with Seductress (headaches, apathy, tiredness).

I’m already thinking about a custom stack and really don’t know where to begin, except to have wish-listed the 30+ that appeal to me! Alchemist seems like a core I might consider building around.

Any advice for next steps would be welcome! Mostly I just wanted to introduce myself for now and give some love and appreciation for the forum :purple_heart:


You could consider more rest days. How many loops are you listening to of each subliminal right now?

I would encourage you to read about all the items in the Q store. Alchemist might be spot on for you.

How about running the Alchemist in the main shop, then when you get to stage 4 you could build a custom around stage 4 of the Alchemist?

Welcome to Subliminal Club.


Thanks for the welcome and response!
I followed the recommendations…
Week 1: 1x each per day m-f, sat/sun off
Week 2: 2x each per day, sat/sun off
Week 3 and 4 the same as Week 2.

I use FrequenSee to check when I run the Seductress ultrasonic and I try to keep the volume just above the ambient noise, which is about -70 dB, but I do worry about not getting volume right with ultrasonics…

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I like this idea! I was wondering about putting a ST 1 in a custom as a core, but that resolves my question.

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/welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

The Alchemist is great. You could run it for some time along with Seductress and Love Bomb. It would bring you to the next level for sure. And once there, you could build a custom aimed at more specific goals (beyond the scope of the Alchemist and Seductress or within that scope but requiring more emphasis) while sticking to your cores (the Alchemist St4 and Seductress).


OkAy the tip id give about customs having just made one is that the pronounciation of the modules matter as they are amplified, they’ll also intwine with the cores and other modules for a synergistic effect.

Choose them wisely, start removing the ones you can sacrifice

Customs are strong and you want that pronounced effect of running just one, despite many running multiple, I like to put all my chips into a winning basket :wink: (also pro tip take fortune’s favor as my biggest regret was not choosing this one, after realizing now how strong those modules are, ooof luck woulda been cool)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I can see how getting specific about goals would help in designing a custom stack.

Here’s how I build my customs:

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I had bookmarked that thread because I liked the approach so much.

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Hi @magicmover :slight_smile:

I agree with @RVconsultant on this. I ran Alchemist ST1-4 last year and then built a ST4/Mind’s Eye custom which I’ve been running ever since.

I had originally planned a custom build after running ST1 however decided to go ahead with all stages for 30 days each. Not only did I feel better prepared for the ST4 custom, but my module choices also differed quite a bit by the time I finished. ST1-4 helped me to discover what I really wanted to focus on in the long term.


I appreciate the affirmation of this approach!

I went ahead a purchased Alchemist core + Rebirth. After this week I’m considering stacking Seductress + Alchemist + Love Bomb + Rebirth. Any advice on loop frequency, whether that is too much for a newbie etc?
Also, wondering are there times when you find subliminals are disruptive to your life? Like it takes your focus away from the things you need to do each day? I can imagine with the deeper healing ones there may be days when one needs time to process. Ideally I’d like to integrate subs into my subconscious life (obviously) but without giving a lot of conscious time to them, if that makes sense. I understand it’s important to take action and I guess that’s what I’m getting at. I’m at a beginners phase with the subliminals where I’m fussing with volume, trying to find the right time to listen that won’t expose my husband and children, having to stop and start the subliminals because of various things needing my attention, spending time exploring all of the titles and the forum, choosing the next subliminal etc. I’m new and still learning, but eager to settle into something I can set and run in the background!
Thanks for reading. Welcoming any advice for beginners settling into a routine with subs, how to keep life moving during reconciliation, and also any personal experience you might want to share here about Alchemist!

I´m a family man, so I understand your concern about finding time for listening.
What I do is to do the majority of my loops on bone-conduction headphones. That way I can spend my time with family, watch tv and so on. Aftershokz is what I use and they´re great.

I´m on Alchemist myself since 2 weeks and like it a lot!


Appreciate your chiming in with perspective of integrating subs with family life! Bone conducting meaning you can safely use ultrasonics with these particular headphones and the others around you don’t receive the sound waves? Or do you use them with masked subs? Other benefits of bone conducting headphones? So far, I’ve been listening to the masked subs with Airbuds pro. And ultrsonics through wired speakers when nobody is around. But not without constant interruptions :blush:

That’s great that you’re really liking Alchemist! Would you be willing to summarize in a few words about how you’re benefitting and your transformation?

I use my Aeropex primarily with masked subs, but I´ve tried them with Ultimas aswell with good results.

2 weeks is too short for any major transformations but I´ve become more energy-sensitive and positive.
I have also reviewed all the spiritual practices I´ve done in the past. To take out direction for the future probably.

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Start with 1 loop of each. Notice what happens.

@Gemstone and @magicmover

When Solace is a standard or an option, it should be easier to listen on headphones or earbuds and still be able to hear sounds in your environment (such as being able to interact with people around you or watch TV).


Solace will be other mask options? Any sense of when that will be? I definitely feel relief (like physical ear relief) when the loop finishes and the water mask comes to an end. And I’m careful about volume.

Solace is being worked on. I like it far more than the current mask. When will it be available, and for what builds? I don’t know. I’ve listened to Solace on the lowest volume and I still get results.


Welcome to the club! :blush:


Thanks for the welcome…I’m enjoying being here!