Intro, new here


Just joined the forum, looking forward to starting this journey. I’m 28 and live in a big tropical city. Work at a oceanfront bar so always around beautiful women and affluent people.

I’m 6’3”, dark, handsome and have three girls chasing me at the restaurant I’m working at.

Looking to stack

-Primal Seduction

And Limt Destroyer as an Ultima. Surprised no one really uses this one as much, but it will definitely help the other three subliminals work better.

Going to start one loop a day of all three and do Limit Ultima on rest days?

Good start?



Welcome to the forum! Yes one loop a day and you can do limit destroyer on rest days.

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If you’re starting out completely fresh with subliminals, it might be good to start with just one program. Use it for 3-4 weeks, then introduce another one.

Subliminals are like books, the more of them that you use at one time, the longer it takes to internalize any of them.

If you choose just one to start out, you’ll get to experience the effects really quickly. Then you can start layering in another one.

The other way will work too; but just more slowly.


What are you trying to achieve man?

I see very good things happening in your future.

Not fortune-telling. Just using common-sense.

Enjoy the journey!

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Decided to just run Ascension and Limits Destroyer Ultima.

After a month I’ll add PS and go from there.

Thought about adding in Reborn ultima to work with LD and further accelerate Ascension?

Limits Destroyer and Reborn ultima’s seems like a killer combo to accelerate the one core program I’m using.

2 ultima’s and one core program. One could be used as a booster and the other as a main program.


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Yes. My thought is that it sounds solid.

But you’ll be able to tell us yourself soon enough. It’s 24 October 2021.

Let’s see what your mind does with Ascension superfood and vitamin Limit Destroyer by 24 November 2021. :grinning:

Then when you throw in Primal Seduction that will be just in time to get a great Christmas present and end of the year bonus.

Wish you a great time :+1:t5:!

P.s. oh, and as for Rebirth and Limit Destroyer, Ultimas do not require the same long-term time commitment as major programs. It’s perfectly fine to switch them out (or most any Ultima) whenever it seems right to you.

Instead just be careful not to overload. That’s the main issue. So you could try Limit Destroyer as a booster on one listening day, and then Rebirth as a booster on the next.

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