Internal wealth barriers vs outside influences

One thing I think a lot of popular LoA or manifesting stuff gets wrong. It neglects to factor in outside influence. It tends to be very solipsistic in its representation and childish, also I’ve noticed a lot of privileged people do well with it. Manifesting to me seems like a giant stew of energy, we’re all in it. But some of it is balanced in favor of others. Simple example, nepotism. A lot of barriers removed there for the energy to flow towards the manifestation.

That’s not an excuse to say it’s all impossible. But I would say that your conviction and self belief has to be about 10x the amount of strength vs an individual sitting in a section of that energy that coasts along. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer just by the nature of the self regenerating beliefs due to environment.

My question is. What are you all doing to balance your internal power with external influences? Or do you feel that your internal power does offset those? I know among everyone on this forum there are varying degrees of how much direct influence individuals have on their reality for their personal growth level. But there’s a difference between trying to convince yourself external circumstances don’t matter vs actually living that reality.

Yes we should all strive for inner strength and command over our own lives. But until you’re there, how do you transcend the outside influences that can act as barriers to achieving what you want? Saying they don’t matter is quite frankly bullshit, they do. That doesn’t mean you give up and play the victim, it means you re calibrate your strategy. With regards to wealth, the landscape in the US has shifted dramatically. I’m not talking rich CEO wealth, I’m talking “I can spend money on quality food without worrying about burning through my paycheck” wealth. Or “I can comfortable make a repair on my car to keep going to work” wealth. And yet here the solution to not having this wealth? Become rich. That’s not a solution, it’s a deflection.

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. I find wealth barriers some of the hardest beliefs to challenge or overcome because you’re effectively born into a societal ranking.

Stay in the present and resonate with the feeling of being wealthy. It’s that simple but actually doing it when your mind is tuned into non-wealth requires you to restructure your entire way of thinking/being.

Wealth feels like absolute security, worry-free happy acceptance and gratitude for everything you have now. So really the question is how to make this our natural effortless state?

master your mindset. you have to acquire the ability to think wealth even when surrounded by poverty like wallace wattles says…

yet paradoxically the specific inspired actions you’ll have to take to beat your barriers of poverty will never come from your conscious mind. You have to find a way to access your subconscious inspiration which is connected to the WHOLE of life and beyond the conscious mind.

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer just by the nature of the self regenerating beliefs due to environment.” -this is true but something people miss is that your mind is part of your environment. Your environment is all that ISNT you. The biggest manifestation shift is when you clearly see for yourself your mind is not YOU. It’s a tool built on conditioning. Your whole post is basically asking how to get past this conditioning. Simple. Go one level above it. The level of your true self- spirit-which is unconditional acceptance and observation of the present moment. The more you live from this state the more you naturally radiate all those emotional frequencies which match the state of absolute security which is extreme wealth.

your outside environment may not reflect wealth but your inner environment (thoughts, feelings) can.

Whenever any sort of negativity appears you merely continue to watch it without judgement and ask yourself “how does this benefit me?” This repeated presence + observation of all your internally generated negativity/resistance is imo the ONLY way to permanently shift your core thinking…why? because in remaining free from judgement and merely observing how your negativity hurts you then your awareness(the real you) will no longer accept your conditioning of self sabotage. never fight your own mind-that’s the biggest mistake I think most people who try to use law of assumption/law of attraction make. observing how your own negativity hurts you in the present is all you need to dissolve it. but it has to be a total complete acceptance of its presence in the moment that you observe it. you don’t observe it to get rid of it (although this is what it does) you observe it to be AWARE of how your negativity is not benefiting you.

from that state of being doing things like visualizations actually works because when your living your day to day life in a state of desire fulfilled (acceptance, gratitude, non resistance) you are actually in resonance with your subconscious and more likely to receive and act on its intuitive guidance. Intuition is easily accessed when one can silence the conscious mind.

so yeah those are my two cents and what has worked for me. The only other thing I would say is immersion in the repetition of these ideas is also a requirement to shift your thinking to reflect wealth. People read a book like the science of being rich once and expect it to change their paradigm. Its taken us a whole lifetime of reinforced thinking/environmental conditioning to get to where we are…all we have to do is repeat certain ideas to ourselves enough time and it cant NOT change us. Basically you have to learn to control what influences you (books, media, tv) and choose to repetitively program yourself with that which reflects what you want/desire to resonate with. Books are programming devices; we become that which we if you read something over and over and over again you can’t NOT change.

so yeah my two cents.


I’ll have to let that sit for a bit.

How has it worked out for you though? Like what tangible measurable benefits in your life? That’s not a call out on you, I’ve just been down this road before and it led to a lot of self-gratification about an illusion of growth. I’ve not found awareness has a direct impact on my life without corresponding action that goes with that. Sometimes that action is basically shadow work and working with things inside me. But sometimes it’s like fuck all this, why do I have to be some zen master just to squeeze out an ounce of happiness in life? Using a screwdriver when a hammer is the right tool for the job and all that.

tangibly I make more money/have stable financial security to where I live comfortably and have enough to cover unexpected expenses , I’m always happy and in the present/fulfilled…like always. even when things don’t go my way…and even then those same things end up somehow leading to a positive outcome because I tell myself they will be. no fear worry and stress. (I’m also fairly certain this is why I hardly ever get recon and always get tangible results from the subs i try) and while I cant say I’ve monetized my passion enough to quit my job I’m well on the road to doing in it and have made more progress on that front since starting this process within months then years of trying without it.

“I’ve just been down this road before and it led to a lot of self-gratification about an illusion of growth. I’ve not found awareness has a direct impact on my life without corresponding action that goes with that”…I cant know what you did specifically when you went down “this road” before…specifically what road is that? I’m not saying don’t take action, far from it. I’m saying make a dedicated commitment to observe yourself, your environment, and your thoughts and feelings without judgment…as from that point your negative thoughts can dissolve and you can choose positive thoughts to replace them. from this vantage you also can actually see the true situation/results of your actions in the moment you make them because your own egoic viewpoint isn’t getting in the way of clear perception…

the only thing covering up your happiness in your life is your own mind. the only way to get past it to permanent fulfillment is the light of presence/observation. I don’t really like stuff like shadow work because to me its more like swimming in the muck instead of just dumping it all out. the most effortless path is the best.

again though this is all just what worked for me. I do strongly “believe” this is the way though.

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Reading this made me think of a post from ouroboros I read earlier today.

He overcame his wealth barrier in just 4 years.
To me this post is highly motivating.

Outside circumstances of course play a certain role. To which extend I don’t know.

Atm, I’m reading existential kink and it’s full of never heard thoughts. I’m realizing that a subconscious part of me actually enjoys being poor and depending on my family.
To to change this.

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Appreciate it. Everyone’s journey is different. Glad to hear it’s all working out well for you.

Yeah sorry that was vague.

I was referring to this. Maybe that’s the problem. You mention non judgement, but I’ve never been able to achieve that. So that’s why I dove into shadow work. So as things clear the non-judgement can emerges naturally vs having to watch it like a hawk.

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I’m reconning pretty hard. If I came across as pessimistic or dismissive it’s because I’ve battled with things my entire life and there’s never been a clear cut solution.

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Gotcha…to me non judgment is more about being aware of your mind as it judges…and recognizing it’s your mind judging. It’s not about any sort of achievement…or watching it like a hawk. In fact it’s the exact opposite energy; accept and allow….

it’s about allowing your mind to judge.
Accepting your mind is judging and letting it judge.
Don’t make yourself wrong for judging.
Dont make yourself wrong for making yourself wrong for judging……
Just observe it and allow it.
There is no need to watch it like a hawk when you don’t mind that is there.
You just accept it being there without needing to get rid of it……
The idea of watching it like a hawk comes from watching it in an effort get rid of it.
Thats not the way; the way is total acceptance of its negativity in the moment of it happening.
Thats the biggest problem with this whole thing; the mind usurps awareness…

Maybe a better way to say it is this; accept and allow whatever your mind does. Don’t try to change it. Forget about judgment or non judgement.

It’s hard to find a solution with the same device creating the problem.

From reading your response it sounds like you turned the living experience of conscious awareness of your mind into a stressful activity to achieve non judgement.

That right there is coming from your mind. Again the most important part is; don’t fight your mind….and if you start to fight your mind. Accept the fact you are fighting it……

However, if shadow work is working for you I would say definitely continue….If my words don’t resonate with you thats fine….I would say Keep searching and I’m certain you’ll find what works for you.

I use to have an extremely negative mind growing up and this is the only thing that worked for me….so I felt compelled to share it…because I’ve noticed the clearer my mind got the easier it became to make money …Wish you all the best


Thanks man.

Yeah that’s pretty accurate. I repurposed a lot of mindfulness based practices years ago that I harmed myself with. Maybe that’s what I’m running into here as far as resistance to the concept is concerned.

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Your wealth QoL is an entire equation in a vacuum. The outside influences are a part of that equation.

That’s how I view it. Does it make sense?

Really great and timely thread.

Stimulated the unfolding of some incredible understandings within my mind about wealth.

Yeah makes sense. I would say that for me that equation is an ongoing thing, so less of a sit down and figure this all out thing and more of a constant revision and testing.

I think that’s where wealth becomes a tough solution to crack. If your overall experience causes you to tune out that higher QoL. I don’t know, there’s certain experiences in life that alter your perception of things permanently. You need that to break the illusion sometimes because you can’t even see you’re in the illusion.

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Subliminals help with that as well. They help you tweak your perception and beliefs so that you can play the law of how reality works in your favor and manifest a different experience. It’s nothing more than a tool designed to assist you in changing your internal reality.


I just checked, it appears that you have Genesis in your stack which has scripting to help completely detach from and neutralize all negative societal programming in regards to money, success and generating wealth.

That explains why you made this thread and have been thinking about these things - the subliminal is working flawlessly.

Through consistent usage you will keep developing. That’s really all it takes.

That’s why I love subliminals because the level of change you can go through in such a simple manner can be literally mind-boggling sometimes. Best things ever, lol.


Yup it’s been in my rotation for a bit now. I’ve definitely been hitting against some stuff. When I get the metaphorical rug pull with regards to paradigm shifts my mind goes to obsessive questioning/skepticism. I know most people aren’t great with change, but I’m exceptionally ungraceful.