Instilling Greatness - Part II - (Khan/Chosen)

Instilling Greatness is back with the long awaited sequel named Part II :laughing: Give me an Oscar here and now for the creativity I just displayed, thank you, thank you… :bulb::upside_down_face: And this even though the auto-tool tip on the forum told me at first that this name is very similar to other journals, and it urged me to name it to something else, I eventually out-Alpha’d it with my raw dominance!!! :muscle: :muscle: I pushed on through and came out on the other side victorious :weight_lifting_man: :1st_place_medal: Amazing lol!

This is a continuation of my old journal from a couple of months back Instilling Greatness (Khan/Chosen/LBfH) In there is a deeper explanation of why I’m going for Khan Complete and Chosen, and which I now have put together in my new custom called Essence of Man ZP.

Modules are a secret for now because I’m an asshole :duck: :duck: I can say though that it’s geared to enhancing the already very prominent features of Khan and Chosen. I might re-build it later after a couple of cycles, we’ll have to see.

Stack (ed :grinning:):

Essence of Man ZP (Khan+Chosen)
Alchemist St3 ZP
Love Bomb fH ZP

Essence of Man has me covered pretty much when it comes to personal power and masculinity. It has a good mix of inner and outer development. Alchemist I look forward to continue after a little break because I’m waiting for the imminent V2-upgrade of it. My little break I have now has been followed by a period of not being on point with my meditations the way I would want them to :face_with_monocle: :mage: :face_with_monocle:

Lastly, Love Bomb for Humanity is still a given in my rotation. I have always been a fan of Love Bomb regular ever since the relaese, and LBfH has taken it one step further. It will fill Essence of Man with an overflowing dose of love :kissing_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Going forward I might rotate Alchemist and LBfH out if needed, but at least 1-2 cycles are a given in this stack combination. With Alchemist I’m actually at the point in exposure where I could go for St4, but it might be a bit much with my new custom for the time being.

These are my main goals going forward: :point_down:

  • Create an online business from scratch that I can live on
  • Get to my first real cessation of mind in meditation through the TWIM method
  • Get in excellent physical and mental health
  • Move to another country in Europe and rent my own place there

But Why…

According to these goals a lot is dependent on me pushing hard on building my finances up and being able to work remotely :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: So why not something like EoG or Mogul? I have been doing that before but I never really feel like it’s the match for me, at least not yet. Also given that Khan and Chosen can be guided in that direction makes me think that this is the way forward for now.

I might as mentioned earlier swap out a subliminal after 1-2 cycles to something more geared towards wealth. But Khan/Chosen is staying, this became clear to me after having read the old Instillning Greatness journal.

Whereaboooots: :maple_leaf:

I’m currently still in Portugal living with my family since moving from Sweden 2 months ago. I got to say I’m loving the warmer weather and an actual :sun_with_face: during winter time. I see no reason for living in the north during the winter for health and just overall better mood and comfort reasons.

Here’s my my current co-ordinates(roughly) if someone wants to try and find me amongst the hills up here :world_map: :round_pushpin: :alien:

37°12’44.3"N 7°34’06.8"W

Physical Gains

I must admit that this year I have turned my physical health and strength around for the better. 2019-2020 when I was having my big breakdown, I stopped exercising regularly and became very weak and slim. This all led to hurting my shoulder bad and being out for 3 months from all types of training in late 2021. This served as a wake-up call for me and now I have an easy to follow training regime for daily strength.

I used to be training 6-7 days a week for many many years during my active youth with sports, but when I lost that lifestyle I kind of fell of the wagon for a bit. But I’m back Baby :horse_racing: :fire: (Horse running from fire) :point_left:

Frequency Of Journaling

I have my offline journal where I will write the most in and also more privately. I will post here a couple of times a week :open_book: :pen: but the goal is to keep going as I have in the past tended to forget writing on the forum after a while.

On we go to 2023… :motorway: :camel: (gently pushing camel onto road) :point_left:

And yeah, I just found out that # in front of text makes the text bigger, mind-blown :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Ok so did my first loop of Essence of Man ZP (5 min) and boy am I glad I picked the combo of Khan/Chosen. The level of feeling grounded and calm is just insane. I might have added Enchanting Smile as one of the modules, and this kind of smiling I have right now should be banned :boom: :smiley: :gun:

I feel so relaxed from Harmonic Singularity combined with Inner Gasoline. Dammit I’m leaking some of the modules :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :see_no_evil: hihi. But seriously, I’m in love with the combo Khan/Chosen, it just fits me like a glove. Going to be interesting to see more of the LBfH synergy with this one going forward.


Falling Hammers

Got hit by a wave of recon today that is just now subsiding after a lot of water intake. I decided yesterday to play a small loop of LBfH before my evening meditation, and that seem to have pushed me over the edge, good to know. But also it’s a new custom that my mind has not gotten used to yet.

Still I cannot really say that recon are even close to what it used to be. The newer technology has made it so, and I have completely forgotten just how much it could be back then. The most obvious thing I notice is no anger almost, and that used to be a very common thing before.

Had some random old friends messaging me yesterday, and also got gifted two subscriptions on Twitch almost immediately after playing Essence of Man ZP. Interesting to see where this is going and if these gifts and attention continues going forward.


Smooth Like Butter

Subliminal day today, and I played 5 minutes of Essence of Man ZP. Felt really smooth and I had a great sense of flow all day. Something interesting happened during my monring meditation. I heard a dog barking like crazy for a really long time :dog2: :mega: which out here is not something unusual, but I felt something on an intuitional level. Also usually some other dogs respond and barks back. just like a symphone, but not this time.

A short while later I hear sirens :rotating_light: :ambulance: Turned out there was a person at a neighbor a couple of hundred meters away that had an medical emergency. So that’s why that dog barked the way it did, and also why I had a gut feeling about it. Nothing too crazy, but I have noticed my intuition being crazy good at times, and I’m also more consciously aware of the process of listening to it :ear: :postal_horn:

So far I’m to loops in to my new custom and I’m liking it a lot :slightly_smiling_face:



It was ages ago I was sick or even remotely disturbed by something like it :sneezing_face: :gun: I’ve had maybe an hour or two of feeling unwell, but it quickly goes away. Last time I was sick was 3 years ago, and I was sick for like three weeks lol. I had not been taking care of myself and had been partying for a long time so no wonder my body needed a detox :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Detox is something I always say nowadays, it’s a cleaning process, just as if you would puke after eating something bad. Since that last time I was sick, I have worked a lot on my mental health and it has made me rethink what sickness actually is :thermometer: :thinking:

I know some might not agree with me, but I believe it fully and it works for me. To me I don’t believe anymore that there’s these ugly looking viruses going around :biohazard: and that you get from just being around someone sick. I realized that this kind of belief made it simple to just not assume responsibility. It takes away my power as a co-creator.

What I mean is, that if I’m sick, I have not been taking care of myself, end of story :cold_face: And if so my body needs to detox. So if I now have a small symptom, I know that I take good care of myself and that it’s really nothing, so I mentally reject it and it goes away lol. If I believe and blame someone else for making me sick or people just in general, I remove my own responsibility and put blame where it is not to be. This to me is victim mentality and goes against everything I believe in :poop: :alien:


It’s just lunacy to look how society treats health, and that it’s so reactive and almost never proactive. Everything has a pill :pill: or quick fix, and almost never do they recommend things like exercise or simple getting some sun. These last three years made this blatanly obvious :syringe: :mask: Fear just gripped the whole world it seemed. Everyone wanted a savior, someone to fix the problem.

Most of our sickness and stress and anxiety would naturally correct itself if we’d just get away for a while, go out in nature and remove all toxins :ok_hand: :muscle: Health is our natural state, and anything less than that should not just be treated for the symptoms, but actually be traced back to the source :stars:


I admire your creativity and entertaining ass journal :notebook_with_decorative_cover:.

:baby:t5: Inner child having a blast :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy: .

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As they should be :face_with_hand_over_mouth: . Phuckin copycats hahaha. Nah in all seriousness, it is a custom. I am planning mine out and it’s really something I haven’t looked for much inspiration on because it should be as unique as we can customize. Given that it’s a range of many options, though still within a limitation, the name embedding is something I’m enthused about.

Them is fighting coordinates. Then I can find out the secrets to what you put in the custom, self-proclaimed ahole :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:baby: :gun: :see_no_evil: :sweat_drops:

:grinning: Thank you my friend :pray:

Let me tell you, V2 with name embedding is the shiiieeeettt. This is my first custom since the new update and man does it hit hard. The funny thing about customs is that they all turn out to be their own unique subliminal, just a minor change can have a big impact.



The Perfect Storm

I just feel so great on Khan/Chosen, for me it’s the best combo of alpha programs that I have found here on subclub. Chosen brings the raw dominance :smiling_imp: and Zen :pray: of Khan and blends it in with supreme leadership and bringer of hope :sunrise_over_mountains: So instead of a raw smoky whiskey which might be for some, it turns me into a more smooth and round whiskey. It still packs the same punsh and you still get drunk, it just tastes a bit different :stuck_out_tongue:

Another funny thing is that the abbrivation for Essence of Man ZP is EoM lol. So that is kind of confusing because there’s already HoM and RoM in this place.

Yesterday I went to a bar where people from my home country goes that has moved or are visiting here. I’m at least 20-30 years younger than most of them :woman_white_haired: :boy: but I do respect their decision to move down here to the warmth to retire instead of sitting in the snow at home and feeling cold :cold_face: :cold_face:

This is the first time on my new custom that I saw these people again, and man did it feel different. As I mentioned earlier, the combo where Khan has that calm, super-nonreactive Zen to it, paired with Chosen’s bringer of hope and light, it just pulls people in :woman_climbing: :pinching_hand: I was just sitting there smiling :relaxed: and all of a sudden people were sitting closer and closer to me, and also some elderly lady’s started touching me all the time as they were speaking to me lol.

It’s all energy and I don’t mind it at all, it would work on any women out there that are more my age. I just see it for what it is, I mean, even I if I was woman would hit on myeslf at the moment, that’s how attractive I feel lol :smirk: :sunglasses:

Stepping Into It

The hardest part is usually just fully stepping into the role of the subliminal if it’s too far off from what you and your environment is used to match, and I mean mostly alpha subs :thinking: That’s why it’s so much easier to change and act differently when you are in a new place or in a new country, beacuse you don’t know anyone there or are used to the environment yet :flight_arrival: :andorra: :world_map:

So maybe that’s something to bear :bear: in mind when you choose to embark on an alpha sub? What I mean is that it’s important to find what works best for you so that you can change more semlessly where you actually are, and sometimes that is a mix of subs. For me Khan standalone is very raw and feels a bit too much with my old peers and family, while Chosen on the other hand is the opposite almost. So for me they make me step easier into the new ME even with my old friends and family :slight_smile:

Maybe in the future I want to go only Khan, who knows? But right meow :smile_cat: Chosen has so many natural talents I used to suppress, that it’s such a no-brainer to me. Maybe that’s why some goes the route of easing into the more heavy hitting titles, something like GLM → Emperor → Khan as an example. The same kind of thinking but just different.

But I’m just spitting out ideas here… :drooling_face:

My New Formula

Lately I have had some breakthroughs in my thinking and understanding of my own reality :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have known this for a long time, but it takes a while until you feel that you actually know it more than just intellectually :thinking: :bulb: :sunny:

What’s the word… Intuitellactually :rofl: ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As we all know, Action is a major step to actively do together with these subliminals, so that we are actually re-affirming our new programming :+1: I have been doing a lot of thought looping over the last month or so, and I’m realizing more and more how these kind of mental tools can be used to speed up the process.

It’s all about consciously having more control of what goes into my belief machine, and to create better and more helpful beliefs. Here’s a list of some of mine currently :point_down:

6R’s (TWIM meditation)
A set of 6 steps that helps dissolving any negative mental states and thoughts, and get’s mind back into a calm and pure state. Also through smiling and focusing on loving kindness, it brings a positive mind state on top of the pure mind state. This is done in meditation daily but can be used all the time in daily life as a quick reset.

Thought Looping (Mental recorder)
A way of repeating positive affirmations over and over again, and thus controlling the mental chatter in a desired way. Great to do when you are not actively working on something or socializing, like in down time. Very hard to get into, takes a lot of effort to habitualize.

Narrating (Reframing)
Have a narrater going on inside of your mind that is always reframing everything that goes on to be in the best interest towards my own beliefs that I have created for myself. Even that girl that looks at me angry, just means she wants to approach me but is too afraid, and she reacts by looking angry, kinda cute lol. But you get my drift, use your imagination. If negativity comes up, just let go (6R’s.)

Action Taking
Pretty standard thing for us using subliminals, and is just taking action in the step of what we want to achieve.

Let’s talk about the Narrating one :point_down:

It can be hard sometimes to look for something that is not out there beacuse our internal state is not there yet, or it’s partly there but has not yet started to manifest outside. So what I have been doing with my thought looping, is to still do them but adding a narrative as well, like a kind of sports commentator to the game of my own life :football: :speaking_head: :studio_microphone: This makes me being able to re-affirm my desired inner belief no matter how the outside looks, I can always turn it into something positive in the direction of my desired outcome.

Let’s say I’m forming a new belief about myself where I’m the most Approchable Guy :man_dancing: :eyes: in a room as an example. The formula goes like this :point_down:

Create a new set
of observations

Resulting in a
new set of beliefs

This means that it’s fully possible to create and entirely different reality, and without me actively having to create anything out there. Although it’s less effective if not used with action taking out there as well of course.

Also, some basic stuff to add about this :point_down:

We experience what we believe, and we believe what we experience.
That’s the same as the formula above, and it’s cyclical, and can be approached from both ways.

Confirmation Bias:
We tend to only see the facts that agree with what we already believe. We filter and ignore the facts that disagree with our beliefs.

Cognitive Dissonance
The mind can only hold one belief at a time, it cannot hold two conflicting beliefs.

So if I narrate everything to something positive and desirable :1st_place_medal: :smiley: :+1: I’m reaffirming every experience to fit into that belief. And I’m also polarizing on the positive side of those beliefs and not focusing on the other negative side of it, so my confirmation bias starts working to constantly re-affirm what I do believe in. When this becomes habitual it’s just a fact and my perceived reality, and all I have to do is being vigilant not to drift back into the negative side of it again.

After that little formula you need 3 traits to uphold :point_down:

1. Vigilance
Be aware and keep the mindfulness with you at all times. Abandon as they arise all unwholesome states, states that causes tension, uncertainty, and disbeliefs.

2. Diligence
Do the practice every single time an hindrance comes up. Produce wholesome states of high dopamine and seretonin. Creates a feel-good sensation and lowers stress levels (cortisol.) Replace unwholesome states with wholesome states and a desired set of beliefs.

3. Patience
Keep doing it until it is no longer anything left. Abandon all craving and clingings as they arise, after a while they have no umpff left, and you will have re-written your mind to wholesome states instead. It’s now habitual, on to the next thing.

A calm and pure mind is easily programmable with little resistance, and we have brought up a happy state by smiling and focusing on something wholesome and loving, so we have dopamine and serotonin being produced, and low cortisol levels in our system (stress.) :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This chemically is like training a dog. Do something I like you to do, and you are rewarded with candy, so the dog associates this behavior with a treat. And lastly, the less craving and clinging you have to things out in the world, the less your mind can get in the way of manifestaions, just like the saying, when you stop caring, you actually have it (receive it.) So the craving is gone, but the Intention stays… Boomshakalaka :exploding_head: :bomb: :boom:

We always have to replace whatever we are letting go of with something else (human nature), the void that it creates so to speak :brain: :fountain_pen: So in this case we continously let go of any thoughts telling us we are not the most approachable guy… and then add that we ARE the most approachable guy. Then we start to make it a fun game where we continously narrate all that is going on out there, to fit in with our best version of ourselves. Easy lol… :clap:

All Roads Lead To Rome

This is a system that you see everywhere in the self-help community, people like Joe Dispenza etc. I just have found my way of doing it, and TWIM (6R’s) is the staple of it. It gives me the tool to blank my mind and instanly break a negative thought pattern and spiral. That first step that is the hardest hurdle, and why so many fail.

There are no right or wrong (that’s just another belief :laughing:), just different beliefs with different outcomes Different actions simply has different outcomes (karma.) But most of all, there are beliefs that are helpful to me, and there’s beliefs that are not helpful to me. Why not choose the the good ones? :grinning:

In the end, it’s all about trying new things out, and what works, works. This is starting to click and work for me, so I’m not stopping it lol.


Handy Work

Was a pretty hectic day out here on the countryside yesterday. Our neighboring Portuguese farmers was in the full hunt for a stray dag that had apparently injured one of their sheep. The drama that unfolded was quite the show to watch as the man in the house, Antonio (ols school man with a cap), chased after the dog in his tractor and yelling swear words not appropriate to mention here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That poor sheep was injured and brought back with the tractor :sheep: :slightly_frowning_face: I don’t know if it survived, or if our neighbors are eating sheep cotlettes for luch for a month now :man_shrugging: :grin: All I know that I was just chilling doing what I was doing after a full loop of Essence of Man, and everyone around me was running around all fired up lol.

But My Point Of This Post Is…

That as a man, doing some handy work, heavy work, and that is both creative and takes effort, is so rewarding. I set out a week ago to make a pathway to an outside shower here. The idea was already set and the material there, but the rest I had to figure out myself. It was all about making the ground work, and then like a puzzle finding marble pieces that fits. Then I went ham polishing the edges of all of them, and boy did I feel sexy with my power-tools in hand :hammer_and_wrench: :hammer_and_pick:

I understand why women find men that are handy so sexy :star_struck: :sunglasses: It’s mutual, I feel sexy too doing it…


I notice that whatever I set out to do nowadays, I just so easily enter into a flow state. I can just work and work for hours on end completely engulfed in it. It’s kind of nice, because even something boring like cleaning actually becomes fun :broom: :love_you_gesture:

Here’s some action picture of how it was built and how it turned out :point_down:



Funny thing is that I have never in my life laid a single tile, but I have watched many workers do it from when I was a foreman in construction :nerd_face: So I knew haw to do it, and I must say I’m proud over the result :heart_eyes:


Now it’s only the shitty quality of the shower that one notices, lol, guess that’s next. It’s been there untouched since 1991 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sometimes it’s so easy to find a bit of happiness, and most of the time it involves just doing something creative and in conjunction with nature :writing_hand: :deciduous_tree: :+1:


Confidence is just the absence of insecurities :wink:


Distillation of all but Greatness,


One Week In

One week into the new year, and also one week into this new stack. So far I’m loving it and with minimal recon. It does has a tendency to appear a little late in the evenings but is long gone by the time I wake up, which to me indicates I have found a good exposure level for the time being :blush: :+1:

Speaking of the new year, I casually drifted into researching about our calendar :telescope: :calendar: we currently have, the Gregorian one. When I lived out in a forest cabin for 6 month in 2021, I got very aware of the moon and it’s cycles :full_moon_with_face: :recycle: It got me thinking of all the old indigenous cultures before us that were so good and reading and living in harmony with these cycles. And just how modern man in his cities and artificial intelligence is so out of sync with nature sometimes :dizzy_face: :deciduous_tree: :dizzy_face:

I came across this example :point_down:


Everything would be pretty much synced with the lunar cyles, and all weeks would begin with a Sunday and end on a Saturday. Everything would be so much more smooth and easy to keep track of because all months are the same duration and has the same numbering for days :100: :+1:

Instead we have a calendar that has the marks of two Roman emperor’s and their big Ego’s :japanese_goblin: :skull_and_crossbones: Julius and Augustus, and then finally the mark of a pope Gregory :thinking: Nothing natural should ever have the mark of a individual person IMO. There’s a reason you cannot get a patent on something natural. I’m all in for a change back to nature and the how it operates instead of our confusing and distorted version we have now :cowboy_hat_face: :love_you_gesture:


Today I played 5 minutes of Essence of Man ZP and it felt really good. And for some reason I just got an intuition to play another loop in the evening for the full 15 minutes. To my surprise it felt really smooth and gave me a really nice flowy feeling :man_dancing: :palm_tree: :lipstick:

I’ll have o wait and see tomorrow how I feel. My small little study recently of the moon cycles had my thinking as well, that maybe they affect in cycles my ability and experience of the subliminals :thinking: Just like there has been a lot of studies that during the full moon, crime rates go up, and many report having insomna and so on. On Friday when the last full :full_moon_with_face: was, I had a lot of intense and vivid dreams.

So maybe just like the ebb and flow, and because the release of the last full moon just passed, maybe I felt like I could stomach more subliminal input because of that :question: hmm, I don’t know just a thought…


We Are But A Fart In The Eternity Of Time

Today has been up and down for sure :arrow_up_down: I started out really high energy and spirit before entering into a loop of recon. But it’s not the same as it used to be, becauee only a couple of hours later it was more or less gone again :partying_face:

On another note, I’m once again after addin Emperor’s Voice into a custom noticing a distinct change in my voice. It’s much lower, calm, and it reverberates like crazy. It’s just like a good golf swing in that you can easily push it a bit harder :speaking_head: without risking to bang it completely into the woods :golfing_man: :golf: Get in da hole :hole:


Mini Washout YEP

On day 2 currently on a spontaneous 3 day washout. I’m just doing a lot of manual labor on the property I live at, and not meeting anyone for a couple of days except the :dog: So I’m resetting my cycle after a week of my new custom, which intuitively feels good to give it more time to settle into my my mind.

Even though I live in a warmer climate than usual here in the European winter time, I still have these monings where I feel a bit beaten down. It quickly goes away, but even here it’s officially winter, and that affects our bodies because we are a part of :earth_asia: :deciduous_tree: YEP. Also when I wake up there’s usually over 80% humidity in my room which makes a difference, and I have to put on a machine to bring it down.

Next cycle will still be mostly the same of Essence of Man, Alchemist St3 (still waiting for update), and LBfH.


Washout Day 3

I’m on my 3rd washout day today :wave: :sweat_drops: :plate_with_cutlery: I still have moments during the day where I feel a bit zooned out from some basic faculties like seeing and hearing. It’s not that I don’t see or don’t hear :eyes: :ear: just that I don’t feel a strong connection to it and it kind of just function in the background. An example would be driving your car where it just happens and you’re not there all the time, but can be doing something completely other thing like thinking about some random stuff :thinking: :right_anger_bubble: I do believe this just to be me reacting to a void that is created from always wanting to be there obsessing over small minutiae around me. So just like I would always be a beginner driver and have to be alert all the time over the most basic driving skills and functioning.

I’m thiniking about maybe extending this washout from 3 to 4-5 days, but the feeling tomorrow will have to be my guide. :guide_dog: :face_with_monocle: There’s something differnet with ZP V2, I feel different and recon feels different. The next few months will be interesting for sure…


Just putting it here as a reminder to myself :point_down:


I have full control over how I choose to narrate my own life. Simply by changing my observations to always fit what I desire, I can literally change my whole inner landscape. Then the outside will have to start to match the inside. Make it a game, don’t take it so seriously, because this is the coolest computer game with the absolute best graphics I’ve seen. Time to level up some traits I say…

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Times Are A Changiiin

There comes a time every now and then, when you suddenly notice that your YouTube feed has not just changed a little, but now it seems like you have logged into someone else’s account :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I gotta admit that I have been a bit curious and checked out some of @Luther24 viking songs, and I have been had my laughs with the russians youngsters singing Novi God…

But to have half my feed now consist of Novi God parodies and random Viking Songs with Icelandic sounding texts… and occasionally of some crazy Buddhist munk doing superhuman stuff in the Himalyas… now that’s a step in the wrong direction. I guess i’m not supposed to be on YT that much, but when I do, I want something useful to watch lol.