Innovation vs. Legacy


This went out in an email today, but I want to make sure everyone sees it. We’ve been seeing a lot of questions and concerns about how our technology can be more powerful than those who have been around longer, as well as why we have a 30 day refund policy vs. longer (that’ll be another post). Here, I’m going to address the first question. From the email:

… Since we’ve “only” been in business for three years, how can our subliminals be more powerful than those that’s been around for years? The answer is quite simple.

The Internet and technology has changed things.

When these other companies launched, technology was NOWHERE as advanced as now. Look at modern cell phones. My iPhone 12 Pro Max is more powerful than the majority of CURRENT low-end consumer laptops, and it’s much more powerful than high end gaming / productivity machines from 2005.

Not only that, but we have an infinite wealth of information at our fingertips. As part of my graduate degree, I have near instantaneous access to scientific journals, hard to access obscure books, neuroscientists, professors, philosophical leaders, etc.

Instead of focusing on how “old” a company is, look at how they innovate. Innovation matters more than age. Don’t believe me? Look at how many legacy companies are shutting down because they didn’t embrace innovation. Look at what happened to BlockBuster. In early 2000, Netflix founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph offered to sell the company to Blockbuster for $50 million. BlockBuster laughed them out of the room.

We know how that ended. BlockBuster is no more.

For those in the United States, take a look at the fates of Kmart, Sears, Borders and Barnes and Nobles. All companies on the verge of collapse, with no one willing to fund them. Why did they fail? None of them truly innovated with the rise of eCommerce. Guess what company experienced an insane increase of profit in 2020? That’s right, AMAZON.

Innovation is the key.

At SubliminalClub, we embrace innovation, testing and customer feedback. That’s why our products work so well. The “appeal to authority” is just a logical fallacy that legacy companies and those without imaginations try to hide behind.

In 2021, we’ve got some mindblowing innovations coming out, so stay tuned. More stories and answers coming later this week.

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Yeah, mindblowing may have been the wrong choice of words… :slight_smile:

Of course, none of us would be here if Xerox hadn’t invented Ethernet. Nobody knows they did though. It started with copiers, and now we use the Internet to copy everything without permission. Full circle.

Speaking of circles, we may be heading towards the subliminal singularity. Saint and Fire made a sub on a typewriter and casette tape which made them write better subs. So they wrote a new one to make them even better. And so on and on. A circle of continuous subliminal evolution.

Makes you wonder how much longer before SubClub subs no longer need to use actual words because those were so 2020…

PS Ever seen the TV series “Dollhouse”?


I have. That was one of Josh Whedon’s productions. I know his name is Joss, but when he makes bad art (like Age of Ultron), he becomes “Josh” in my mind, his terrible twin brother that should stay away from filmmaking. :wink:


I’m offended, Buffy and Dollhouse were the best


I don’t know if you’re making a joke or not, since people’s opinions about Dollhouse are very much divided. But it definitely made me think. What if it were possible? What is possible? Can it someday happen? Will society end up like that rushed second season, complete end of days where people were essentially mind-controlled?

So the series had its ups and downs, but the idea behind it, the premise? I call that innovative. How many series can you name with the same premise? You see it here and there. Neo learning by uploading skills, the comedic spin that Chuck took (which I also loved and wished I had those glasses). But one that takes a dark spin like Dollhouse, shows you the dark side of what people can/will do with that power if they didn’t have the sense of honor Saint has… :slight_smile:

Is there an end to what subliminals can do? Can they evolve to a point where people call it magic because they don’t understand or can’t explain?


Over Firefly??? Buffy, yes. The latter? Eh.


When I talk about these subliminals outside of this forum, nobody believes me. When they ask me how do I know they work, I just tell them that I only need to check my daily sales. That usually shuts them up :smiley:


There are a lot of people who would willingly call science and physics magic. Just look at how far technology has come in less than 150 years. Not to knock anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs but why are books written 2000 plus years ago with no verifiable proof of existence often taken more seriously than scientific evidence?


Thank you for the topic. Took me back to my Engineering Innovation class; was a great year.

On another note: I have been talking about these things the day before… about getting in line with the times, using technologies and going forward with the latest discoveries and theories. Quite strange synchronicity, but not the first around here… Could be Mind’s Eye working on my intuition or something of the sorts.

Your view on the world is what pushed me to take a leap of faith in your products, with no resistance, at least conscious ones. Thank you :slight_smile:


That’s correct. Take spells for example, or ritual and ceremonial magick. They involve your subconscious with what you’re doing. On one hand, you may be using spells, where great ones are more of a poetry, could also include music and drama. I see that as action. It is as if you’re taking an easier route to the recesses of your mind, what’s within. Accessing that bridge from the conscious to the unconscious. Now, the degree would depend on the intensity of that work.

Subliminals are like magick, they enter the realm within to plant seeds, plant ideas. And the way SubClub handles the script is something of a Master’s work. Just look at the album arts they use, the symbols and archetypes. Just spectacular.


What about Angel :astonished: !


You struck on something I have been curious about and questioned for a long time. What if spells and magic or magick isn’t really anything supernatural but just a manifestation of subconscious and conscious intent and determination?


@SaintSovereign @DarkPhilosopher @Brandon The Buffy movie was miles better than the television show just for the floating scene and Paul Ruben’s character death scene alone


This a reference to another kind of technology (which already exists, mind you) and can be found on YouTube and is known through certain creators? :wink:


Hmm, JCast discussing magick, there’s something you don’t see every day…

GASP! You surely are not talking about the sapient restorative knitter of imaginative episodes?

I really had to reach for those synonyms. Even I don’t know who I’m talking about.

And no, I was not referring to anything in particular. But I have found in my explorations into the nature of the universe that once you remove every last limitation you possess, there remains only one final limitation and that is the word “limitation”. For the mere knowledge of the word creates the idea and concept of its existence and with it the possibility of limitation. And all that is possible, happens somewhere.

As such, to create the ultimate subliminal, you need to take away all the words and speak in the language your subconscious processes speak. Don’t tell yourself what you want reality to be, show yourself what you want it to be.

Then again, I could be wrong. I’m living proof that it happens to the best of us. :wink:

What were we discussing? Oh yeah, the nature of innovation.


And you probably never will.


Stay on topic, y’all.


Ding Ding Ding… You’re a winner! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:

There’s a nice book that explains this phenomena in an easily explained manner “High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row” By Damein Echols


My favorite sentence. :slight_smile:

(I already knew you guys were innovative and employed excellent client engagement strategies.)