Why our refund policy is actually better for the consumer


As stated in the Innovation vs. Legacy thread, we’ve begun receiving inquiries about our 30 day refund policy, specifically in the context of other companies offering a longer policy.

One company in particular offers a six month refund policy. However, that policy comes with caveats and restrictions, namely that you must use their title exactly as the instructions say, and you must prove that you’ve used it properly, with the easiest method being posting a journal. Now, let us make ourselves clear: WE ARE NOT INSULTING THAT REFUND POLICY. We completely understand why that company added those restrictions.

Here’s the problem: Sometimes, the official instructions are wrong. That company’s usage requirements are much more rigid than ours, specifying an exact number of loops and times and etc. So, if you’re running one of those titles, but the number of loops is causing you enough mental anguish to skip a couple of days, that invalidates you for a refund because you didn’t follow the instructions. There’s no flexibility to see what works for YOU, and doing so invalidates your ability to get a refund (unless you just lie, but most of your are honest people and won’t do that).

Again, not insulting that policy, just showing off the downsides of having a longer refund period like that. Just like, you already know what people complain about with ours – they think 30 days isn’t enough time (more on that in a minute).

Instead, we offer a set of guidelines as a starting point for you to experiment with and find what works for YOU. Not everyone is the same, and we believe that a rigid listening pattern locks people into getting subpar results. For example, there are some titles that I can listen to at 8 loops a day and will get amazing results. 1 loop of O.G. Blue Skies? Saint Sovereign is out of commission for 3 days. Meanwhile, @RVconsultant and @DarkPhilosopher can run it like a boss with no issues (well, Dark got the same kind of reconciliation I did, but it doesn’t seem to shut him down). Or, the fact that I can listen to masked subs at a low volume level, but turn it up and again – I’m out of commission.

We recognize these differences and we embrace them rather than trying to control or standardize them. So, what does that have to do with a shorter refund period?

We’re not trying to become “mainstream,” (though more and more people are finding us and more “competitors” are stealing from us) we want to build a community of like minded people, all focused one goal – running dope subs and getting dope results. When people ask you why you are the way you are, we want you to be able to shoot back, “because I’m dope and I do dope shit.”

Having a shorter refund period means you’ll have to jump on the subliminal that day and start taking action immediately. You won’t have time to sit on the sub and find excuses not to run it or take action on your dreams. Also, what we’re promising is that the subliminal will help start to change your life – but there’s only so much it can do. You still have to act on those new urges and manifest them into reality. So yes, we’re deliberately targeting those who want to take action NOW, not in a few months. We are deliberately targeting those who will come join the community and build a relationship with us. Ya’ll know how generous we are – if you’ve run a sub for months and you’re not getting what you want, we’ll work with you. Always have, always will.

If we wanted to make more money, we could extend the refund policy and institute the same restrictions, but that would also change the makeup of our community. Ya’ll have seen how toxic the Internet can be. We ain’t having that here at SubClub.

This is a community of go-getters and action oriented people. If that’s a problem, there’s other communities and producers to patron. As recent testimonials are showing (@Yardbird, @Hoppa, @OldChap, @DarkEmpress) if you run our products and take action, you’ll have no problems succeeding.



I’ve been wondering about that 30 day policy as well, from managing the expectations point of view. I’m almost convinced that you would be better off without it. But I do recognize the need for it in marketing, of course.

For my products (physical), I give lifetime warranty. No questions asked. I just don’t mention the details. The case is of course different, as you cannot give back a digital product.


Digital products do have a different approach. And I agree, a lot can be achieved in 30 days if you buy a SubClub sub and start listening to it right away while working to support it.


We essentially do that. With a warranty, you’re actually repairing a broken product. We can’t do that. What we CAN do, is give you an outpouring of support and strategies to help you achieve your goals. That’s also why we don’t market customs to beginners and we often steer them away from getting one. Customs are non-refundable – it’s for the person who has already seen results and knows their responses to our programs.

Also, those who have built a relationship with us knows that we don’t like seeing people fail. For those who are trying, we’ve swapped titles, given away titles, reset the refund period, etc. Our policy is meant to attract those who really want to succeed.


I think this is a reasonable solution. Keeps the losses to minimum.


That wording would possibly make someone think you know how to run a business


You’re such a saint :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally prefer the way you run things. And I can foresee the growth and success that you’ll reach in the upcoming years.

The way those refunds are implemented seem like you must have someone overlooking your shoulders at every step. Somewhat of how a medical professional would follow up with you before switching up medicine. It just screams of low confidence with the overpriced product. Just my personal outlook.

Keep up with what you’re doing!


I think these things should be some where at the main shop and the Q shop.

If someone is having an issue with a sub, please contact customer support for some solutions.

Some times I see people on here struggling, and they want to just give up, as though they can’t tolerate yet another failure. Remember that there are people here who want you to succeed even if they don’t know who you are.