I'm New Here, Introduction and advice picking a sub



I’m new here, I’m from Indonesia

I’m a little bit confused, which product I must choose to wake up my hidden potential, I need a suggestion from you @SaintSovereign as a creator of product or maybe from all of you whom get same experience with me, but let me give a little story about me first, for your consideration

I’m work as a government bank employee for 13 years and 7 month(still), on first 4 year there’s no problem with me and my work, but in fifth year being an employee there’s something inside that against me, it make me lazy doing things in office, my passion suddenly lost, I want to be entrepreneur

Then I try to take motivation class with one of motivator here, but it’s not work for me, I also try many other workshop, walking in firestone, watch video motivation, that goal is wake up my inner potential and will change my life for better future, still not work for me

Then I try to take 3 days workshop, Quantum Learning Transformation in surabaya(2011) By Adi W Gunawan(https://adiwgunawan.com/), at class I give method that will transform my life such EFT, Self hypnosis, how to planning life, discard my emotion as a blocker of success, still, it failed to me

I don’t know what happen to me

But I get something there that, if I want to be success there’s a formula :


I believe, I’m good person, I always praying/worship to my god, I never had problem with other people, so now my problem is human factor(me)

So, I try to boost my skill by attendance workshop ( I Like Internet Marketing), From amazon affiliate, online shop, SEO, etc

From 2011 till now, I’m trying to boost my skill, not one of them success to change my life, in the half way I trying to learn something new, there’s always problem, anxiety make me stop the process, always like that, so, I never ended with success.

I don’t know what happen to me, there is something block me to get my success

I also try to do Stifin(Sensing,Thinking, Feeling, Intuiting) Test, to mapping my area,

One of method that divide people into 4 part Sensing,Thinking, Feeling, Intuiting, the result is Feeling Extrovert , you can see the detailed here :

I’m sorry website using Bahasa Indonesia, I’m trying to find the English version, but there’s no English language version, maybe this test just do in Indonesia(not international method).

Now I’m still trying to move from my 9-5 employee, I want to be entrepreneur who will have financial freedom and time freedom, I choose internet marketing way for my future success, I like to learn something new, I do watch many video, read book, related to IM, join IM Forum and lot of membership but I still feel there’s something block me to being success

In my love life, also not lucky, I’m 37 years old, but not getting married yet, I always failed doing relationship, I feel girls not interesting to me, I’m not loveable person, not romantic type, etc

So, in this Introduction Session, I want to ask a suggestion to all of you, maybe one or more subliminal here can help to solve my big big big problem

I had reviewed some of subliminal and interest to use :

  • Emperor , because I want to build my empire business via internet marketing
  • Limitless, because internet marketing always grow and change, so I must not stop learning from new method
  • Sex & seduction/Primal Seduction(Still Confused to Choose one of them) , this is for love life, I want quickly having relationship with my dream girl and getting married

Please give me advice, are my option above correct for solving, my problem…?

If those subliminal are correct give me advice sequence to use those subliminal

If there’s another way, which product I must use and how to use those product(sequence)….?

Soon as you give me an advice i will buy subliminal that needed

Best Regards


It is hard to say really, you seem to want results quickly, but just know that chenges is slow… we human love being in our comfort zone :wink:

That said, I would focus on one objective at a time, if you want to focus on your money/dream, go with emperor. Emperor will help you learn faster, being more assertive and chasing your dream… but it will take time and you will still need to push yourself! (emperor also help with finding a romantic partner, but is is less focus than primal seduction).

Primal seduction is geared toward romance… it will make you more charismatic, funny and playful. It will also help you see social cues. It will have a really strong effect on you regarding your social world. Adding sex and seduction to primal seduction would be if you wanted to boost your external game…

Since you want to work on many area of your life, I would run Emperor. Maybe Ascension if you find emperor too harsh to run!

You seems to have a lot of differents goal right now, remember that the more you put subs together, the slower the results will be!

Good luck with your quest!



Based on your suggestion i have conclusion sub to use first : emperor + primal seduction

sex & seduction (optional, for next level seduction)

How about limitless, do i still need this to support emperor, since inside emperor there is limitless module too.

Thanks @WhiteTiger for your suggestion


[Suggestion 1]

Learning too much is a distraction.
You don’t need to study everything about everything - affiliate marketing, ecommerce, copywriting, blogging, and others.
Only study and APPLY the top 1-2 courses of YOUR chosen Business Model.

My recommendation would be start with Mogul.
Focus on getting your business to a chosen target (eg: equivalent to current salary), before going for other goals.

This way results will manifest faster, and your brain will have experience AND trust in subliminal club products.


Great suggestions from Simon and White Tiger. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if you decide to go with Mogul which is a good sub, stack it with a healing sub such as Rebirth.


[Suggestion 2]

Your personality type is Feeling Extrovert - someone who would naturally thrive when going out meeting a lot of people.

I wonder if the real reason you are unable to start an internet business is because that is more requiring of Thinking Introvert style - someone who would enjoy sitting alone with their computer for long hours at a time.

You may not like to hear this, but chances are, that if you work towards getting a better paying job, or learn an extroverted skill (like sales), you would find yourself having much less resistance to taking action - and faster success.

I’m not saying never to do an internet business; I’m saying you may find it an uphill battle, and even subliminals can’t guarantee a rapid breakthrough.

If you do choose an extroverted path, my recommendation would be start with Ascension.
You may also add Primal Seduction as soon as it’s released, because the combined effect of both will enable you in going out, making friends, and getting success a lot more easily - and will feel natural to your personality.

All the best.


@Simon I’m curious why you didn’t recommend Ascended Mogul? Wouldn’t that be a simpler all-around solution rather than choosing one or the other?

My suggestion given your goals would be

Ascended Mogul
Primal Seduction

That would be a powerful stack, covering your goals quite nicely. The reason I suggest AM instead of Emperor is because through my readings of the forum many people said that Emperor is far more useful with a good foundation - ergo, switch to it later down the road after you’ve built a solid base to grow into an empire. Both contain modules for Limitless, Aura, and Rebirth but you can choose to supplement/boost any one of these by adding them to the stack as well.


My education background was electronics engineering,

During first year from graduation I’m a jobless

I had job as an electronics engineer in one of japan electronics company who produce tv, not long, just 3 month, after that as a smartphone technician,

I’m out from this job because banks offer me a good salary and bonus and my parrent at that time fully support me to take this job

At first 5 year so comfortable, I’m in my comfort zone

After that…. I always try to escape my 9 to 5 job, but always failed

Everytime I have new position I always try to create tools/software that can make my job more easier, I will divide my job into daily, monthly, 6 month, yearly period

in first six month usually I can create system and I will use that systems to finish my tasks.

In 2nd year same job position, I will start bore, because there is no change on task, just repetition task and I can do that easy using my tools that I create

@Simon actually I’m an account officer in government bank for last 7 years in my carrers, my job is to distribute loan for peole who have small to mid range business, it works like salesman and first 5 years as an administration

I like to meet and communicate with new people in sales job but I don’t like pursued by monthly target,

I must distribute 700 million rupiah in one month and people who had receive loan from me the payment must be smooth, if in arrears I must be responsible for billing, so I have 3 jobs, loan analyze, distribute and as a debt collector

This why I more like administration job, more comfortable to me, I can feel comfort when doing task and I can stay in front of computer for 10 hours a day

For this reason too, I choose internet marketing area, because it make me comfort doing this

I know my personality feeling extrovert after 13th years doing this job and I’m doing this as suggestion one of my IM mentor

I don’t realized that sales is one of the job recommended for feeling extrovert person, that I want to escape.

From my personality report too, I knew that I am person who don’t need to know technical details, I just need know for global things, let others people do this, not feeling extrovert person

Maybe those reasons make me always failed when trying learning technical details

@Simon will take your sub recommendation primal seduction and I’m also curious why you don’t recommended me ascended mogul like @Neurokinetic aid, since it create not half ascension and half mogul, it create from scratch
Emperor I will use later on, when I ready to grow and and solid base

@Simon and @Neurokinetic , do I need limitless sub too for support me?

Or I use this later on together with emperor subs ?

@SaintSovereign I wait for your suggestion, maybe as subs creator you have different opinion

Best regards


You don’t need Limitless technically, as there are versions of it in both Primal Seduction & Ascended Mogul, you can choose to supplement it if you want to give it extra focus


I would recommended Ascended Mogul + Limitless. This will supercharge your entrepreneur efforts. Add the seduction stuff in later. I say this because, for the most part, as you find your sense of personal power and begin building your business, you’ll find that you’ll naturally become more attractive simply because you value and love yourself more. This is one of the reasons it’s hard to create sexual / seduction subliminals. You must have a good internal base before you even tackle that issue.

Once you have a good, solid sense of self and personal power, and you’ve got your business running, add the romance stuff, like Primal Seduction.

Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN

Could you Give me best recomended use those subs in one day…?

Is it also apllies rule 1 day rest after 5 day use…?

How much i must wait to add primal seduction or maybe emperor…


First, both my suggestions were aiming towards two very different goals, so my intention was to offer the Visions first, and the best starter Subliminal recommendation in each context.

Second, I wanted to make it clear that any Subliminal will either fail, or create too much reconciliation if @xtraordinary81 assumes he needs to study a LOT, or if the goals are going against his nature.

Third, I find single purpose Subs to be significantly faster in creating both Feelings & Results, than the composite ones. So, I suggest new users to use those before taking on the combos or the HUGE ones like Emperor or Primal Seduction.
Besides, big subs tend to be more trouble for people who don’t have their life basics handled - and the OP came across more confused / frustrated than ready-for-results.

Finally, I may be wrong about this, but …
because Ascended Mogul script is different from Ascension & Mogul scripts …

In my personal experience, and what I’ve seen on the forum …
NOBODY has started & built an internet business on Ascended Mogul.

AscMogul tends to combine the Financial side with Social side, and is much better applied at making business connections, sales, friends, getting promotions, etc. Money from Relationships with People.

Mogul triggers Absolute Financial Productivity. It pushes you to take action on whatever avenues for money you have at your nearest disposal.
If you have an online business already running, it’ll make you make fast changes to increase revenue.
If you have a job, it’ll get you to do things that get you noticed by management for promotions.

On a similar vein, Ascension gives you a Relaxed Social Confidence almost immediately.
Chatting up & helping people, starting conversations, etc. come far more easy on Ascension than on AM or Primal.
I believe this is because Ascension has no agenda with / need from other people - not money, not sex, not even respect. It feels totally different from AM.

Also, you’ll FEEL Ascension or Mogul working on you within 1-3 days (Version 2); while AMv2 will take about 5-10 days before a behavior manifests. And it will stay slow throughout. :smile:

Just my experience. :sunglasses:


In your experience, what kind formula per day that will give best result for ascension + mogul…?

Do i need limitless too…?

Best regards


Listen as much as you can, just set and forget.


Thanks for your suggestion…


Don’t overthink it. Play them as much as you can.
The whole talk on time limits is applicable to New Dawn subs, because it is still in early stages.

What you really NEED - is to get started. :smile:

My recommendation is to always start with only one sub, so you can feel its effects faster.
If you are going to ignore that and want to play around with Ascension AND Mogul … AND Limitless … AND you still want something special around women,
then you might as well stop asking questions and just get Emperor. :sweat_smile:


How do you think about Emperor


Long story. I’ll start another thread for that.

Next week.


To much ask…:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Yeah… it’s me, before really sure, i won’t start…

I will start with ascension + mogul first, as your suggestion

Anyway thanks


Sooooo… I’m running Ascended Mogul and I’m trying to launch an internet business.
@SaintSovereign, please can you provide some clarity on running Ascension + Mogul vs running Ascended Mogul ?

I want to be sure I’m doing it right.