I'm New Here. Bought Primal Seduction

What’s up! Just got Primal Seduction. I am excited to see what this results in!

I am already good at approaching girls and chatting them up and getting their number. The issue is that most of these phone numbers end up flaking. My goal with Primal Seduction is to manifest a girlfriend. As far as game I use, I use Ross Jeffries’s stuff. I did a search on this forum and his stuff seems popular here which is cool.



If you’re looking for a girlfriend, Heartsong might help out in tandem with PS. Also if you haven’t thought about it, an archetype sub (Stark, Khan, Ascension, Emperor, etc etc) could be a nice compliment to your stack in the future.

Best of luck.


Have fun with Primal Seduction. Make sure you are running it according to the listening instructions:

(Cycle 1:)
Day 1: PS x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: PS x1
Day 4: Rest
Day 21: PS x1
Day 22 - Day 26: Rest
(Do Cycle 2)

This along with approaching women (which you are already doing) plus daily journaling (public or private) will help you get results.

All the best!


I second bombayduck

Primal seduction and heart song are a good Stack for your goals. You’ll get a girlfriend if you really want on PS but you’ll get better material girlfriend with heart song

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Awesome thanks everyone. I decided to get Ascension and Heartsong to stack with Primal Seduction. This will be interesting. :slight_smile:


Sounds good!

Now stick with it for 3+ months :smiley:

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and… this is why I only approach women who have given me IOI’s beforehand.

Your flake percentage is high because she’s not attracted to you. In her mind, body, heart and most importantly :cat:, you are dismissable and deletable from her phone.

When you get numbers from women who are already craving and lusting to sleep with you while having a deep compelling attraction to your being… you’re not going to get flaked, lol.

I don’t know who Ross is, but

Something to think about:

Getting a woman to give you her number getting a woman to be attracted to you.

Super high success rate is when you asking for her number makes her think “fuck yes”.

Low success rate/flaking is when you asking for her number makes her think “meh, fine” or “alright I’ll give it and then ignore him lolol” or “I kind of feel bad for him I don’t want to be rude” or anything with that vibe honestly.

Hopefully this is making sense on some level lol but anyways Primal Seduction should definitely help you, also check out Libertine.


Oh I didn’t notice you were new here lol

welcome to the forum1! :grin:

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Makes Sense, That’s What I Was Thinking

You going to post a journal here on the forum?

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hey, yes I have another thread on this forum where I post my journal.

Being an old school gamer i have come across Ross Jefferie’s stuff he was gaming back in early 2000 even before that LOL. Whichever “system” you choose to learn how to meet women stick with it like also stick with PS for a good 6 months.

@RVconsultant i know you were/are a fan of Ross.

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