I Just Want More Sex

I literally just found this community in the last 2 hours.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to improve my life since i was very young and I’m approaching this as just another experiment.

I’m creating this topic to hopefully speed up the process so i can start today.

My goal = I want to have sex/hookups/one night stands with as many new/random women i find attractive as possible. That is my ONLY reason for being here. more sex is my ONLY reason for trying subliminals.

My budget = I’m willing to pay the cost for whatever option/course/program gives me the best chance to achieve my goal.

Available time = I have around 30 hours per week i can invest on this. I’m also willing to do things during sleep on top of this.

My Questions For You:

Given my goal and available time per week, which option/program/course gives me the best chance to achieve my goal as quickly as possible?


thank you for reading.

my plan is to buy the best option and start today and post daily updates on here that we can all discuss.

Important Update

thank you to everyone for your suggestions so far.

im making this post because i have the next 3 days off starting tomorrow and i want to start tomorrow so im hoping i can make a final decision soon.

so far im pretty much 100% sure libertine will help so im for sure getting that.

and im 95% sure prime seduction will help but im not sure which version is best but im leaning towards ultima.

in this post i want to give you guys a detailed explanation of what im already doing to accomplish my goal which im hoping will help you guys make some final suggestions before i start.

ok here it is.

Where In Your City Can You Meet Attractive Women?

right now in my city attractive women can be met in shopping malls, grocery stores and the street.

Bars and restaurants are open outdoor area only but you have to remain seated and can only interact with the people you arrived with at your table.

shopping malls have the most and hottest women but i find those places almost impossible to approach in.

To approach a women in a shopping mall you will pretty much have to do it in a situation where other people can hear and see you. this reality increases my anxiety significantly and i have not been able to ever do a shopping mall approach.

Where Are You Able To Approach Women Right Now?

in the past few months i have done all my approaches on the street.

I go to the busiest street where all the bars and restaurants are and approach women there.

I usually do my approaches on Friday and Saturday between 8 and 11 pm. I have also done street approaches at like 1pm-4pm but since im looking for sex i stopped that because i think most people at that time have things to do so its unlikely a girl will be down to hookup at that time.

What Do You Say And Do When You Approach Women?

first, i approach only groups of 3 or less as my thinking is bigger groups are less likely to be out to meet guys and are part of a party or event.

so i walk around on the street where all the bars and restaurants are and approach groups of 3 or less.

I always use an indirect statement to start the interaction like "do you guys know the best bar open tonight? or something like that.

I use indirect statements because my anxiety is too high when i try to start the interaction by immediately showing direct sexual interest.

so i ask something indirect and then i observe how the girls react to me.

I can usually tell within 5 sec if any of the girls in the group is attracted to me.

i have tracked this seriously and i would say on average at least 1 in 5 approaches i do i will get at least one girl in the group that is obviously attracted to me.

Why Are You Not Currently Having Sex With The 1 in 5 Girls Who Like You Instantly When You Approach?

i have been asking myself this question a lot.

i would say what happens is the girl makes it obvious by her body language and demeanor that she is attracted to me and then i struggle to go from the indirect approach to showing sexual interest.

its weird to go from “hey where is a good bar i can go to tonight?” to showing sexual interest in one of the girls in the group.

so i think im not sleeping with those girls because i experience a lot of anxiety when trying to switch from the indirect/meutral conversation to showing sexual interest even when its obvious the girl likes me.

I have had a few girls who do it for me and they will btatantly make their interest known by telling me we should hang out and asking for my number but that is rare and usually only older/age 30+/milfs do this

i even had an older woman who i approached indirectly like this she actually ended up giving me a handjob in a hidden corner on the street, and that was an interaction i started by asking her if there was any gym open in the area. and that was at like 8 pm on a Sunday night.

but again this woman was older and she was not even attractive. i approached her by mistake because she looked better from afar. had i seen her clearly before i would not have talked to her. i just mention this interaction because getting a handjob on the street even from a woman i was not attracted to shows that its possible to go from an indirect start to a very sexual end.

What Are You Hoping To Get From Using Subliminals?

first , im hoping subliminals will allow me to feel more comfortable approaching with sexual interest on the street, i think if i can start all my interactions on the street with sexual interest then that should make it way easier to have sex with the 1 in 5 women who usually like me instantly based on just my looks.

secondly , im hoping subliminals will help me be able to approach in the mall., the malls have by far the most and hottest women in my city. there are amazingly hot women in some malls in my city and i would do all my approaching in the mall if i could. but again like i said earlier when approaching in the mall you pretty much 100% are approaching with several people nearby seeing and hearing you the entire time so right now that massively increases my anxiety and makes it impossible. im hoping subliminals will help me be able to start approaching in the malls.

thirdly and most importantly , im hoping subliminals will take the 1 in 5 women on the street who are usually attracted to me and make that attraction more sexual/horny/lustful.
right now usually those 1 in 5 its obvious they are attracted but im hoping to make that attraction more sexual. it seems right now they they think “this guy is hot/good looking”. im hoping to make it more “this guy is making me really wet” im hoping to make the attraction horniness/lust. i believe this would make it way easier for me to then show sexual interest back and escalate to sex right away.

and i know its possible for that attraction to be super horny and lustful because i have experienced it al ready. i remember i approached this group of 3 attractive older/28+/milfs by asking for direction and instantly one of the girls was just obviously super horny for me. her entire voice tone, body language was like she was in a trance by my presence. she blatantly asked for my number and said we should hangout and then implied she wanted to walk me home.

so i know its a possibility but this was rare and again an older woman. so im hoping to increase the ratio of women especially younger women who are not just attracted to me but horny for me. this is my #1 hope with subliminals.

lastly , im hoping to increase the ratio of women who like me instantly. 1 in 5 is already great so my main hope is the things above but of course taking that 1 in 5 to maybe 1 in 3 would be great.

but again not really needed.

i would say the most important thing i need to sleep with tons of women is take the 1 in 5 who like me on the street when i approach indirect and get them to be more sexual/horny/lustful in their attraction.

just that alone would allow me to sleep with a ton of women very quickly just by approaching on the street like i already am.

the super hotties at the mall and improving my ration from 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 on the street is more dream/ideal.

but to get laid like crazy they are not needed. all i need for that is take the 1 in 5 who already like me when i approach on the street and get that attraction to be more sexual/horny/filled with lust.

How Exactly Are You Planning To Use Subliminals?

i work from Sunday to Wednesday and have Thursday to Saturday off.

My plan is this right now:

Sunday to Wednesday = listen to the programs for 2-3 hours each of these 4 days

Thursday to Saturday = listen to the program for 6-8 hours and then spend 6-8 hours on the street and/or mall doing approaches and hopefully getting laid.


You guys now have a clear idea of what im already doing.

given this new info is my idea of using libertine ultima and primal ultima the wisest plan?

any other recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated.

Important Update #2:

I have created a journal where im now putting detailed updates with all my subliminal uses and my sessions out interacting with women. please check it out here : Using Subliminals To Have Sex With 10 New Women Per Month


I started with khan and it was the only thing I needed in terms of getting laid


thanks for the post.

can you please share some actual numbers/data?

how long have you been using khan?

how many new (attractive) women have you had sex with since you started using khan?

These are the products you are looking for:

  1. Primal Seduction: Iron Throne

  2. Sex Mastery

  3. Diamond Ultima

If you could only choose 1 product though, get the first one: Primal Seduction Iron Throne

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Use it yourself and see what happens with you

I’ll just tell you that I’ve made a few posts here and that it works, it will always surprise by how consistent the results are

Go check the forum


thank you for the suggestions.

i will start researching these 3 products.

can you please share your personal experience with these products?

how long have you been using these 3 products?

how many new (attractive) women have you had sex with since you started using these products?

  • What are your weak points when it comes to attracting women?
  • What are your strong points when it comes to attracting women?
  • How much experience do you have with women?
  • How old are you?

You’re asking questions about these guys but in actuality we need a little more from you, if we are to help you lol.

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A lot of experiences have already been shared on this forum. You can search for words like “khan”, “primal seduction” etc to find out user experiences

A better way will be to purchase a product and try for yourself. There is a 30 day money back guarantee too.

thank you for your contribution.

What are your weak points when it comes to attracting women?

I overthink everything and struggle to act spontaneously.

I’m one of those people who is over analyzes everything and thinks too much.

i also feel anxiety pretty strongly.

anxiety = adrenaline dump + faster hearth beat.

so with the anxiety i struggle to approach random women even when they show signs of interest.

all the girls i have been with so far have been from tinder or girls who approached me.

What are your strong points when it comes to attracting women?

I’m tall and above average looking and always have been, so i get attraction/attention and always have including from the hottest girls.

so im NOT one of those guys who always felt invisible or anything like that. girls always gave me attention as im lucky to at least have looks.

i would say my looks is biggest strength and after that i would say I’m not a “naive nice guy”. its hard to explain exactly what i mean by naïve nice guy but hopefully you understand.

How much experience do you have with women?

i have had sex with 8-12 women. something like that.

these where all girls who approached me first and also from tinder when i was on there for a bit.

also, i’m 28 years old but can look as young as 18 depending on way i dress and facial hair.

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yes of course im aware there info on the forum.

obviously im asking you and created this thread to speed up the process.

is there a reason you do not want to share your numbers?

is that not the point of such a forum, to experiment and share results?

Primal Seduction: Iron Throne seems like exactly what you’re looking for.

I personally haven’t used it but I’ve read some intriguing stories on this forum. I haven’t bookmarked them so you’ll have to use search or maybe someone else can quote them.

I’m new as well here and have recently started using Emperor and it works very well. It does everything specified in the product description. Have fun

ok i will look into primal iron throne.

btw, are using emperor for more sex like me or for other goals?



No. The point of the forum is to share what one wants to share. No one is owed an explanation

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If money isn’t an issue and you want the fastest possible results:

I would suggest building two customs.

An ultima based on seductions and romance.

A general Qv2 one based on romance cores and buttload of enhancement and supporting modules.

The name embedding will take the already “1 loop universe shifting” titles to a whole new level.

Yes, I’m using Emperor for becoming better in all areas. It’s a great all-round subliminal but it can be intense. You have to be really willing to let go of normality. It’s more of an extreme type of alpha male compared to Ascension.

It definitely killed any social anxiety that I had and boosted my confidence so high to the point that I can casually talk to any woman no matter how attractive she is, with ease and not care what they think. Lol.

If I was only focused on sex as you are, then I would use Primal Seduction: Iron Throne. It is more than enough for your goals.

Contrary to what the person above me said, I wouldn’t recommend getting into customs, seeing as how you are new and haven’t used a single main title yet. Those are more for intermediate sub users.

I would get accustomed before getting a custom.

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when you say "casually talk’ to any woman what exactly do you mean by that?

i ask because for me there is a MASSIVE difference in how much anxiety i experience when just talking to a woman for example asking directions compared to walking up to a new/random woman and making my sexual intentions known.

so what exactly do you mean? are you able to actually walk to any woman and actually let her know you are there with sexual/romantic intentions? or you mean you can have small talk/non romantic/sexual conversations with women without feeling anxiety?

also, are you able to do this if there are other people around who can see/hear you? because for me another thing that causes anxiety is other random people near the woman who will see/hear me approach her.

also, how long did it take before you could talk to any woman? and how much time per week did you spend on emperor to get these results.

thank you.

honestly i pretty much have no idea what you just said.

are you saying instead of buying a program, i should pay for a custom program to be made for me?

if that is what you mean, what is the benefit of that? how much faster/better are the results with custom compared to generic?

for example, if a generic program will give 60% what i want in 4 weeks, would custom give 85% of what i want in 2 weeks? is the difference this significant?

thank you.

Important Update

i also want you guys to know that i am already going out every single week and actually doing my best to interact with women.

Even with covid i have been doing that for months now and i usually go out at least 2-3 times per week.

Because of approach anxiety/fear of rejection/whatever you want to call it …i struggle to start a lot of interactions but i do actually try and i would say every week i end up interacting with at least 5-10 new/random women.

so i want to make it clear that I’m aware that i need to actually go out and interact with women if im serious about my goal and im already doing that.

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Most men get anxious around attractive women. By “casually talk to any woman” I mean that it doesn’t matter how attractive they are, I can speak to them casually and nonchalantly as if they were any other ordinary person. I don’t get intimidated by them. They’re all just the same to me. They aren’t able to control the frame through their attractiveness as they are able to do with most men. It doesn’t work on me.

Emperor boosts your confidence and self image to such a height where you don’t care what others think. You can make any intention of yours known to absolutely anyone wherever, whenever and in any situation. It doesn’t matter who is around you, whether that’s a woman, a crowd, child or man of any status. You simply don’t give a fuck lol. Your inhibitions that are based on social fears get stomped into the ground by your confidence and you maneuver more through calculation rather than fear. So yes, I can go up to any woman right now and explicitly state my sexual/romantic intentions as casually as asking for the time and carry on throughout my day unphased regardless of the outcome - though I would not realistically do this because it’s not in my nature.

I started Emperor about 9 days ago and noticed effects right away. The confidence/charisma boost you get is something else. It’s like you’re on drugs.

If I were you and money is no object, I would do this. Build a Q version 2 custom with Primal Seduction (not Iron Throne) as the core. Include Sanguine and Furious Ascent as modules. They should help with the anxiety. Look through the W store carefully for your other modules. Also run Primal Seduction Iron Throne Ultima.
If you want to do a custom Ultima as well, I’d get a Version 2 Ultima with PSIT and True Social Ultima cores.