I just had to share this


Hello everybody…

Just like the title says: I just had to share this… So here it goes:

I am free. Finally!

I am free from the desire to have women in my life;
I am free from the lust that haunted me for years, forcing me to chase after women;
I am free from the need to perform/act in order to get women’s approval and validation;
I am free from being stuck in my head thinking if i am being good enough for this or that women;
I am free from wanting to fuck every girl that matches my fucking anima;
I am free from all feelings and fucking emotions that just kept me stuck;
I am free, because now i not only feel, but i know, that my heart is finally closed;
No matter the women, how hot/beautiful/low/medium/high value she is, i don’t feel a GOD DAMN THING AT ALL;
I am completely unfazed by the opposite sex now, this has been my fucking dream for years;
I have been fucking delivered, from whatever that fuck that used to possess me;
Wanting to please them, Wanting to make them laugh, satisfy their every need; being their fucking hero;
Protect/Provide/SERVE… NOT ME… Not anymore… It’s deeper than “i just don’t give a fuck…” I AM FREE;
I am free from the fucking society’s and movies and music brainwashing;
I can think clearly now, I can see clearly now… i can focus on me and my goals and completely let go of
the desire to have women in my life…

Maybe this means nothing for you, but for me this is fucking GOLD!!! THIS IS HEAVEN… Now i can move freely in the direction

And all the credit goes to: PRIMAL SEDUCTION: IRON THRONE.



Does this mean you just don’t care anymore or you don’t want women anymore?


I suspect this is a MGTOW trolling.

If anything, Iron Throne makes you love and appreciate women more, from a healthy place of desire not neediness.


Both… i can have them if i wanted to, and i’ve had in the beginning… but now, i just don’t feel the need anymore… i’ve never seen so many women lusting after me… the tables have turned man.

Don’t get this wrong, but it feels like that i am the woman now and they want to F me so bad…it’s absurd.


I expected this… really! I thought to myself, they won’t believe me!!!

But it’s been my experience, and my truth.

I feel nothing!

My heart is void and silent…


Even my own mother that used to have the remote control for my feelings and emotions, i got my power back… i can see right through all the mind fuckery that i was under… just like i said… it’s deeper than i just don’t give a fuck…

I can see now.
And I refuse to be controlled.


Well the first step of anything is to regain control so I congratulate you on proceeding on your journey.


@ExploringAstronaut, Thanks, man. :sunglasses:

I will run Iron Throne until we become ONE.


I would really love to read your experiences, how you started, what happened etc.
I think it would be pretty enlightening for all of us.


Yes a journal would be nice


@rising, I think i lack the discipline and desire/motivation to keep one.

And since the beginning of running these subs, and reading the forum, i have one persistent thought: they won’t believe me. they will say i am bragging. they won’t like you.

Today, I just said: FUCK IT!


I come from a christian background, and if you know the bible, you know about the lust of the flesh, adultery and every other thing that is considered a sin. My intent was to completely drop sex from my life, but i just couldn’t stop. No matter what i did, hypnosis, sedona method for releasing, nothing. The more i fought against it, the stronger it would get… and it was destroying my life.

I was tired of fighting myself, so i decided to give in and surrender to my sex addiction. It was too much, too strong. I was defeated many times over, so i chose to surrender and go all the way, if there’s a rock bottom for this, i’ll will find it and from there i will build my ship and sayonara forever… so i went searching for subliminals on torrent sites, i found SubClub and many others, downloaded and gave it a try.

So, i listen to Primal for one time only, and BOOM… The first feeling or reaction, was as if an internal chain/block was removed from my neck/throat chakra, and i was just thinnking and saying the most nasty, funny and stupid shit, it was as if i was tipsy or something, fear was gone… and i was like what da fuck is this shit??? Who produced this shit? what’s their website? Found them, Bought my shit and have been running ever since.

Now, for my experiences with Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, they are too many to tell and will probably sound too good to be true, but hey… it is WHAT it is!

- I manifested twins for a couple of times now and both like and desire me.
- Older women, just melt in my presence, i can feel their lust for me. They like to rub themselves against my body.
- My dream/ideal girls, i see so many of them that it's not even funny. I wonder sometimes, how am i supposed to fall in love with one, when there's so many of you?
- When women approach me, they don't speak, they just look me dead in the eye and i know it's on.
- I get choosing signals everyday, it's my daily bread.
- When out in the street, they just come my way, cross my path, bump into me, say sorry.
- Some women flirt with me right in front of their boyfriends, husbands, or whatever...
- I have four women in one house, mother, two daughters and auntie, i kid you not, they all want me... 
- They want to please me so much, that i feel bad for them sometimes.
- There are so many teenage girls giving me THE LOOK: "u can have it if you want it", so much young punani to fuck that i fear if i do it, people will be calling me a pedophile...
- Now, they suck & swallow the nectar... know what i mean?


This sounds… promising to say the least :smile:
I was just wondering how long it took for the first signs to show, how many times you listened, etc.


@ExploringAstronaut, It happen on the first day man, i got hooked then and there… i listened to Primal, alone for about a week or so, then went to the site and bought the others, because i wanted not only to feel safe, but i always had the feeling that there may be something not so positive within the subliminals for people that steal/pirate this things…


I wake up at 5:30, in my playlist i have a really good hypnosis trance induction mp3, that gets me really deep into trance, than i play iron throne, 24/7. in the beginning i fell weak, and low on energy, but then…it was just me, surprising myself over and over again by the i interacted with people.

The most important factor for me now, is the love the i have and feel for myself alone.
I am my number one fan.
I never thought i could like myself…the way i do now!


Im very happy for you. I think everybody deserves to live their dreams.


@ExploringAstronaut, I am too man, there’s peace in my heart, and for me this is priceless.

Do you have Iron Throne? Have you run it?


Yes, I have IT too and it is exactly this kind of testimonial that got me to buy it.
But I havent really run it yet, just a few times because I go with Emperor right now and I already feel how people’s and especially girls attitude to me is shifting, with mine towards them changing at the same time. Man I can’t even imagine how speechless Ill be after running IT if it goes for me the same as it did for you. Amazing


@ExploringAstronaut, Just do it man, i was on the fence about it, because it was Ultrasonic only, and i like my masked subs… because i move around a lot.

But yeah, IT changed me, changed my life, and i got nothing but gratitude for this experience.


The thought that always gets me is “What if I had this back then in highschool?”
Man… Times to be alive huh?