Human Design Thread

I thought I’d start a thread, seeing some HD chat in another one. I figure it’d be better here.

The PizzaShaman is a 6/3 Generator!

Channels of Mutation, Curiosity, The Prodigal, and Judgement.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11-48-23 myBodyGraphs

I find the ‘acting in response’ portion to be an irritant. It’s difficult to not be envious of Manifesting Generators and Manifestors.

I’ve yet to meet another 6/3. :expressionless:

I’m far from an expert, but I do love this stuff and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.


I only dived into this rabbit hole a couple of months back. Did the online thingy and found that I am a Manifesting Generator.

The only thing I now remember about it is that we MGs have to wait for things to happen and me being always punctual and on time, hate to do that lol.

Tagging @7empest here since I saw her talking about this recently.


I dove into it a bit around December January.

I’m a manifesting generator with sacral authority. Single definition. 2/4 Easy Breezy Genius.


Manifesting Generator here as well.
My biggest learning was, that I shouldn’t follow urges for major changes/ investments etc the second they arise than rather give me some time, sleep on it for some time until I make this decision.

On the other hand, I came to believe that HD gives me a good idea where I’m standing but also that I shouldn’t limit myself to my chart and what it says about me. These are just limits that need to be overcome.


Generator 1/3

My Quest is to lisen to my stomach response

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It’s just a map how to navigate



Most people that I know that know of HD are using it as an oracle.
“Oh my throat center isn’t active. So it’s no surprise I can’t speak in front of people.”
“Oh, my Mind center isn’t active, but my heart and and sakral centers are, so I can’t go and get a better degree, I’m made for being a nurse” and stuff like this.

Whereas I see my heart center is inactive. I know, that my willpower used to be small. So that’s correct. But that’s also the reason why I chose emperor. I might have been born with limitations, but I’m fighting to push my boundaries as far as I can.


The analogy I saw and that I like best likens you and your HD chart to a handyman and his tools. The energy you have inherent, defined gates and centers and channels, those are the tools that you carry all the time in your work van. They are always accessable to you.

The various transits, and energies that arise with them and thus with you, are like tools back at the shop. Available to you when needed!


It’s just a map how you function

Everybody can go on a quest to strengthen what they want to be strengthen


Not sure if I did this right.

Type: Projector — The Seer
Profile: 3/5, The Great Life Experimenter

Markets - Places where there are people coming together to work; whether it’s literal or virtual, you thrive in the activity of a group with common direction

This is shockingly accurate.


Type: Generator - The Life Force
Profile: 4/6, The Regal Authority Figure

Channel of Initiation, The Channel of Rhythm

Pretty accurate.



I have to read into this more. At first I was like “to respond?” what am I a slave to the currents of life? But if any of this is accurate it makes sense why it’s never worked for me. I’m pretty detached from what they call the sacral inner authority.

Although I have to say a lot of my current sub choices line up with this. Running a Genesis custom that has merger of worlds in it, learning to take more focused action vs panicked or fear based, trying to put myself into more of the physical world to open myself up to experiences, learning to trust my own intuition, thoughts, and feelings after a lifetime of doubting them.

Another note, I think trauma has obscured by ability to connect with my overall “system”. Intuitively I do know there’s a working process underneath all this that has my best interests at heart. But everything went sideways


Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 3/6, The Living Contrast


I just did 3 free HD tests on some free websites.
They all created the same result.
The result is at least 80% wrong and does not represent my personal attributes and life topics at all.

That’s why I don’t believe in this stuff. I think it is based on wrong psychological models and that’s it and is probably just there to scam people out of money. In fact, I believe that HD is complete BS and this is just my personal opinion.

I know some people who are giving away their internal power to these HD “predictions” and heavily limit themselves and remain in victim mode.

Also want to add without going too deep into spirtual topics, but energies in one’s astrological natal charts can be changed completely, so that fact alone makes the claims of HD completely redundant.


Mind elaborating? That’s not really a HD thing imo. People do that with astrology too or even MBTI

or just ‘narratives’ in general

Ironic it may be, but even this narrative:

A person could take this narrative and give their internal power to it, thereby limiting themself and remaining in victim mode.

Sounds impossible.

But the ‘giving away of power’ is actually not an attribute of the particular narrative. It’s an attribute of the mind that applies the narrative.

An enslaved mind can use just about any narrative to maintain that state of enslavement.

To recognize an enslaved mind, look past whatever the particular narrative happens to be. Look instead to the desperation-fueled, white-knuckled grip with which the mind holds to the narrative. And the ferocity with which it wards off any possible alternate views.

Fortunately, everything wears out after a while. And eventually, people will tend to move on.


Yes, people do give away their internal power and decision making to all types of predictive systems.

Two things about this:

  1. It is important to know which systems actually have an influence onto you (astrology) and which systems are fake (like HD in my opinion).

  2. It is important to know which systems have how much influence onto you. None of them have a 100% influence onto your life circumstances, therefore giving away power to any these is never the right choice. You always have some level of free will and you always can proactively influence your personal outcomes in life. Especially with high end tech like ZP.


It’s based on Astrology and I Ching, not a psychometric test.

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Sorry I meant like how specifically does it interfere with their lives? Waiting for jobs? Keeping people in their lives? Obsessively researching HD? I’m just curious to know how it shows up in their lives.

For example if a system says “You are XYZ and thus have difficulties with ZYX.” and then people take this for granted and believe this, they are effectively installing a severe limiting belief into their own mind.