Honest Review of Emperor v4


Hello everyone,

This journal will be a bit advanced, since I have started using Emperor v4 from the very first hour it has dropped. So, now, I have been running it for 63 days.

Plus, I have about 14 months of running subs non stop.

Even “sweeter,” I kept to my own tradition of focusing on one sub at a time. So, for the past 63 days, I have been purely using Emperor v4, with no additional modules or superchargers.

So far, here are some of the positives:

  • I have started my own coaching and therapy business online. And found deep levels of motivation to turn it into a profitable business with satisfied clients.
  • I feel totally at peace with the world (at least 50% of the time), where things don’t phase me, I flow with the good and the bad.
  • I have a totally positive attitude about money and belief in myself. Although I was raised in a family where money was considered to be a negative, and even worse, something that is lacking.
  • More positive thoughts than usual. It’s as if Emperor v4 has Sanguine incorporated in it. Not 100%, because when reconciliation hits, I get almost depressed and have to claw myself out of it through sheer power. It’s good theoretically, although of course I prefer to be an enlightened Buddha with 100% pleasurable thoughts 24/7.

And here are some of the negatives:

  • Even now, 2 months later, sometimes Emperor v4 punches me in the gut and causes me to spend hours in reconciliation. I do push through that to do the word needed, so the good thing is it’s forcing me to develop discipline.
  • I have not noticed any ability to “manifest” things as some people were saying should happen when I am fully aligned. Every single good thing I got since using Emperor v4, I had to earn it with hard word and time. Not as much manifestation as I had with Khan ST3.

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Guess Who's Back?

Holy shit, I don’t believe it. the return of the wise one. Let me sit my ass down for a minute…


Same here. Got floored when I found out.


You guys are the best :wink:

Best community on earth, right here!


Why did you decide to switch from Khan?


You’re the Khan master, my friend. I enjoy your posts about it, very much.

As I said many months ago, I love Khan, and I consider it still to be the best Sub ever produced by Subiminal Club.

However, since I hibernate in winter. I wanted a sub to focus fully on money and wealth when I am hibernating.

Emperor V4 is the latest technology from Subliminal Club. And I already had it, because I was one of the very first customers who bought Emperor v1 when it was produced. So I chose to use that one instead of buying EoG.

However, when the spring comes back, and girls are out and about in their tight blouses filling the world with fertility, Khan will be my companion :wink:

P.S. to @SaintSovereign and @Fire, Sex Mastery is already updated to X3 since the full script is included in Emperor v4. Could you please get Sex Mastery X3 2020 released to the public? It’s probably the best “skills” sub you guys have ever produced, and it won’t be too much word to take it from Emperor v4 to a standalone, I hope


@AMASH - bro. Welcome home, man. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that we missed you.

And yes, a big congrats on the progress. Especially your new coaching and therapy business online using Emperor iV.


@raphael and I’ve lost 20 kilos!

OMAD works wonders, plus my own mental discipline work and coaching myself.

I think you for your ideas on OMAD. I was doing intermittent fasting before that. And actually, I feel less hungry when doing One Meal A Day.


@AMASH - glad to be of service, my friend. I lost around 6kgs on OMAD and now am doing Keto (3 meals) on which I lost 3 kgs so far. Will be losing more with Keto, Exercise and Emperor Fitness

Congrats on the weight loss too!


Well, from what some secret spy told me, you have your own professional chef cooking Keto delicacies for you, @raphael.

You lucky rich boy :wink:


@AMASH - haha true. The next level for me is to have one keto meal a day (OKMAD lol). And prepare it by myself.


Great minds think alike, because the next level for me is to learn to cook.

Right now, my cooking is so bad that it’s my secret weapon for losing weight, because the food doesn’t taste good enough to binge on it :smile:


How many calories a day do you eat @AMASH? A week ago I tried to do OMAD as an experiment and even though I ate food high in fat and a high calorie shake, I wasn’t able to reach my goal of 2600 calories.


Hey @afc22, I don’t think OMAD is appropriate if you’re trying to bulk.

Since I have the goal of losing weight, I was in a caloric deficit. It really helped me not feel hungry and control my calories.

To get 2600 calories, I think a longer period where you can eat is a superior choice. So “Intermittent Feasting” would be better.


Yes I definitley agree, I’m currently doing 16/8 which fits the situation a lot better.

btw: Great to see you active on the forum again. You’ve already helped several people’s journey with your insights, so I definitley see you succeed with your new coaching business.


Thank you @afc22, I feel it’s my life calling. Because it’s the right mix of skill + fulfillment.

And that’s what I believe life is about, and actually help a lot of people with. It seems there is a big desire for people to know exactly what their life purpose is, and I certainly struggled with this for years.

It’s really complicated being a human being…


Oh, I remembered, a good “trick” I have discovered in my testing:

When I become habituated to a sub, and I feel it’s almost not doing anything (I know it’s working in the background, I mean the subjective feeling)…

I have found that when this happens, all I need to do is increase the volume by 1% or 2%, and suddenly, I feel the sub working on my brain again stretching my limits.

I hope this helps some of you.


I mostly use the ultrasonic version of ev4 on the lowest volume possible. Seriously, it is the absolute minimum. When I increase the volume by 1 unit, I start to feel pressure in my ears. Very strange.
I also made this experience with manifesting. I guess it is because it is trying to manifest while clearing out stuff at the same time.


Yes, I always and only use Ultrasonic versions of subliminal club’s products.

I know what you mean with the ear pressure. But to me, it goes away after a couple of days.

Often, such things are messages from the subconscious: If your subconscious had a message for you, or a worry / fear it is communicating, what could this be?


That’s an interesting view. Haven’t thought about that yet