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Not really. Emperor and whatever 1 stage program has all 4 stages smashed into 1 file.

With a multi-stage, we give each process time to do its work, deeply focused on it. So we do the healing, we do the programming, we do the total action and manifestation, and then SC pushes all the limits in the final stage.

With Emperor or any 1 stage, all 4 are happening at the same time in parallel: healing of deep issue, reprogramming, action, manifestation, etc.

So of course you will get reconciliation :smiley:

The metaphor I like to use for reconciliation is: it’s a little death and mourning of things in you that were not serving you. So of course you will mourn them although they weren’t helping, they are parts of you after all. But you emerge from the ashes a Phoenix, in its full glory.

It’s a continuous process. Just like a Phoenix burning bright, turning into ashes (reconciliation), then emerging each time bigger and brighter.


@AMASH Got it, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation


Well that explains my laziness even better. It seems like I am low of… mental energy because the other processes take up that much. And it also explains why I dont see results in the other areas yet: Because there is more to crumble down there before.
Thanks for explaining


Insights & Observations - Day #20

Yesterday I ran Emperor all night while sleep and played 4 or 5 loops during the day.

Here were my ratings:

Confidence: 8 - very little doubt or second guessing

Charisma: 9 - Conversation was on point, always had the right thing to say

Status: 9 - Respect level was high

Power 9 - Gym workout was strong and intense


  • During the first half of the day I felt good and optimistic. The 2nd half of the day went down hill… I had a rush of anger that wouldn’t go away, it lasted for hours. I couldn’t find a reason for it. The only way to way to deal with it was to use it to my advantage to get more work done. Even before I went to bed it was still there.


  • In every interaction there is a “feeling out” phase where we decide who will take the higher status during an interaction. I notice that I no longer feel out which one I will be. Without thinking I just assume I will be higher status. Because I’m bothered less when my status is tested I find myself passing because I’m not attached to having the higher status…I’m being it.

  • I’m not where I want to be right now…I recognized a need to start quantifying the results in all areas of my life…, Meditation, Fitness, Personal Development, Relationships, Networking, Diet. I need to be increasing each area in order to elevate my circumstances. I need to start tracking my results (or lack there of) to each area.

  • I can see in the past where I haven’t put enough energy into developing relationships with high status people. If I’m honest I can point my own insecurities of not feeling good enough to develop these relationships. I’ve noticed that I’ve put my focus on developing relationships with people who I felt were of equal or lower status. Moving forward I’m now mindful about leveling up my network.

  • Regarding my relationship… since taking time away I can now clearly see where I stopped leading. Because of my financial insecurities I found it easier (and less risky) to allow her to manage the relationship. As a result the standards for growth and communication have dropped significantly. She hasn’t said this but her previous behavior shows that she hates the fact that I’m not stepping up, leading and upholding the standards that I originally came into the relationship with.

  • My intuition and focus are becoming stronger.

More To Come.


Insights & Observations - Day #21

Listened to Emperor (masked) last night while sleep and today I listened to 4 or 5 loops.

Been going into very deep sleeps over the last couple of days, it was rough getting out bed this morning but I felt pretty well rested after I was up.

Confidence: 9

Charisma; 8

Status: 9

Power: 9


  • I had an interview today for a potential sales job. I met with the National Sales Director and he commented that I have an “Executive Presence”. Interview went well, I was in my power and felt sharp.


  • Emperor seems to be a magnet for mentors and wealth building information, they continue to show up everywhere.

  • My inner voice reminded me today that all of the answers I’m looking for are inside of me. Mentors can help but if were to just take action and course correct along the way the answers will show up.

  • These last 2 years has been the toughest I’ve experienced yet. However, today I realized that during this time I’ve learned how to rely on myself and learned the skill/process of entrepreneurship. Now it’s just a matter of taking this know-how and applying it to the right vehicle. I may be lot closer to where I want to be than I think.

Stay Tuned


Limitless is in emperor which has a module to manifest mentors


@rising ahh got it, makes sense then. It’s crazy how these subs work if you think about it…listen to water for a little bit and shit starts showing up :flushed:


It’s crazy how these subs work if you think about it…listen to water for a little bit and shit starts showing up :flushed:

@Hollywood That description should be in the sales page :joy:

I can picture the FAQ
•How do these subs work?
•You listen to water for a little bit and shit starts showing up.

Good Journal btw, all the best in your journey!!


@Hollywood, I noticed you were reading my Khan Journal :wink:

I believe Khan is the best thing SC has ever made.

It’s even very powerful than Emperor, but it’s also harder to run than Emperor in my opinion.

In all cases, when you’re ready from Emperor, the next “advanced” step would be Khan :smile:


Haha that water description was very funny indeed. Personally, i am not sure how khan is working on me. I can see the effects of muay thai x, sex mastery x2, limitless, legacy but i personally cant vouch for khan yet. That been said i am only on st3


More powerful than emperor in what way @AMASH


In 2 ways: 1) It has more “stuff” stick in, so it’s a larger script than Emperor, including social skills, manifesting opportunities, and how Khan will adapt to whatever goal you have. You can use Khan for money, or for women, or for art, or entrepreneurship, or to climb the corporate ladder etc. It just adapts to suit your goals., and
2) if you jump straight to Khan ST4, it feels like you got punched in the gut :smile: Emperor feels tame compared to Khan ST4. That is why you need to prepare with ST1, then ST2, then ST3 to be able to handle ST4.


@AMASH Haha…thanks for the feedback. Right now Emperor has my hands full but Kahn is definitely on my radar for some point in the future.

Right now I think the sexual aspect of the program would take me off track for what I’m creating.


Observations & Insights - Day #22

Ran Emperor masked all night while sleep and listened to 6 or 7 loops during the day.

Rough getting out of bed this morning, All day I was in this calm Zen state, not really tired but all I felt like doing was closing my eyes and mediating. I didn’t really engage with the world much, just stayed on my laptop and worked most of the day.

Status: 6 - I didn’t feel like I had any power today and I felt like everybody could tell.

Confidence: 8: I didn’t feel very powerful but I still felt comfortable in my skin.

Focus : 1 - It was difficult for me to concentrate on a single thing for any period of time.

Strength/Power: - Didn’t work out, today was an off day

Charisma: 4 I didn’t talk more than necessary and didn’t feel like being bothered


  • Girl (average looking - 7) at the grocery store was giving me strong eye contact but I felt so introverted I didn’t even bother to approach.


  • My lady’s behavior continues to be submissive. I’ve noticed over the last week and some change that she behaves best when I’m focused on business and she has to fight for my attention. It’s almost like a fear of loss, like I’ll become great again over night and leave her or something. Women behave better when they feel like “the bus is moving”.

  • I can see how I’ve allowed my thinking to become smaller over the last year or so. Playing the game of survival and just making ends meet is a small game. When i play small games my belief is small. I can now feel my belief grow stronger day by day. More possibilities are findings my awareness.

More To Come


Observations & Insights - Day #23

Yesterday I ran Emperor while sleeping all night and listened to 6 loops or more during the day…

It was rough waking up again. I’m finally starting to have the dreams that everyone talks about having.

Most of them I still don’t remember but yesterday I had 2 that were so real I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not.

Spent most of the day in a calm meditative state. It was hard to concentrate.

Status: 7
felt like my status has dropped over the last 2 days (Or maybe VIP is my new normal so I don’t notice it anymore, not sure)

Confidence: 8
still feel very comfortable and assured with myself.

Strength/Power: 9
a.m. workout was intense even though I didn’t feel like doing shit outside of the gym.

Focus: : 1
It was tough to concentrate for long periods of time and be productive.

Charisma: 4
My vibe was off, I was in my head a lot but I was at peace with it.


  • When I first sat down to get some work done at Starbucks I was thinking about one of my homies that lives close to that particular location. 20 minutes later he pulled up to meet someone. I almost never randomly run into this guy unless we plan to meet up.

  • I called one of my guys who I respect a lot when it comes to understanding life. I wanted to bounce some of the insights I’ve been having off of him since beginning to run the Emperor sub. As soon as he answered the phone he said that just a few days ago he had put me on his list of people to call this week… We talk maybe once or twice a quarter. Another coincidence or nah?


  • When you’re trying to level up and create something new in your life things will fall apart and everything will go to shit. In the chaos is where you’ll find the clues to go to the next level.

If you get too wrapped up in the chaos you’ll miss the clues and try to run back to your old life. When darkness shows up don’t try to run away, start hunting, that’s where all the keys you’re looking for are.

  • Get comfortable working with the Reality Distortion Field. In Steve Jobs biography the author talked about Jobs using something he called Reality Distortion Field. This is when someone ignores circumstances and uses mental force to create a new reality.

  • Changes are taking place

More To Come


Ah the so called “coincidences” start to happen :wink:
Do you maybe remember the tone of your dreams? For example, where you scared, angry or something?


@ExploringAstronaut - I didn’t know coincidences were a common thing with Emperor. Seems that I’m the last to figure some of this stuff out…lol

And about the dreams to be honest I don’t remember the specifics of either of them. I just remember consciously asking myself if I was dreaming or not.


I like the detail of your journalism


These coincidences are a physical reflection of your internal change of state, so to speak.
I cant tell now that this is directly correlated to Emperor, but it is something I would keep my eye on.

Well the dream-part is pretty interesting. What I noticed is that since I started running Emperor, my dreams seemed to process something. I had very graphic dreams since them, I wrote about some of them in my journal and I think something similar is happening to you.


Could you please share more about how you came to this insight @Hollywood? It’s interesting.