Hollywood's Emperor Journal


I’m on Day #5 of Emperor.

My intention for the program is over the next 6 months to improve upon my entrepreneurial goals and to improve my relationship with my significant other.

I thought it would help to post my progress and insights here in the community to take advantage of the power of public accountability.

I’ve been running the program (masked version) every night while sleeping in addition to 4 - 6 loops during the day (2 - 3 during morning workout and reading time & 2 - 3 late afternoon/early evening).

Over the last 4 days since I’ve been running the program I’ve noticed the following…

  • a profound sense of inner calm and well being
  • an improved since of confidence and certainty (less second guessing and being overly analytical)
  • the energy of my meditation sessions is more tangible (“alive”)
  • regardless of whether I have 4 hours of sleep or 7 hours of sleep I wake up charged, ready to make something happen

In addition I will also make note that I’ve noticed on 2 or 3 occasions over the last 2 days of men deferring themselves in my presence and women having a higher than normal level of interest in my personal life. However it’s still very early so I will chalk these incidences up to Placebo effect and my RAS aggressively seeking out these kind of experiences.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey…


Observations from Day #5

  • Sporadic feelings of euphoria and well being for no reason through out the day

  • Significant other seemed to be more cooperative than usual.

  • Lady at the drive through offered me a free drink because my food wasn’t ready

  • While grabbing a cigar at the local cigar bar I felt totally at peace and confident pulling up a seat by myself and enjoying the scene without the need to engage or join the crowd.

  • 2 women were overly talkative and engaging when I was checking out at the cash register at the store earlier

  • Getting more clarity around business ideas and I feel a greater sense of abundance is available to me.

On a less positive note I had an experience that rattled me a bit and caused me to pull back a bit on my exposure to the program today…

I won’t go into depth about what happened now but perhaps I’ll address it later…

What I will say is that its important to realize working with the subconscious is serious business and should be taken seriously…

When you’re challenging your belief systems and rebuilding the fabric of your reality things can get weird and possibly even a little scary at times…this isn’t a game or just something to do for fun. Listen to your infuitiom and pull back when you feel it’s necessary.

Theres no need to rush anything by taking on more than you can handle, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Stay tuned.


Sounds like your already getting impressive results and so soon !


Hey @Hollywood, great progress so far!

  1. How long have you been using subliminals?

  2. How was your situation before you’ve started using Emperor?

  3. Did you have a serious meditation or self-development practice before you’ve started using Emperor?

  4. Why did you choose Emperor among all other subliminals?

  5. You write very well, are you a writer?

Again, welcome here. And answering these questions will give us a clearer sense of who you are and context for your progress, so all comments will be more relevant to you.


Thanks bro @AMASH

  1. Yes, I’ve done various subconscious training programs for different reasons over the last 10+ years.

  2. My situation…I’m going through the most difficult time I’ve ever experienced both financially and just life in general. Which is what lead me here…I’ve always found pain & uncertainty to be the biggest indicator that the next big breakthrough is on its way.

  3. Yes, personal transformation is my life. I read and meditate for 20 - 30 minutes each on most days. Also I’ve invested many 10’s of thousands of dollars into my personal growth & development including Joe Dispenza’s work, Landmark Education, multiple audits with Scientology, many coaches/teachers/courses, as well as multiple journeys with Ayahuasca, just to name a few.

  4. I chose Emperor because I wanted to get ONE program that I could dedicate myself to for the next 6 months. Emperor seemed to be the most comprehensive program based on my goals.

  5. I wouldn’t call myself a writer per se but I’ve invested a good deal into learning effective communication and copywriting.

Thanks for asking



Another Dispenza-disciple! High five!
About the Scientology-part, I just wanted to notice that I find it pretty interesting. I have read about Hubbard for the past few days and in that time I heard about Scientology everywhere. Even here.
I know it is out of topic, but could you maybe please briefly explain what the main-message of Dianetics is? Im really curious.



Dianetics is considered the foundation of Scientology but Scientology is much bigger than Dianetics.

The basis of Dianetics is that we’re Spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of being human is experiencing pain and trauma.

These traumatic experiences (most of them from when we’re younger and when the subconscious mind is more exposed) leave us with scars that are “covered up” by the mind to stop the pain. Scientology refers to these scars as Engrams.

The more of these engrams someone has the less capable they are of operating at their maximum potential.

As they are removed a person becomes more aligned with his/her spiritual self.

A big part of Scientology is going thru the process of identifying these engrams and then eliminating them.

When someone has removed all of their engrams they are considered to be “Clear”.

Scientologist that reach “clear” have access to more of their intuitive, mental and spiritual faculties. They also have less health issues and age much slower in my personal observation.

I’ll add that I am not a Scientologist, I’m just someone who’s curious about human potential that came across Scientology and studied it for a little while.

From what I’ve seen and observed they have some great pragmatic principles on approaching life and success.


Observations from Day #6

Today I took advantage of a rare off day, didn’t do much. I ran out to grab something to eat with my lady and that was about it. After that I got some much needed rest.

I played 5 loops today not including sleeping with masked playing during my afternoon nap.

  • Noticed that my sleep was a lot deeper than usual. Not sure if there is a connection to the program or if I was just worn out.

  • My lady was noticeably more submissive and relaxed in her feminine energy than usual.

  • I felt a strong sense of optimism and calm.

More to come…

Honest Review of Khan

Observations from Day #7

Listened all night and played 5 loops during the day.

  • Feeling of optimism continued to be very profound today. Also had a deep sense of gratitude for the present moment.

  • The submissive behavior from my girl continued today.

  • I found myself wanting to engage with every half decent looking female walking within 10 feet of me.

To be continued…


Observations & Insights From Day #8

Played Emperor all night while sleep and played 4 loops during the day…

  • Slept very deep last night, it was tough getting out of the bed this morning. Unlike the previous mornings where I woke up energized.

  • Once I was out of bed I felt amazing. Started my morning getting some work done at Starbucks. I felt like a million dollars, powerful and calm.

  • While at Starbucks I passed and made eye contact with a girl while taking my drink back to my table. When I sat down and glanced back over at her she was still staring at me.

  • On 3 separate occasions today women held eye contact longer than usual (choosing signal). I didn’t act on it but it was interesting.

  • My girl continues to be over the top submissive and cooperative. No arguments since Day #4 of running Emperor.

  • People seemed to be accommodating me more than usual…holding the door open longer than usual, men acknowledging me with a nod while passing by, extra helpful customer service.

It’s still very early for me but so far this has been very interesting.

What I’m taking from this is validation of the idea that our reality is created internally not externally.

Sure I already knew this but to see it play out so dramatically and so fast has been eye opening…

Each of us is a separate channel into the collective consciousness. The subconscious is the gateway to the collective consciousness…

When we make direct & intentional contact with the subconscious… people, matter and experiences respond accordingly to our thoughts and feelings.

In quantum physics waves collapse into particles (physical matter) differently depending on the frequency of the observer.

Again, this isn’t a new idea for any of us but seeing it play out in front of me is wild.

Stay tuned…


That sounds so much like Neville Goddard’s teachings…


Experiencing the same awesome feeling. The epiphany, that you truly are the master of reality, one with source, not having to fear anything or anyone… is just mindblowing.

Edit: Just after I wrote these lines, as if the universe wanted to confirm my statement, I got a gift in form of 1000 bucks.

Transcending Mediocrity 2 - Emperor Logbook

Insights & Observations From Day #9

Only slept with the masked version playing for an hour or 2 last night, my earbuds fell out in the middle of the night…

As a result I woke up feeling flat. I still felt flat even after I got moving. To compensate I listened to Emperor pretty much non stop all day today.

I started getting back into my rhythm early in the afternoon after listening to the 4th or 5th loop.


  • My girl continues to be overly submissive & feminine

  • I was in the gas station today and I asked the cashier if he had any pistachios. He pointed to a local brand that I didn’t want…

A guy who was also in the gas station overheard me and brings me up 2 bags of the brand that I like and shows me where he found them…

As I walk around to the isle where he found them the cashier walks from behind the counter to where I am to show me yet another brand that he just found in the store.

Strangers going out of their way to be this helpful is not part of my normal reality.


I’ve been having random insights about business & wealth out of the blue…

Today’s insight was that extraordinary wealth is created under these conditions…

  • Volume - large quantity of smaller transactions

  • Magnitude - fewer transactions in large amounts

  • Combination of volume and magnitude.

Something else that came to me was the idea that wealth is created through the ownership (ownership not necessary but ideal) and control of distribution channels of a product or service (control is necessary)…

Amazon, Apple, Uber…these are all just distribution channels that profit from a large volume of transactions.

A distribution channel can be a YouTube channel, an online store or a service based business where you can leverage the skills and time of others.

I’m staying mindful of these ideas as I’m plotting out my empire.

In summary…

Status continues to elevate and ideas concerning empire building are starting to bubble.

Stay Tuned…


Insights & Observations From Day 10-

Again…my earplugs fell out while I was sleeping last night. Woke up feeling ok but not on fire. Listened to 5 - 6 loops today.

This was probably my first what I would consider less than perfect day since running the program.
I definitely was off my game…

I still felt pretty confident and calm but at the same time I felt agitated and impatient. Everything seemed to get under my skin.


  • I’ve had sex with my girl every morning and/or night so far this week. We haven’t had this much sex since we first started dating. On top of that she’s initiated most of it. This morning she sent me a text letting me know how much she enjoyed The D.

  • I’m still observing men in my presence going out of their way to be helpful and/or cordial.

  • I had 2 different women co-workers who I haven’t talked to in over 2 years reach out to say hello.

  • I felt energetic and strong during my workout today, I didn’t need as much rest between sets and was able to push a lot harder than usual, especially during my cardio session.


The annoyed/agitated feeling was really heavy today, I noticed that the more loops I listened to the stronger the feeling got.

I probably would’ve listened to 2 or 3 more but I felt like the agitation was making me too aggressive so I backed off.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow


Did you notice extra respect from other men and extra desire from your woman even when you felt agitated? I am wondering about this.

And agitation is normal, it means something deep is about to get broken through. I prefer to listen more when the agitation starts, then it lasts a few days and suddenly, a zen moment happens where something just makes sense and the world looks beautiful.

Some other people prefer to take a day off and return. I don’t do that, so I don’t know what their experience is. Well, I do that but rarely, when I have some important meeting or deadline or something and don’t want to be too agitated.

Let us know how it goes.


I agree with @AMASH, that strategy works wonders with me too, when agitation arises, I listen more, and after a while the breakthrough happens and I come out the other side stronger, calmer and happier.


Also sleep and hydration are very important when you are listening subs


Insights & Observations From Day #11-

Listened to Emperor masked all last night and pretty much non stop all of today.

I should’ve known that the high I’ve been on for the last week or so was eventually going to show up with a bill.

First I was irritable and impatient all day Yesterday…

And then today it seemed like every doubt and insecurity I’ve ever had decided to show up and hang out in my head all day long.

I stayed to myself and did admin work most of the day at Starbucks. I wasn’t depressed but I didn’t have a desire to engage with anyone.


  • Customer service continues to be VIP

  • I slept like a champ last night and slept in this morning. Woke up feeling like I’d really gotten some good rest.


  • I think I’m reaching a point where my subconscious is starting to put up some resistance to all of this new input…

It’s like digging the foundation of a new building…

Digging up the first layer of soil is no problem but at some point the crew reaches a point where the earth is more dense and solid, that’s when the real work starts to begin…

I think I’m hitting this point now, today I didn’t feel grounded in my identity, it was like I was half way in between the old me and this new alpha version of me.

I’m noticing that my awareness is seeming to pick up on solutions to areas of my life that I’m trying to Improve on. I’m seeing answers to questions pop up out of the blue.

Some things I’ve taken away…

  • I need to do a better job of planning out my weeks if I’m going to level up. I’m playing survival and it’s not gonna get me where I want to go.

  • I need to get back to writing out my goals everyday.

  • I need to improve on building my social network to build an empire. Being so focused on business and career I’ve lost focus on having a social life.

I originally said I would only do Emperor for the next 6 months but today I considered maybe adding in Daredevil to help out with this department in another month or 2. If you have any suggestions on this let me know.

More to come…



I can’t really say that I noticed anything different relating to that in particular.

That’s great advice and makes a lot of sense, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind going forward.


I’m making note of that. Thanks @Joa93