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@rising Haha…nah I just use it as an office on most days


@AMASH - That’s heavy, I know exactly what you mean. The answer is probably somewhere in our upbringing. I know growing up in a single parent household I saw my Mom work non-stop. I’m sure there’s a conversation buried somewhere deep in my subconscious that has programmed me to believe that in order to survive I need to work hard.


I have this too. Hopefully EoG will help clear this.

Grew up with parents working nonstop to pay the bills and doing anything to save pennies anywhere possible.

This concept almost has a cult following now. 10x your work ethic to rise to the top. Hustle. Grind. Instagram pics of burning the midnight oil. Seems to be the cool thing nowadays


@amash What I was saying is instead of using all of my energy and manpower I need to shift my mindset to setting an intention and allow the universe to decide how and when it will show up. That’s not to say I just sit back and do nothing but I don’t have to do it all. I can learn to ask for help and use more external leverage in the process.


Insights & Observations Day #16

I listened to Emperor last night but missed an hour or 2 due to the sub stopping during the night. During the day I probably ran 4 or maybe 5 loops, it was definitely one of my lighter days since beginning the program.


  • Today was relatively uneventful in terms of validating status, the only thing I noticed today is that every man I connected eyes with in passing gave me a head nod or some form of acknowledgement.

  • The feeling of being in a bubble continued. I had a lot of enjoyment with my work and felt like I was absent from time at certain periods. It felt like whatever constraints time places on us didn’t exist for me at times.

  • I had a deep sense of optimism and a belief that I could do anything that I put my mind to…like really, anything.


  • The idea came to me that I can increase my influence with women by being more charming. For some reason I got lost in the idea that I can influence how a woman experiences herself while she’s with me, without putting her on a pedestal or being a pussy. Just having a sense of appreciation for who she is as a woman. Yeah it’s common sense but it hit me in a profound way today.

  • I can tell that my RAS is actively seeking out answers to the questions that must be embedded in the sub because I’ve been having subtle paradigm shifts all day long. Every youtube video or podcast I listen to seems to be answering a question that I’ve been asking myself. Either that or I’ll hear an old idea in a new way.

Seems like a big breakthrough might be on the way.

Stay tuned


You seem to be on a real adventure of accelerated growth, my friend.

I look forward to the moment the breakthrough pops up, and your whole perspective changes :smiley:


I found this very relevant to our discussion about needing to struggle etc. Ignore the title, check out the video:


@AMASH Great video, thanks bro. Yeah, this one hit home on a few different levels. I’m gonna play it a few more times to internalize it.

By the way sounds like he probably listens to subs too…lol.


I really enjoy following your journal man.

I am starting to think: “Why shouldn’t this be easy?”


Great video!! The not broken but growing part was exactly what I keeded right now. Gonna share it in my Journal for later revision.


Insights & Observations - Day #17

Ran Emperor (masked) all last night but again, lost a few hours, this time due to earbuds falling out. My sleep is getting deeper and I’m getting more comfortable sleeping with earbuds, my guess is I’m turning more in my sleep.

Played 4 or 5 loops during the day. On a scale of 1 - 10 I felt like an 8 today. Very calm and optimistic.


  • I had an unexpected charge hit my bank account today. It threw me off because I was planning on using those funds to pay my car note and get caught up on some other things. Normally something like this would have threw my entire weekend off but I was over it in literally a few minutes. My response…No problem, it won’t kill me, I’ll figure it out. Looks like I’ll driving Uber and making Amazon deliveries all weekend to make up for the loss.

  • I noticed that my status level was high today with the people I interacted with.


  • Things that used to bother me continue to bother me less

  • My experience is that Emperor is causing my inner voice to provide the answers I’m looking for and pointing me in the right direction…but it’s up to me to move in the direction I’m being shown.

  • One theme that continues to show up for me over the last week or so is the importance of my time. Today I was shown that I’ve been investing my time into things and people that have been low return investments. My relationship is again showing up as a problem area that needs to be addressed.

Questions that my inner voice continuously asked me today…

  1. “Who and what are you paying attention to?”

  2. “Do the people you pay attention to have interests and values in common with you?” (this one threw up a red flag for my relationship)

  • An insight that came to me from question #2…everyone in our life is a clearing for how we experience our own life. Meaning if you want to be wealthy and the people around you are just satisfied with having their basic needs met your goal will be an uphill battle. Those people are incapable of creating the space that would allow you to show up as someone who becomes wealthy (a big reminder on why masterminds are so important). Yes,this is elementary stuff, sure I already know this… “surround yourself with winners if you want to be a winner”. But today I really got why this is so important and its something that I can’t continue to ignore as just being cliche.

  • On a business note my inner voice is directing me to do something with high ticket sales. I mentioned earlier this week (or maybe last week) for me to create the income that I want I either need to have lots of transactions in high volume or fewer transactions in larger dollar amounts.

So I’ve been giving my energy and attention to looking for an industry that I can appy my talents to in the high ticket space.

No more grinding it out, struggling to make ends meet. It’s time to apply my energy and talents to something that will pay 10X more for the same effort, time to work smarter and let go of the struggle.

Stay Tuned


How your relationship is negative in your life?


I noticed that the earbuds fall out for you during sleep quite frequently.

There are earbuds made specifically to be used during sleep that solve this problem. If that’s of interest to you, it could be a good option. You can find many choices if you google it.

I guess it’s time to upgrade to a hotter sweeter girlfriend :smiley:

Very inspiring realization.


Very similar to my experience. I have been wasting time alot lately and its like there is an inner voice telling me “boy, get the f*ck up and get to work”


@rising communication, core values, alignment of goals, etc


Insights & Observations - Day #18

Ran Emperor (masked) while sleeping last night. Played 7 loops (maybe more) today.

I was out driving Uber until 3:00 am or so to make up for yesterday’s financial misfortune. Then I woke up at about 9:00 am to hit the road again.

I felt depressed today, not sure if it was because of the lack of sleep or because of Emperor.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened today.

  • Status level remained high with everyone I interacted with even though I was dragging emotionally.


  • Again the inner voice has been pushing me to take a hardline approach to my finances. I put together a budget for the remainder of this month, which is something I never do. Flying out the seat of my pants was a habit that I picked up when I was working in corporate america and always had plenty of money. Forcing myself to take a more disciplined approach will definitely be out of my comfort zone but help will out a lot when the money starts rolling in again and things get back to normal.

  • I’ve put spending time with my lady on the back burner while I’m processing some of these thoughts I’ve having on whether or not we have a future together. While I’ve been spending more time alone I can see how much I’ve used her to distract me from things that I need to be taking care of business wise.

  • Even though I wasn’t in the best mood today I still felt very optimistic about what the future has in store. As crazy as things have been I feel like something positive is on the way.

Stay Tuned


Insights & Observations- Day #19

I’ve been working non-stop all weekend, didn’t post yesterday…

Yesterday was probably the worst day that I’ve had since listening Emperor. It wasn’t a “bad” day but I felt a mix between feeling slightly depressed and irritable and tired.

Not sure if this was from Emperor or from me working all weekend, getting in at 4:00 am and getting 4 hours of sleep back to back.

I didn’t listen to Emperor as much yesterday as I was exhausted and felt like it was dragging me down even more. I needed all of my energy to keep going so I only played maybe 4 loops all day.


  • I felt like my status level was the lowest since starting the program. Didn’t feel unstoppable like I’ve been feeling over the 2 weeks.


  • While the lack of rest and less exposure to Emperor definitely impacted my confidence level I still felt like I was continuing to get clarity about myself.

  • Again I noticed that when my will power & confidence are weakened i start to look for an external “high” to escape the discomfort…

When this happens I almost always turn to women as a source of “happiness” (I talked about this before in an earlier journal entry)…

For example I found myself jumping on Tinder and wanting to holla at every chick walking within a few feet of me yesterday…

(Usually my lady would fill this addiction but I’ve distanced her this week as I’ve been processing these new insights on our relationship)

This is an insight about myself that I’ve already discussed but it was interesting to watch it play out again…

Habits have a clever way of hiding themselves and then justifying their existence even after you’ve found them.

What I took from this is if I can will myself to stay on purpose when shit gets uncomfortable then sky’s the limit…

The average man runs to his addictions after his basic needs are met. The Emperor stays on task and continues to build.

Stay Tuned


Great insights. And also this is reconciliation.

So stay strong. It gets bad just before a good breakthrough happens.

Just don’t stop listening, and let the momentum build inside for the breakthrough to pop :slight_smile:


@AMASH Thanks bro, I just replied to you on another journal that I didn’t realize that there was any reconciliation with Emperor.

I thought this only came up with the multi stage programs.

It doesn’t matter one way or another but good to know, looking forward to the breakthrough.


Thats very true.