Hi, im new to subs, with shiny new object syndrome and lots of goals

I’mma be honest, I have been tryna figure out what I want for my first sub stack, what my issues are, not too flattering stories, since before love bomb was officially released. So i’ll try to get this done in cliff notes. I’ll type a list of goals, as well as questions, snippets from my life and concerns as well as material im looking into. I’m also very confused with the payment system. If I buy 3 or 4 subs which will be the starting stack, would that activate quad pay? And how does the 30% discount work when I buy them like this?

How would it work to run medici, khan, and stark together( if they have any synergy)? And what about multistagers like EoG, or running supreme stacks?
What is the purpose of As above So below? Is it the ubermensch version of an ultimas?
Which is better? Aegis, Spartan, Legacy, EF?
Could Rm or UA or even Am improve penmanship?
Does Limitless Executive ultima replace Blu, executive and limitless?

How many healing subs can I run alongside my first stack? Which by first I mean i’m trying to build a foundation in multiple direction to help with small goals, and get ready for bigger and tougher subs in 2-3 months. Would Rm help aquire mastery in…well everything? And how would Rm react with Ua? I’m debating on the main stack. Am, Agesis survival instinct, Ua and Rm maybe Pcc since it’s said its really light and goes really well with Am. Maybe ME and QL.

Could subs such as paragon, love bomb, sanguine help with height, muscles, male enhancement? While i’m planning to have a main stack that’ll go to sleep with. Would it be a good idea then use other subs when engaging with activates? Like fighting games while listening to gaming x, working out while listening to spartan/legacy/boxing x, meta learning courses or financial literacy while listening to blu or LE.

How is a playlist created? And can I listen to subs and music at the same time? Or a video? For example Juice wrld, BTR, pop smoke, wayne newton for music ( or atleast till I figure out what happened to my sound cloud) and videos like Darth maul hatred, dudufilms sith juggernauts, or Marlon Brando Horror speech? I live with my sister and parents so I can’t play any subs on my laptop, well at least out loud. What is the steve rogers effect? Is there a way I can be apprenticed to subclub?

Can subs heal my mind from images seered into my brain? Does the subs need to be played on a certain phone? I just got a motor g stylus. How will subs react to smut? Smut is one of the industries I know i would dominate, but how will Am and LEU and minds eye react? There’s some written in the sub’s pov, so i gotta reverse engineer those, not too mention I still fear of mental scars. I have thousands of videos, tabs,pics and bookmarks saved, some are not in it’s proper category, like when it comes to playlist on youtube, some aren’t even organized at all like bookmarked tabs on my laptop and phone, some are yet to be organized like in my pics plenty of movies ideals, video game ideas from past youtube comments, with plenty of past smut pics that almost write plot themselves, like I can legit just look at them and BAM! Plot that would blow out the whole the whole industry and be on some hbo type stuff. Just never got around to sit and go through that stuff, label it with a title and story prompt and get rid of some stuff i see no use for. How do I go about using productivity subs to do this without just deleting everything because i’m in a different state of mind at the time i’m looking at the content?

Will any of the creativity subs or lucid dreams help resurface old story ideas? Could mind’s eye and UA help bring to life music ideas? Like I had this one idea for a superhero movie and album mainly inspired by the incredibles and jessica rabbit. The theme song (in mind atleast) would be a mix between Jazz you would hear in a fancy longue and upbeat type of jazz. Plus plenty of stuff I want to code or animate, like my own games or crypto or my own cartoons/anime.

How modules and subs like empower’s voice, instant spark and love bomb affect how I’m perceived in videos or when I sing or act in a film or voice act? Which subs could cancel out any negative manifestations that I might’ve gotten from porn?

How will subs affect how I view and digest content? I have a lot of videos, shows and games I want to watch or play, both for enjoyment as well as to learn something. There’s also extreme content mixed with a lot of my bookmarks and saved videos that contains some ole self hating mfs, sexism, bigotry against, lgbt ect. Some of this hateful content I save because I want to get into geopolitics soon and I need to know the happenings around the world as well as trespasses against my people. The other hateful stuff that leans to the nsfw side. Not that I went to look for it, I just searched for my own women in smut and their it was. Some of which were my ideal dream girl, so I don’t know how that’ll affect manifestations.

Here’s a loose list of my more immediate goals:

  1. I wanna be able to combine anime, tv shows, smut and videos games together. Make something unique.

  2. I want to be able to plan play dates with my sister and actually be present and energetic and also teach her things like basics of video games, maybe my mom and dad as well.

  3. I want to organize my grand schemes, enjoying the smaller ones.

  4. Make stacks for my parents.

  5. Read/get into mangas like seraph if the end, and pretty much all of Brandon Sanderson’s books

  6. I want to get into the occult/Magick.

  7. Make one of largest harems ever out of celeb crushes, dream guy and girls ect. Especially celeb crushes since one of my ways of making stories is to have them as a character or model a character after a character they play.


Welcome on board, mate.

Yeah, you want to do quite a lot of things at the same time so if you feel you don’t need any special healing go for Stark and stack it with one more title like RM or Limitless to enhance your productivity and creativity + learning.


Thanks for response and welcoming me to forum. I was wondering if it would be better to make a stack of healing subs, with the entry level alpha subs like AM, and entry level learning subs. I’m not sure if I need special healing which is why I didn’t outright go for stark, HOM, wanted, and RM

Go for AM, Regeneration and Elixir then and see how it goes. Later on you could think what to do next like stacking AM with Limitless and RICH.

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Definitely. Noticed this some weeks ago.

They go very well together

UA, PCC and ME are of the lighter titles. You still have lots on your hand and might want to rotate them on a schedule. Expect a longer time for major results though.

They’re for energy work, meditations, magick and whatnot.

All different. Spartan would go well with EF or legacy. If you were to pick 1 titles for fitness, I’d go with Spartan, unless you’re completely new and the multistagers of EF are needed.

If you need both BLU and Exec, Limitless Exec could be of service. If only needed cognitive boost, then BLU is better. Limitless is a major title, it will give profound and wide effects and wouldn’t cause a quick state shift as its not an ultima title like BLU. Stacking them would give you a great cognitive edge. BLU/Exec/LE are ultimas and are considered boosters - used when needed.

Healing subs have a great tendency to override other subliminal – they take priority. I would recommend using either Rebirth Ultima or Elixir Ultima as a booster if needed a slight healing with your normal stack. Unless you wish to take a healing journey, keep in mind that healing can be difficult and unpleasant.

No. For Height, go with WANTED. For Muscles, go with Spartan, EF or WANTED. For Male Enhancement, go with WANTED and/or DIAMOND. WANTED is the current pinnacle of physical shifting for aesthetics. The physical shifting in Paragon is geared towards healing ailment. It could still be possible to gain some height and male enhancement, its just not its motif to do so directly.

Yes, or before.

Gaming mastery X is built on X technology which take effects when engaging in that activity, same with Boxing and Thai, would still work if listening before doing so and while doing so. Shouldn’t be a problem if you want to listen while doing something.

You just put the stack in a music player. One loop each a day and next day off. And yes, you can listen to sub with music or video. Wouldn’t work on Apple though.

That sounds like Dragon Reborn’s work - come back in a year, its a very difficult thing to run. Elixir could also be of help. Use it as a booster so that it wouldn’t override other subs.

No. Ultimas need ear/headphones. Good ones, non of the cheap crap. You can also play them without the phones, but results might diminish.

They don’t force any type of behaviour on you if that’s what you mean.

No idea. LEU/Exec might get you into the mindset of doing things, or could help generate a way to reach your results via its cognitive enhancement. P.S: Mind’s Eye is potent.

With some conscious guidance, yes. Limitless and QL would also be helpful.

Read the Love Bomb thread, its filled with results that might give you insight. They’d change your perceived body language, state, aura, energy and so on as you do your thing. For cancelling: Dragon Reborn. Elixir. Regeneration. Rebirth, come to mind. Diamond for desensitization. Ascension might be your thing imo. All subs have anti porn scripting if that’s what stopping the sub from working optimally.

I think it should. You just throw the coupon in the coupon field and the price will be slashed by 30%.

I agree with Voytek’s suggestion of AM, Regen and Elixir. AM is an excellent foundation builder for the future. With Regen and Elixir as well, and you’re golden.

Oh, and welcome to the club

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Welcome, man!

Frankly I would recommend using only the following 3:

  1. Regeneration (for healing)
  2. Renaissance Man (for learning and creativity)
  3. WANTED (for muscles, male enhancement, height, looks, dating etc)

All your goals are encapsulated in these

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Buy sage immortql to master this and sage will help you with inner calmness and you will be strategic and confident

For creativity Renaissance Man is an absolute choice. Don’t buy QL now if you are new. Build some foundation for now. And most importantly add Limit Destroyer

Finally make a custom! When you will be used to subliminalclub.

Sage Immortal is pretty amazing tho

Extras: wanna become attractive and wanna meet girls or want a huge physical shifting? Wanted is here, a new hope for youngsters,one for all!!!

And what do you mean by that? Strategic in what way?

Clarity I mean , strategic wasn’t the correct word

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Thanks for the response. How long would you recommend to keep regen and elixir before i drop them? I’m thinkin a month. And how would a listening schedule work? Play the main stack while I sleep, though I don’t know how I would make a playlist for overnight. I did get the sleepphones though.

How would rotating subs work? I’m basically new to fitness. Could you stack QL and LE? For healing I might just have Rebirth, though does limit destroyer count as a healing sub? Can’t remember. I’n the ‘A Paragon mini-journal’ you mentioned combining Primarch with other physical shifting subs

Thanks man. Would RM and Wanted work for beginners?

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Thanks for your input

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One month time frame should give you enough data to decide what to do next.

The recommended listening patter (I follow too) is listening to your stack every other day so I would start here.


Glad to help

How old are you @Light-hearted-sith ?

What app should i download for looping and stacking subs( with videos)? If I use AM, Regen, elixir, while i sleep, could i still use love bomb, LE, gaming mastery x? raphael recommend regen, RM, and wanted, and Human recommends RM, Sage immortal, and LD, what do you think so far, how do these potential stacks look and compare to each.

Hi, I’m 22

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Wait can everyone see who i reply to on this post? And what i reply with?

Yes everyone can see. It’s a public forum