Hi, im new to subs, with shiny new object syndrome and lots of goals

good, i was worried that i had to reply to everyone with damn near the same message so they could see my thoughts and know that im actually taking in their opinions and suggestions

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Following this thread will read and respond when I have time :slight_smile:

No idea.

It would be too much for you, mate. You could add LE or LB though.

It depends on who you want to become and what you want to achieve. Both stacks look good although stacking healing subs with regular subs could be problematic since they tend to overpower regular ones. AM could be one of the exceptions in here since there’s a lot of healing in it. Go with AM, Regen and Elixir and within two-three weeks you should know if you have to do any healing.

Ok, I’ll go with the entry stack, AM, Regen, and Elixir. With maybe the addition of LB and LE, when needed. Though would LB be good for the goal of actually being more present and alive playing with my sister? Also do the subs come with instructions, by that I mean recommended apps to download( besides soundcloud, which i need to fix, and youtube, i literally dont have any mp3 apps on my phone). Lastly how would I go about making a journal, by that I don’t mean making a new topic on the forum, I mean how do i go about making journal so I can notice the smallest changes? Thanks for the response family.

It’s going to give you more than that, I’m sure. LB supports healing to some point too, I experienced that myself when healing.

I’ve tested lots of apps on my phone, Musicolet is simply the best.

You don’t need to journal to notice the changes, you can use your journal entries as reference points to get a feel how much you and your reality have changed.

Is musicolet available for android? Also I wanted to how subs would react to me fantasizing over a character that i’m creating for a story/movie, or celeb crushes( whom i use sometimes for stand ins for romantic plots) or to smut( since I wanted to create my own stuff, that would straight takeover shizz) i dont want to get a glance at something, maybe its too extreme, or in the sub’s pov, or something against my people, and then manifest similar situations or develop some of that behavior.

Thanks so much for the help mate, if i haven’t already said

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You need to do some experimentation to know how subs affect you and how you react to your new inner reality clashing with the old one. No other way.

Ok. I just downloaded it. It said something about an equalizer, is that like the frequency reading app? When it comes to the masked version, does it have rain playing in the background?
I know I decided on the entry stack but would adding minds eye be too much? I heard it’s supercharges the whole stack, not too mention the obvious.

Yes, the masked version of a subliminal has rain rounds.

ok good. I dont have to worry about masked subs hurting my ears like ultrasonics?

Lots of things enhance fhe stack, but nothing works better than getting one program and sticking to it for multiple months. No need for minds eye just as a booster. If you want a booster, listen to an ultima once in a while. A specific booster that would boost the results would be godlike masculinity.

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Thank you everyone for all the help thus far. Last question, cuz Im hoping to get started when I wake up in a few hours, how does subs affect method acting and what I call method creative writing ( not sure if there’s a term for it already but I’ll use method creative writing cuz it’s the best I got off the top of my head. But I essentially take my ideas, inner struggles, traumas, think of a focal character or characters, embody them for awhile, and just use that persona I just created to make a whole storyline or plotline.) I ask this because 1. I don’t know how me using trauma and contempt and low energies will affect subs, especially with some of the stories im making, which I’m happy to tell y’all some snippets of them, just let me know. And 2. Becaus I’m planning on using LEU aside my main stack to help with meta learning, and the main course or method that interest me is magnetic memory method, which the way it looks, it seems it would go well with the method acting and my creative writing method,

Ok im thinking on AM, Regen, Exlixir, LB, LEU shall be the way.

I dont think subs will negatively impact the creative writing you do, and the creative writing you do wont negatively impact the subs. That sounds like a very cool process!

You have 6 starting subs… you havent quite solved shiny object syndrome.

How about just AM and Regen + Elixir? AM will accoplish the goals of LEU.

Ultimate artist or renessaince man seem aligned with you because of your creative goals, though, so why didnt they make it onto your list of considerations?

They were, but i had to remove them for a couple reasons, 1. Im not sure if i can handle RM just by how intense it sounds, atleast not fresh of out the gate. 2. I was worried that my writing process and visualizing my stories( since i want them to be more than just books, but also songs, games, movies ect) using my own traumas and bitterness would heavily affect my results with my subs( for example one of my anime/hybrid, which im trying to figure how to create such a thing, the main theme of it is to put my character who has some experience good enough to give hope for the future in life, women, finance, but has enough bad experiences where he’s jaded to a degree. And we now must see his struggle dealing with both a toxic patriarchy and a straw feminist despot, think of a more toxic version of quinn from into the badlands cuz i flatout refuse to type the actual model lol and catherine from dragon commander. Another story featured a warped combination of nick fury the Samuel j version, spike and tommy shelby. In that story my character is an self exiled prince turned warlord whom due to experience is extremely toxic, like one of his main quirks when it comes to women who make advances to him is to say’’ sorry im strapped for cash" highlighting that even though some girls find him attract he can only view women from one lens, always using currency in exchange for intimacy, until he meets…well saves a young woman, use riri williams for the model, from strangers during his last conquest. This character, will pull the subordinate excuse and… lol sorry im getting carried away) Also i thought LEU would be better since its a state changer, by better i mean for the next three weeks, since while will be using the AM healing stack for that long i still want to get a few things done as fast as possible, furthering my foundation and current abilities, plus half the time im lazy as shit or put stuff off so i wanted the added boost. As for UA, same reason as RM, though i wanted to do what another member proposed back in October, by the name of Rapsta, who said they run the subs, UA, LQ, SpartanQ while doing the corresponding action. I wanted to know if that would expand the amount subs you could use, not too mention i dont QL, and ME would help expand the mind to allow for a large stack

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I’m tryna sign in to the store but it keep saying i put in the wrong password or username, or email( when i tried that) what gives? Then i tried to submit a ticket to to ask whats going on and to ask about quadpay one last time since my cart is like 219 dollars only to find out i have to sign in my account again lol. Shit what do i do?

Aye yo i need some help. Im trying order the stuff on my phone( im not sure if it makes a difference whether its on my phone or laptop) and it says i gotta create a password, so instead of creating a password, i tried the account i created here, and it gave me the same response! Am i missing something?

Rocket player is awesome…u can use audio in the background while doing something else like playing or watching videos

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which of the recommended earbuds or headsets is good for listening to both subs and music? I got the Sennheiser 280 hd pro, tried testing it with youtube videos and it sounded off like something was missing, same when i tried them on my laptop

You’re likely very used to other kinds of headphones where the bass is boosted. The Sennheiser 280 HD Pro has a flat sound signature usually used in a studio production. I personally enjoy listening to music on it, it just takes time to get used to the signature. Definitely not a ‘fun’ sound though. From I know, try looking into the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro/HD 650 though you might need an amp/dac to power it properly.

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