Hi, I am new to SubClub / SubResults

Hi fellow adventurers,

I am new to SubClub, but am a Sub user for more than 9 years from a competitor where it seems nowadays there is more talk than results. I had some success with some subs while with others it didn’t do much or anything for me, so I wasn’t sure if I am doing something wrong, is the goal scripted in a way that my subconscious resists against it or I don’t know.

I am grateful for the time I enjoyed their programs, but I am also grateful for a friend who reached out to me, convinced me to come here and I am intrigued by the programs available.

It is also nice to see familiar names and see their ongoing journey through life. Also congrats to the founders of SubClub to not only creating these programs (I cannot say about much results from my personal experience because I am to new here to still finding myself in the usage) but also creating a positive community here (as far as I see it) with a lot of growth mindset.

Thanks for your sharing your different experiences and advice.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! May you experience great results with Subclub subliminals. You will notice that the prices are way more competitive compared to the competition and hence will make it easier to start off your subliminal journey with the titles over here.

Also no one else have implemented the idea of custom subliminals anywhere else (and that too successfully). Of course, if you want try out the titles over here, a main store title will be a good start.

All the best!

EDIT: you also get free build upgrades to any titles you have purchased. Imagine that!



I am still a little bit confused and distant to the custom subliminals. If I wanted a program (like emperor) with name embedded, I need to put in the core and also the additional modules that are also listed on the sales page (like sex mastery and stuff) and then I pay the build price (99) plus the modules to have just the name embedded? Is that true? There is no simpler or easier option for “regular title from store with name embedded”?

Are the free build upgrades also for custom titles? So if I build a custom title in the current build format and then something else will be the new standard in 1 year, will I get that upgrade for my custom also for free?

Customs can be specifically tailored to your goals. It doesn’t have to be the same modules as listed on the sales page.

Subclub does have plans to be able to name-embed main store titles but it will take some time because they are currently working on the Zero Point project which also requires rewrites of the main store titles.


At what time would you say it makes sense to build a custom title? I know it might be different for everybody but what is your trigger to be like “now it is time for a custom versus a regular title”?

When I have the money. The name embedding really changes the game, and I find my results to be much better.
As to the modules, just select between one and three main title cores and enough modules that fit your goals to make a total of between ten and twenty (including the cores). Then you’re good to go.
Also, once you’ve bought a module you can use it in a future custom without paying for it again.


When you’re ready to take the next step with the major you’ve commited to

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Six months to a year — earlier only if you’re sure you understand what your internal issues are and you want to address them.


this is so tempting hahaha to make a custom,

but my will power is strong :smiley: :sunglasses:

COWolfe, can you go a little bit more into detail? I mean, I’m sure I can read it up somewhere, but which subs or stack did you use before your custom, which cores were your first custom and how long did it took until you saw first results (with normal subclub programs versus your custom one)?

Thanks, that seems reasonable.
I would say I know my internal issues pretty well, but I need more time to understand the major programs and the modules better to build a custom. It is really like going into a big candy store, there is so much, you want to put this in, that in and when you look at the total you feel like “that is like double than the maximum recommended modules to put in”. So to find out, also from reading about others experiences, which modules are helpful to achieve my goals, how they worked for others and if they seem to be a good fit for my situation.

My first custom had ascension as it’s only core. I started to feel results after the first loop, but they kept increasing throughout the six months that I ran it.
Before that, I was kind of jumping around.

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Hi raphael,

are all new QZP programs free upgrades to the users of Qv2? So everybody who has Paragon Qv2 will at some time in the future find a link in their downloads for Paragon QZP?

Yes. If buy a subliminal, you get free upgrades when an updated version comes out


So let’s FOMO YOLO buy the shop empty! :wink:

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Yeah you can do that. Shucks, I have most of the products over here.

But also remember that there will be new QZP products too.

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They are really making it hard for us. I’ll let my boss know that I need more money fast!

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Nah! The titles are way more powerful and way more cheap when you compare to the competition.

Also, just buy a wealth title like RICH and work on that. Soon you will be able to buy anything you want including the subliminals over here without having to think too much about it.

Some people even got raises at their jobs after running RICH

I know that (some) competitors are more expensive. To me it matters more that I get results and improve than the price itself. But I don’t like it if future generations get a lot more expensive with less results seen on the forum :wink:

RICH might/will help with getting a raise, but mostly I prefer to improve myself, to improve my value that I can offer so that no matter what I will be worth more. Worked in the past. Think it will work again. But I am aware that in the job I am just a number, so creating something on the side to be independent from an employer that is a lot more important.