Hello, which subliminal is good for me?



I‘m new here and I need some help. I am looking for a subliminal to help me become a great non fiction writer and a good web developer. I am doing both! Both need some creativity, intelligence and productivity. I dont need anything about alpha male.

I searched on the forum before writing soo I saw people talking about ultimate artist but it may not help for web development, maybe quantum limitless but it is 4 month product. I studied a thread from @Matt and he stared with a custom.

This uses Stark and Stark is for creativity so maybe it is good but not sure. Maybe Beyond Limitless Ultima is better because it is fast acting I dont know.

Please can you help me! Which subliminal or custom subliminal or would be good for my goal?
thank you!

Saint Sovereign's Journal (Saint Sovereign Forever + Paragon Ultima)

If it’s your first time with subs, probably Stark default would be the best. The thing is, Stark is still a heavy sub to run soooo… it might take some more time to act. Usually custom subliminal are for more advanced users because they hit harder and cost more money.

I think Quantum limitless (or limitless) could also be something good, limitless is not as heavy as stark, I don’t know for QL, I haven’t ran it. Never used Beyond Limitless Ultima for writing or coding, only for studying and it does work well for it.

I’ll wait for other people to share their experience :wink:


I would go with Mogul and Beyond Limitless Ultima for a start and then build my own custom focused entirely on your goals.


Limitless is an option to consider if you’re looking at QL but don’t want to commit to a multi stage product


Limitless OR Beyond Limitless Ultima are good options but I would recommend you to wait a bit since SubClub is working on a Renaissance Man/Person title that would help you gain skills like a Polymath

If you are in a hurry though, I would recommend Beyond Limitless Ultima since its the most updated title for learning and skills acquisition at the moment


This could be good really good. Maybe the most sensible thing to do is to use only Beyond Limitless Ultima. I put a message to SaintSovereign will see.


Non subliminal related, but if you’re looking at non fiction writing I would be taking a look at Stephen Buhner’s work “Ensouling Language: On the Art of Nonfiction and the Writer’s Life” [link here] for several reasons (unless you’re just looking solely for technical writing)


Thanks Iwill check. The non fiction authors I admire are Malcolm Gladwell, Nassim Taleb and Yuval Noah Harari, even if I disagree with their ideas they know how to write (and sell) compelling stories about complicated subjects.


Depending on where you’re at in life will effect my recommendations for you.

First off why do you feel like you don’t need anything alpha related? Alpha is an antiquated word anyway and incredibly one dimensional for what programs like Ascension bring about. You can never have too strong of a foundation.

Second, do you feel you have weaknesses that need to be addressed? Or are you relatively well off and you’re just looking to boost your productivity/creativity with these subs?

StarkQ is a very dense program. And it also has some seduction stuff in it. I’d look at the description and see if it resonates with you. If anything seems excessive or like something you don’t really need I’d swerve it.

Beyond limitless ultima is great. You can’t go wrong with that program. I’ve had a few creative breakthroughs with that myself when I’ve used it.

A lot of your selection highly depends on where you’re at as far as self development/confidence goes. I wouldn’t recommend a complete beginner start out with the more dense ambitious programs. It can work sometimes, but sometimes it hurts more than helps.


Honestly, going with a custom would be your best choice. Renaissance Man isn’t coming out until next year – we’re still in the planning stages and there’s much work to be done on it. I know a custom can be pricey, but here’s the thing: running a well designed custom that’s aligned with your personal goals for a year will give you the most momentum on achieving those goals.

If that’s out of your price range, try Ultimate Artist (not Quantum, the original) + Beyond Limitless and The Executive. This stack will help you improve your writing ability and give you the motivation to actually sit down and write.


Isnt a custom normally advised against when one is just beginning?

And why not quantum limitless + StarkQ? Or QL + Ultimate Artist?


The only reason I’d point someone away from a custom is if they want a multistage program. I encourage people to just get the multistage ones at the main store. Run it to stage 4. Then place the stage 4 into a custom. Otherwise, a Q (not Terminus or T^2) custom, they can consider that. I’d just say they would be wise to write down what they want for their life, read about every module thoroughly, take notes on modules, start making a list, keep the custom focused, think and think some more…

Then run the Q at 1 loop a day for 5 days in a row, and notice what’s happening. Take rest days. Gradually increase loops as per guidelines.

Unless @Fire and @SaintSovereign want to add something else… This is what I would encourage beginners to think about.


Since no refund on customs I thought official recommendation was to start with the major titles and later do the custom. I agree with the multistage one entirely btw.


Of course this is important to keep in mind. And I still stand by what I said, unless @SaintSovereign or @Fire have something to add that contradicts what I posted just a little bit about this post. Remember of all on here, they are the true experts.


Did you mean Limitless instead of Ultimate Artist here? Just asking since you specified ‘not Quantum, the original’


@Malkuth gave some good tips in another thread.

Yes I went through different threads and Quantum Limitless looks nice but for my goal, a slim strategy would work better. Limitless it is. :wink:
Just for the sake of it, because I think of it

What’s blocking you, personally, from taking action?

laziness sometimes, good methodology, confidence I’m doing the right thing

What’s blocking you, personally, from achieving desired outcomes?

constant productivity,

Yeah Limitless it is for me. + Beyond Limitless


Since new custom modules yesterday. I thought about it and I came out with the following custom that target writing and coding. To be honest I mostly did filler to meet the 10 modules requirement because I think only limitless, ultimate writer and index gate would be necessary, but I dont make the rules…

Please can you critique my custom? If I have already limitless and mogul, do I really need to add ultimate writer and index gate? Or do they offer a marginal value.

Edit: I posted that because of the new modules announcement but I wonder if running back to back limitless + mogul wouldn’t be good enough (even if it will take more time)


Send me a PM with your chart so that I don’t miss this.