Hello! Suggestions Given Current Goals In Life?


Hey everyone! I’m new to SubliminalClubs. I discovered this place recently in search of a proper sub that can effectively work towards some of my goals. In fact, I outline my goal and main question here! Here’s a preview and a link to the post:

…should I go with Khan or PS? Anything to stack on either sub (whichever gets picked)?
Khan or Primal Seduction? Where I am in life

Why here?..It appears I jumped into the site a bit quickly and posted my main query in "Questions and Comments’ as opposed to the introduction section where everyone seems to be. If that post should be in this section then it would be great to have that moved! :sweat_smile:


Welcome @SubliminalUser.

Between Primal Seduction and Khan, I would recommend Primal Seduction if you want quick results and Khan if you are willing to be patient.

For a first time subliminal, I would recommend Primal Seduction since seeing quick results will encourage you and later you can go for Khan.

Another option is Emperor since the latest version of it (version 4) has quick results which are also outstanding.

All the best.


Hey! As mentioned in the above thread, I’m going with Khan. I really feel that I need to break down a lot of stuff that’s been holding me back—to be honest, I’ve consciously tackled some of my problems for years and I still find beliefs holding me back. So I am very much looking forward to Khan ST1.

The one thing I’m still unsure about is whether it’s wise to stack True Social and Libertine together. In other words, my current plan is:

  • Khan ST1
  • Khan ST2 + True Social
  • Khan ST3 + True Social
  • Khan ST4 + True Social OR Libertine (if True Social has gone on long enough)

But I am wondering if both superchargers can be used at the same time. Either way, starting with Khan ST1 tomorrow!


Excellent choice with Khan, @SubliminalUser. And yes, you can use both superchargers together. But give them some time between them. For example, use True Social in the morning and Libertine in the evening. Or the other way round.


I used emperor briefly v3 and i saw changes immediately. I also used khan for 3.5 months with some minor changes but nothing breaking through. I did meet my current girlfriend when i was using Khan though


Hi, is there a specific reason you are not running True Social with Khan ST1?


Yea. The purpose of ST1 is to break down what’s holding me back. There’s no building up of social beliefs here. Thus, the supercharger doesn’t have a place here as it is not complementing nor would it be in harmony with what’s happening in ST1.


Khan ST1 is not only breaking down and rebuilding. It also contains the Khan Core script which I believe has some social aspects.


Interesting, would not have expected that!


Not everybody notices that aspect on ST1 though. Personally I tend to recommend a similar construction where people run ST1 on its own. At least for two weeks or so, so the mind gets used to what it contains.