Khan or Primal Seduction? Where I am in life


Hey! I’m new to Subliminal Club, having just discovered the group and some of their subliminals.

TL;DR: If I want to manifest a great sex life as an individual who’s currently working on general social/financial success, should I go with Khan or PS? Anything to stack on either sub (whichever gets picked)?


My goals walking into this year are centered around rising up in my career, becoming much better socially, and improving my general awareness (this is more spiritually minded, although it is an umbrella for energetic practices like semen retention).

  • As of now, I’m only tackling the social focus through a subliminal (mod edit: please do not link to competitors) by another creator. The idea was that after this (originally shooting for 6-12 months here although the creator recommends 3 months), I’d work towards an attraction sub as my dating/sex life is basically not there right now. That search for an attraction sub has led me here.
  • I will add that I’m also currently utilizing some fields by Sapien Medicine for social/attraction/best life success (don’t be mistaken–these don’t utilize spoken affirmations at all!)

At first, I thought PS was it. However, I’ve been particularly inspired by the journals of @AMASH and @friday regarding Khan. This is especially because it seems to be an intersection of sexual/social/financial aspects (correct me if I’m wrong–I haven’t read too many reports of general social success with Khan though it does incorporate Daredevil) which aligns closely with what I want.

Khan is an extremely sexual and social dominance focused subliminal, intertwining the best sexual and power aspects of Emperor, Daredevil and Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, creating a subliminal that will push even the most stubborn of individuals into action and success with women. While it is a subliminal based on power and sexuality, it includes parts of the latest version of Mogul – because every Khan has to take care of his newly conquered empire.

What do you guys think? Would love to hear especially from the journalers of SubuliminalClub users and how they found success in their lives with these subliminals!



Firstly, Welcome to Subliminal Club!

Looking at your background, I would suggest the following options:

  1. DARE Devil - For social Focus
  2. Ascension- To be an Alpha Male
    3 Ascended Mogul- Be Alpha Male and succeed in business
  3. Khan- utilizes the dominant portion of all the above primal seduction plus limitless plus more.

I don’t have any personal experience with PS, so I won’t recommend it on its own.

Khan has some wealth programming from Stage 3. But, it is focused more on the dominant sexy social side.

With option 1, 2, 3, you will see quick results. With khan, the results won’t come quick, but when it stars coming, it won’t stop.
But the delay in results might demotivate you.

Since it’s your first sub, I would say, start off with DD only. Try it for a few days or weeks, get used to it, and then add Ascended Mogul.

After a few months with this stack, I would say, to move on to khan.

A lot of ppl (like me), start off with khan, and become impaitent with lack of results. If you can deal with no prominent results for 2 to 3 months, you can start off with khan.

You can also start off with sex mastery. Just look as Elme sex mastery journal!

But remember, you must not use subs by other producers while using SubClub products. They use a different method of scripting and we use a different. You will get messed up

Hello! Suggestions Given Current Goals In Life?

Hey @mecharc,

Thanks for the response!

It’s alright that the subliminal of choice focuses more on the social aspects as I was planning to tackle the career goal via some more conscious methods.

A lot of ppl (like me), start off with khan, and become impaitent with lack of results. If you can deal with no prominent results for 2 to 3 months, you can start off with khan.

I already was looking to listen to a single subliminal for the LONG haul this year. Supposing that I’d switch off from my current sub after the end of march (3 full months), I’d have at least 9 months to work with for Khan and given the extent of changes it claims I know I’d need to play the long game with it!

Though, my main concern with any off these subs is the number of hours people listen to them per day. I can’t say that I’d be able to successfully pull off 16 hours a day—even 8 is a stretch (I did that for a multistage subliminal in the past). I’ve seen people like the ones mentioned above use # hours listened instead as a goalpost instead (e.g. 350 hours of Khan ST1)—would that be doable given a lower listening frequency? I’m imagining 4-8 hours a day…


For multistage programs, 6 hours of listening is recommended each day for 30 days for each stage. This is the minimum exposure recommendation by the creators themselves.

Although I ham aiming to play Each stage for 3 months


Btw. Please do try to avoid mentioning other companies on this forum.


I can also just manage to listen for 6hours. People who listen to more hours usually listen during the night, but I don’t think this is about numbers here. I think it is smarter to go with something lik 6 hours and let your subconscious sort the stuff out at night.


I am doing it that way with v4 And Admiral & Commander


Would either True Social or Libertine be good superchargers for any stage of Khan? (Which and what stages?)

Decided I’m gonna start Khan in a few days


True Social Will be good.

my advice would be to let ST1 play by itself for 30 days.

From ST2 add TS.

Although remember that everyone is different.


Great. I thought ST2 might be a little early but we’ll see. I’ll definitely keep ST1 by itself for at least 30 days.

Is there a feasible path that’d first use the true social booster, then the libertine booster? E.g. 2 (3?) months on True Social then 2 (3?) months on Libertine.

BTW do any of you know if NoFap has any effect on this sub or SubliminalClubs’ subs in general?


You can use superchargers at any time of your multistage journey as you wish.

Do understand that, Where as Subliminals are designed to bring deep changes, Superchargers are only to take you to certain mindsets.

That being said, you can use two superchargers in the same month, but timing of usage should vary.

I use TS and Commander. I use Commander right after waking up and use TS before social meetings. It is reccomended to not listen to different superchargers back to back.

I think Emperor V4 has antiporn scripting.


Looks like I have my setup. Going to start it on Feb 11.

Main: Khan. The sole “main” subliminal.

  • Goal of 300 hours per stage with a stretch of 350 hours (I may try to do the stretch for ST1, we’ll see). 250 is the lower bound.
  • In terms of days, I expect to spend at least 30 per stage.

SuperChargers: True Social, Libertine as options.

  • Introduced with ST2
  • Picking one at a time and running it for a while. E.g. may start with True Social & go with it for 3-6 months before switching to another supercharger to properly cultivate the mindset!


Sounds good!!! Excited for your journey! Best of luck!


Welcome - to the KHAN ACADEMY

You’ll feel like shit, you’ll want to cry, you’ll question your life up until now. You’ll break down into a miserable heap of weakness, tears and regrets.

Then the good stuff. Alpha male dominance, power and strength. And women.

Prepare to enter the fire. Stick with ST1 for 30 days and watch as you grow into the Khan . Good luck.

The Road to Khan
Blacksheep - Khan Journal (ST1-ST4)

First day. Things are alright so far. But yes—I am expecting these things to happen. My old, limiting beliefs need to be eradicated.

Perhaps I should start a journal.