Hello, new person here and could use some help


I’ve been reading up on this forum and store page the last few days and feel like I am ready to make a purchase but would like some advice on what to start with.

Simply put, I am a broken person and I know it. I have depression and have had it since I was a child. I am taking medication but it does the bare minimum of keeping me functional enough to hold a job. A job that doesn’t pay me enough to move out so I live with my parents at 25 yrs old. I hate them for giving birth to me and they hate me in return. I spend a lot of time hating myself too. I am overweight and have terrible self- image. I have tried therapy too but all the psychiatrists do is just blankly nod at you and offer useless suggestions while raking in the cash. I have no friends and the only social interactions I get are at work. They are nice enough but I know everyone just puts on a front to facilitate getting the job done, not because they really like me or anything. The only thing I really don’t want to do is kill myself (i wonder if thats the meds talking), I do want to get better but I just can’t make any kind of plan or even understand how to begin fixing myself.

So now my question to the community, where do I start as far as a sub? After looking at the “healing” section of the store I see Dragon Reborn, Sanguine, The Elixir, Regeneration, and Rebirth. Considering how fucked up I am, Dragon Reborn seems like the best measure to take, but I’ve also read that multistage titles like that are for “advanced users” whatever that is.

Thanks if you read the rant.

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Use Dragon Reborn good choice.


I would add Spartan alongside Dragon Reborn.
The reason is Dragon will work on your psyche but you also have to work on your body and Spartan will push you to work out to do something with yourself.
As time process you will change your picture of self image.


Personally I wouldn’t recommend Dragon Reborn as your first SubliminalClub audio. Even the sales page of DR recommends it not being your first subliminal.

Your mindset needs fixing. You need to take on masculine traits and point of view. And for that I would recommend Ascension.

Also your money issues need to be resolved. For that Ascended Mogul is a good choice.

Do this. Get Ascension first and run it for 3 months. After that, get Ascended Mogul and run both Ascension and Ascended Mogul together.

Some might say that Ascended Mogul has Ascension in it but the alpha mindset in AM is focused towards money making.

In conclusion purchase Ascension and Ascended Mogul using the first time 30% (I think) discount coupon. Run Ascension for 3 months and then Ascension + AM after that.


Hello and welcome to the forum. To be honest, it’s extremely difficult to give a recommendation here. Dragon Reborn is not recommended as the first sub so let’s forget about it for now.
@Lion approach with Ascension and Ascension Mogul is a good start to get you out of this hole. You can always tackle the healing subs later, subs like AS also have a healing character. Read everything again in the shop and then see which sub you resonate with the most, or to put it another way, which one you can identify with the most.
Elixir and Regeneration together would also be a good start if it’s supposed to be a pure healing sub. I wish you all the best and everything will be fine.


If you want to run Dragon Reborn for everything it promises, do yourself a favor and run it and nothing else.

No other subs. The reason the general recommendation for not to run DR as your first sub is it is very potent.

I’m considered by some here to be an “advanced” user. And even I haven’t fully tackled DR yet.

When I run DR ST1, I generally am quicker to anger about things. And even knowing that, it’s hard for me to not blow up at things.

I personally would go for a stack of Rebirth and Regeneration.

But this is YOUR journey. We can only offer ideas and recommendations.

If you do DR, I’d suggest committing to it and taking it very easy. Run that first loop and then give it a few days to assess how it affects your thoughts, moods and perceptions.

We’re here for you.


A gentle yet effective approach would probably work best for you to start out with. Rebirth, Chosen way of Nature, then maybe Love Bomb would be good ones for you to look into.


What about CFW? Its Regeneration, Lovebomb and Chosen from within. Also not a bad combination.

@LastTry Fyi. CFW is an experimental sub atm. If you buy chosen you will also get it. Here you will find some infos about CFW.


Great choice or Cwon, plus Spartan :slight_smile:

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I am no expert and I haven’t listened to many of the suggestions so take what I say with a grain of salt. I found that it is true that ZP subs react differently to each person according to their deposition. The end results you get from the subs might not be what you expected from the reviews or even the description.

Regeneration tends to dig out past traumatic memories so that they can be released (and my experience comfirmed it), this is similar to how Rebirth works except that Rebirth reframes the past traumas.

Dragon Reborn uses the same concept as Khan but more brutal. Healing subs have a tendency to overpower everything else, DR even more so. I agree that you should use it solo, if you have to add a sub with it, I agree that Spartan is the better choice. Other subs would be suppressed by DR.

Ascension’s praised by a few experienced users. I feel that it might be a better choice for you at this stage than Ascended Mogul.

Based on what Saint said, I wouldn’t recommend both CFW and Love Bomb. CFW makes you “soft”, you’d be emotional. Love Bomb wouldn’t work properly when one is low energy/traumatized. These two subs work much better for those who already has a foundation.

I don’t have Chosen Way of Nature so I can’t comment on that. The reviews are indeed great but I am not sure how it relates to your situation.

There are little reviews of Sanguine and Elixir but if I had to choose between the two I’d go for Sanguine since Elixir is similar to Regeneration and a few reviews mention it also brings out past traumas. Unless this is your prefer healing method.

Lastly if you have a hunch towards a sub, be it liking it or disliking it, do not be afraid to follow it.


Welcome. It is very good that you have a realistic view of where you are right now, and better that you are doing something about it.
These titles will help you to get better, but please don’t expect everything to be fixed overnight. These things are very fast compared to other modes of self improvement, but you still have a long road ahead of you.
As to what to run. DO NOT start with Dragon Reborn. It says on the sales pace that it is for people who are already out of the worst of the darkness. I can personally tell you that it is a very difficult title to run even after years of progress. The Dragon is for the end of your healing journey and moving into the next chapter of life, not to start with.
I would suggest that you spend a full year on Ascension and Rebirth. Ascension will help your self esteem and confidence start to rise, and Rebirth will help you to be more receptive to seeing yourself that way. You will get plenty of great results out of that. Yes, I said a full year. Take your time with it and you’ll get much better results in the end.
While you do that, keep taking your meds and doing therapy even after you think that you no longer need it.
Also do what you can to improve your life situation in whatever big or small ways you can.
Congratulations on finding this community and beginning your journey.


@LastTry Welcome to SubClub. Take your time, ask questions and follow you institution. As you can see, there are wise people here to help you on your journey. Enjoy!

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Greetings brother, you show a lot of bravery being here to fix your position and i salute you.

Dragon reborn is far too complex for someone on their beginning phases, I second the notion of ascension, or ascended mogul would even be better, run solo for 2-3 months at a very steady pace.


But also there are multiple different angles at which you can come at it, for instance you can stack paragon and emperor fitness and just begin to fix your health at the root and promote physical health which a lot of the time conquers easily depression for males.

its up to you to be creative with your journey my friend, welcome to Subclub

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Good! At least you know. We all started by acknowledging that we need help. Now get to work!

Sounds to me like the sub you need is Regeneration.

Ascension is a no-brainer is your case.

Here is what I think. You’re 25. You still very young and have your whole life in front of you. This is a really good time to start your journey.
My recommendation is Ascension and Regeneration for a whole year. Nothing else. Do that and you’ll how much you would have changed. Since you’re overweight too, join a martial arts program. Learn how to fight and workout. Boxing or BJJ are great options.
Run Ascension and Regeneration for a whole year. Go train boxing or BJJ for a whole year and you’ll be amazed how different you would be next year.


My first 3-second response would be a combination of Sanguine and Regeneration. Sanguine helps get a more joyful positive outlook (I remember when it went Ultima and everybody was smiling all the time) and Regeneration does emotional healing in a more gentle way than its alternatives. You would have to run them for a while though, really until you start feeling it is time for bigger things. You probably need the foundation of the less complex subs.

This is also the idea of “advanced users”. Some subs have high complexity or are hard hitting. An advanced user is somebody whose mind has become accustomed to the phrasing and process of SubClub subs. It helps to have that foundation so that it doesn’t become too much too handle. Which would lead to adverse or no results. Or simply take a very long time to work.

A sub like Dragon Reborn has been shown for many users to be quite a rough journey and so should probably not be your first sub. Start with something light and standalone.

Same goes for Chosen from Within, which is for the time being a free addition to Chosen. One would think it is a light sub, but it repeatedly (albeit lovingly) knocked out its creator. So much that it will be rewritten to be a bit more smooth and lighter.

Chosen Way of Nature might be a good one but reading your post you need to do some emotional healing (think Regeneration and maybe Rebirth once you reach a plateau where some beliefs just won’t change using Regeneration) and a way to deal with the depression (think Sanguine). Doing any kind of alpha work before these might be like working with an unstable foundation.

Since multiple people mentioned Ascension, you could give that a shot. It is one of our first subs (if not the first) and its principles are present in many of our products. Personally, I’d wait a bit though.

And of course I would not be me unless I mentioned fasting here. :slight_smile:
Although that will accelerate emotional healing.


I would do this but add in 2 other subs that could help you greatly achieve in other areas

I would add Spartan and RICH. Rich would help with money and wealth manifestation while Spartan would help you with your mindset and maybe get in the gym or even do home workouts as would Ascension.

The other thing you could do is look into something like Chosen Way of Nature or Sanguine instead of RICH.

CWoN would probably help you get out in nature and help you become more peaceful in your mind, while also helping attract the right people into your life and fill you with positivity and hope.

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Instead of Spartan am doing Paragon and instead of AM am doing EoG. These are my priorities right now.

Maybe I can make a Spartan + Paragon custom. Will think about it after the Q Store gets updated with 320 kbps build.

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I think you meant to put this in your journal lol

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LOL no worries. I put this in the right place.

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