Hello, Josh here, Drakes brother lol

Hello guys. I have been a member of subclub before but due to various reasons ended up falling off subs. Now I am back to work on myself again and grow. I will be highlighting some of my goals of would any advice on potential audios I can use. Also would appreciate some general guidance on the new tech. (from whatever little I have read the new ZP subs are meant to be used for one loop per day).

  1. Improving my sexual physical skills - fixing issues such as ED, PE and ofcourse growth would be an added benefit. I struggle a lot in these areas and hoping to improve it soon so i can alleviate the performance anxiety and insecurity surrounding it. (For this I plan to run Diamond and BDLM). Any other recommendations would also be great.
    1a) Would prefer some guidance on subs I can run to remove all sexual trauma, limiting beliefs, insecurities due to the past etc (also subs for improving my actual skills in bed and game/attraction/social skills but that is for later)
  2. Another major issue I face is a mindset issue due to which I struggle to talk to/connect with people in general and women, a lot of mgtow/redpill mindsets, coupled with seeing how stupid, asleep, ignorant people are causes me to feel a lot of hatred towards them and to look down upon them. Would love to change this mindset to healthier mindsets and acceptance for the negatives so I do not get in my own way and avoid connecting with people. Any recommendations would be great.
  3. subs for weight loss and muscle growth, also healing physical damage caused by years of unhealthy habits. Stuff like gut healing etc, no body damage as such, just want to restore my internal organs/hormones/body to optimal conditions. Any help for this would also be great.

Post this will look into other options. Thank you for listening and being such an awesome community. Looking forward to the results from the subs, will be maintaining a journal starting today.


Khan Black

I would say Renaissance Man, because it has empathy scripting.

Emperor Fitness, Legacy of Spartan, Spartan are the subs to go for. Read the description to decide which will work for you.

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thanks a lot for your advice g

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Welcome to club @drakeandjosh I would highly recommend Love Bomb first or Genesis for the start.

I know why you choose those titles, don’t rush things or you will end up frustrated again. Once you know yourself better it will be easier to do great things - that’s a promise.


I would say genesis as well.

I think Spartan would also really help you.

Welcome back to sub club

You said you were a member before
What was your username?

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Some things are better left unsolved. I can promise you this much, I wasn’t one of the troublemakers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I understand and will take this into consideration. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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That’s exactly what a trouble maker would say lol


:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

You could start with diamond here. Would help a bit, I feel tho all your goals are more longer term.

LBFH for this, looks like a hippie title but it’s not. Self love is basis for self respect and all, sometime you think you want best for yourself, but keep making dumbass decision that sabotage yourself? :wink: Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the question if you truly love yourself.

I believe Paragon/QL stage 1 would help, paragon being the more complete program here.

If we look at all these goals, you have a lot, and it really seems like they are longer term. If I were you I’d go with genesis (which really works on everything) ans run it so you can enjoy life while progressing toward all your goals and figure out what you want to build a solid plan for the next year.

Khan Black could also be interesting as stage 1 is dedicated toward healing all sexual blockages.

Be careful with that they are not like the old subs where you listened to 8 hours of it a day. ZP is 1 loop of 15 minutes, 3 listening days per week. Some users such as myself even do less than that, I personally do 2 listening days per week, and listen to 5 minutes (the 5 first minutes from the 15 minutes file) of my titles.

Example if I am running three titles (maybe genesis, diamond and paragon) :
Monday : Genesis x5min + Diamond x5min
Tuesday : Rest
Wednesday : Rest
Thursday : Genesis x5min + Paragon x5min
Friday : Rest
Weekend : Rest

And repeat.

Trust me, don’t run too much subliminals. Let the work in the background and take action. For your case, eating healthy, doing sports, finding maybe some supplements would be good moves for health, maybe also some kegel exercices for sex and stuff, dopamine detox could help.


whats LBFH

also whats QL. This is all extremely helpful advice and I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot. You are right my goals are longer term, I want to get to a place where I feel confident in myself and my abilities and have maximised what I can control. I am working out and eating healthy, never really considered a dopamine detox, it seems extremely extremely difficult.
“sometime you think you want best for yourself, but keep making dumbass decision that sabotage yourself” I can relate to this a lot. Will consider all of this, especially genesis since everyone keeps recommending it. I’m sure theres a lot of merit to that recommendation and it probably speaks to the quality of the product and the results.

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Trust me genesis is something else. One of latest subclub creation and already changed multiple people’s life in the month it’s been out.

I suggest you go read about Genesis, already a thousand post I guess it says something about it: Main Disc. Thread - Genesis ZP

Here is LBFH: A Love Bomb For Humanity: Cultivate Profound Self-Love, Project an Aura of Pure Love That Spreads Automatically - SubliminalClub

Don’t sacrifice long term vision for short term goals. I guarantee even if you fixed all your dick issues, there would be another thing holding you down, maybe something about your health… Then, once fixed there would be another issue. These things needs to be built over the long term, take action to fix those issues, and run Genesis, will fix your life :+1:


Yeah, I’m going to need you to tell me what your previous username was. I’m pretty sure I already know. Both @fire and myself have a preternatural ability to detect patterns, it’s really hard to slip one past us.


Ruh Roh Raggy


“He Who Must Not Be Named” ?


No, we’re good. The thread may continue.


For whatever reason, this has me smiling. :hugs::eyes:


I’d go with Genesis & LOS to start.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday listen to each sub only once for 5-15 minutes. Weekends off.

For one cycle doing this (21 days) & take a wash out. Notice what comes up for you.

Genesis guided me to the perfect stack for me.


Well I am glad to hear that


Hope to see you have an awesome journey

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