Hello i am ferdinand im new have quesitons

Hello there my name is ferdinand.

I have a questions about the anti piracy scripts.about subliminal club subs and indigo mind labs subs.

if i pirated a subliminal in the past but i corrected my ations and bought the subs deleted all the copies and told my friend to delete all the copies am i fine to use the subs?

or do i need to buy the subliminal copies twice now? i could. really need them to work.

i am using emperor and shannons ultra sucess and luck maximizer.

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  1. Subliminal Club products do NOT contain anti-piracy scripting. So you’re good with them. Welcome.

  2. We do not discuss any other companies on this forum. You have to check with them.

  3. It is not recommended to play subliminals from different companies. All of them advise against it.


Hello Ferdinand

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ok sorry my bad.

i was wondering what the best subliminal is for overcoming a very tough sitation and also increasing my energy.

i am really low on energy and idk why.

Ascension all the way


does it manifest money for me? and get rid of entities. i have a jinn situation going with residue from black magic.

it’s stealing my energy

For that specifically, your best bet is Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct

Ascension, like @friday adviced will help with your other issues (including money).

You can play them both one after the other.

Welcome to the Subclub!

PS: you have to take action too with regard to making money

thank you man. i will buy aegis and combine it with a emotional healing sub. i need my spiritual denfenses up. someones used renewal magick on me. had to deal with evil eye and that sort thing.

my libido is basically non existent and imm not addicted to masturbation. it feels like im zapped of life force nergy.

i masturbate about once per week.


You are welcome, mate

If you want emotional healing, I would recommend Regeneration

So Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct + Regeneration would be best for you.

After two to three months of that, you can think about something like Ascension + R.I.C.H. Ultima to get your money game up.

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do these subs work on healing my chakras. i might have some damage in my chakras im not sure. but it feels like theres something wrong. and i always trust my gut instinct.

Hmm. I would recommend Dragon Reborn for something like that but DR is an intense subliminal (and 4 stages) and it isn’t recommended even by the sub makers here as your first subclub title.

So do this:

Months 1 and 2: Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct + Regeneration

Months 3 to 6: Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct + Dragon Reborn

Month 7 onwards: Ascension + R.I.C.H. Ultima

PS: play one loop each per day, 5 days a week (2 days rest)

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can i private message forum members and ask more personal questions or is that considered rude around here?

i have read some stories here and wanted to contat the ops.

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Unfortunately new members can’t private message. That option comes after you do a certain amount of public discussions on the forum.

Frankly, I don’t know how many comments you have to make to get messaging to work though.

But don’t think too much about it. Try it out and if it doesn’t work in 30 days, you can ask for a refund.

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When you change your thinking, your actions change. When your actions change, your results change.
if these subs work they will change your thinking, but you have to help them along by taking action. Not just sitting on the couch wanting or dreaming about making millions.
They aren’t magic lamps, that you rub and puff!!!

You may also want to have a doctor check your thyroid levels… T3/T4/TSH


i reccomend you start with regeneration a healing sub before anything

then after maybe 1 month you can add other subs like emperor or any other sub of your liking

good luck and welcome aboard!

@ferdinandreitet, please contact me with regards to your Spiritual issues, the Astral is quite messy right now — if you will I can indicate your problems and assist you.


Alchemist stage 1


do you mean here? i can’t send private messages to you. but i can send you an email.

my situation is really weird. i have literally everything at my disposal to manifest what i want but my aura and my chakras are ****** **.

because of the entities not only i get drained but other people around me as well.

i’m in what you call a clown situation.

long story short i got tricked into doing black magic disguised as new age frequency

i think solving the problem from its roots is the best way here

i really recommend a healing sub such as Regeneration, one you cut off the root of fear that resonates within you will see other things open up and progress as well such as good amount of energy levels

getting drained by other etc every problem you could think of

start with a good foundation, thats my opinion

others will tell you to go straight to emperor or whatever sub, my thought of it is healing sub is the best for your situation, good luck