Hello Everyone, I'm new here!

Hi Everyone,

I am 18 years old and just graduated from high school and just discovered subliminal club. I was wondering which subliminal be the best for me. I am already attractive like maybe a 8 out of 10, face is good and body is good. I can see that girls are attracted I am just sacred to approach them. So overall my goals are
-Increased Confidence
-Attract Girls
-Become even more attractive
-Overall Mental Health Boost
-Increase height if thats possible (not that important as other goals)


Primal Seduction stacked with Libertine and the Executive would be my suggestion for your goals. Welcome!


Hi, Welcome to the Subliminal Club.

If you need help with approach, the following subliminals could help:

Primal Seduction
True Social

However, since you are starting out, The best subliminal you should start out with for at least two cycles is Ascension. Follow the recommended listening guide and you will be good to go.

However, I personally recommend that you start with Ascension and then slowly work your way to adding one of those following subs.




im so happy for you that you found these products at such a young age.

please keep it simple and try one product at a time.

if you are good looking and know it then my advice is to start with libertine solo which should get girls to approach you.

i have been in your exact same situation and libertine solo worked great for me very fast.

please please please keep it simple and just try that solo when you are new.

im very confident you will be happy with your results and again i was exactly in your situation when i found these products.

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Welcome to SubClub!

My own personal recommendation would be Ascended Mogul + Limitless. Mad productivity. Plus the “Alpha” side of AscMogul will help with the girls front I think.


@RVconsultant @Fire @SaintSovereign @DarkPhilosopher

can one of you please join this conversation and advise this kid?

surely you guys agree that an 18 year old kid new to this world should keep things simple and start with one product?

i would hate to see him listen to multiple products at once as a complete beginner, get bad results and then leave a community that could help him greatly.


when one of these 4 guys reply, please listen to them as they are the moderators on here.

until then please wait before you start.

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Welcome to SubClub sir!

Ascension could be good for a beginner as mentioned by the amazing @Ingress or Ascended Mogul if you want the productivity boost as well. For you, I’d recommend Ascended Mogul (For productivity, Overall Mental Health Boost, Increased Confidence and possibly increase height since it has physical shifting in it) with Libertine (To attract girls and have them approach you) however whatever choice you pick I’m sure it will be a great one and welcome again you have a great journey that awaits you :blush:


When I first started subclub I started with Stark and love bomb

I did just fine :sunglasses:

Made me fall in love with subs
I was about to gave up on subs after a year and a half of almost no success with them (only at competitors outside of subclub ofc)

So I think that as long that he start with 1 or 2 not too heavy he’s good to go

Hey @JaEazy maybe actually Stark could be good?

A really good overall starter, has work just perfectly with me and fill all your goal aside the height one

Don’t hesitate to skim a bit through the shop to read about them, the first time it’s really like a candy store, at least it was to me

Plus it help you see and forge yourself an opinion

Don’t hesitate to go look some people’s journal too with sub that could interest you!


I believe we’ve recommended people new to SubClub products and subliminals in general to start with one. A recommendation, not a rule set in stone.

Yet, we’re also NOT recommending against starting with more than one. And some of the combinations advised here come from pre-ZP when Limitless, Libertine and Executive were considered support subs which were often combined with other subs. And I’m not surprised that people would recommend certain combinations. Looking at the goals stated the best way to cover them all would be Wanted + (Limitless) Executive. But when going for just one, I’d pick Wanted. It covers physical changes, confidence and attractiveness, with some health sprinkled in probably.

So, would we recommend starting with one? Yes. Especially with ZP this seems like a good idea.

But… is it the end of the world if somebody starts with more than one? No, especially if they run them on alternate days. Results may possibly come a bit slower.

You are free to give your advice. You are free to state that you recommend against the advice of others when you give a decent reason for doing so. You may call us in to offer our advice. But do not do what you did here.

People are not, I repeat NOT, “100% wrong” for recommending combinations. My experience is that there is no such thing as 100% wrong or right. We design these subs and I don’t think we’re able to state how to use our subs with 100% certainty for 100% of people.

But because you say people are completely wrong and to ignore their advice you once again collected some flags. Honestly, you have more flags than the United Nations. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the tag and your recommendation, but to satisfy the flags I will have to edit out those declarative statements.

EDIT: Okay, I think I was able to keep the intent of the posts intact, although I’m not perfectly happy with the second post. But it should be enough to satisfy the flags I think.


Where are my manners? Welcome, @JaEazy on behalf of the crew! Looking forward to seeing your evolution.


Welcome to the community, most of us here wish we discovered this technology at the age of 18 so you have no idea how lucky you are.

Take this unique and exceptional opportunity to build a solid foundation, by running Ascended Mogul. It is the most important sub for every user to run, especially if you’re looking to increase your confidence, boost your mental health and increase your productivity.

If you want to run a 2nd sub, you can do the first stack that I ever ran in SC, which was AM and Wanted. Wanted will help you attract women, it has physical shifting technology to make you more attractive and younger users have reported increase in height after extended use of Wanted.

It really looks like AM/Wanted is the perfect combo that checks all of the boxes you’re looking for. If I were you I’d run those for a long time, that was my first stack and I ran it for 7 months with great results.


Hey guys, thank you for the welcomes!

I’m not gonna lie, I read the descriptions of some audios, and I really liked WANTED.
I wonder if that would be good if I looped it for a year (with the listening protocols ofc)


Wanted is great. It has physical shifting, so you may or may not find yourself tired from running it.

If you do, you might find yourself naturally drawn to eating certain extra food to make up for the energy.


That’s perfect lol,

I’m already bulking so eating more food is good


Wanted is a kickass sub… @Invictus and @Luther24 have had phenomenal results on it…It is especially good for physical shifting and Making you the wanted man that women will come to you. Another sub that is great for beginners is Ascension or Ascended Mogul

You can check out their journals to see their results over time

@JaEazy Welcome to Subclub

These tools are amazing… I am glad you are getting to test them out at 18 … i wish i woulda discovered these at that age lol


hey man,

can you give us more info on what you want and your situation?

i remember being your age and i really want to help you and give you the best advice.

you said you are interested in meeting more girls right? im assuming since you are 18 you just want to to sleep around for now and are not looking for a girlfriend or anything serious right? am i correct?

also, you said more productivity. more productivity at what? what exactly are you working on that you want to become more productive at? are you in school and want to improve your grades? is that what you mean by “more productive”?

please answer the above questions so you can get better help.


@Floridianninja - oh man yes. I wish I was 18 again lol. The next best thing is the anti-aging title in the works.

@JaEazy - WANTED is an excellent choice. But I would also encourage you to choose one more product for success. It is important to build that foundation especially for young men for long term happiness and freedom.

If you plan to do college, go for Limitless. But if you are planning to get into work, Ascended Mogul or Stark will serve you well.

Stark is good for productivity and education as well in my opinion.

Welcome to SubClub!


Hi @JaEazy welcome! im new here too, around 4 days now.

18 awesome! I cant advise you better than anyone else here, but id start on 1 sub to begin with. See how you get on. Im doing Ascension.

Fire, 1 of the co-founders here advised me on this and everyone else said its an awesome sub to have as a base. I think based on what you have said its a good place to start and to give it 2months/60days worth of play before even considering another.

That is the advice I got and the plan im working on. Hope that helps in some way.


@bombayduck So right you are!:+1::sunglasses:


@JaEazy Greetings and welcome to Sub Club. Ask questions and read the Sub Club material. Best of luck to you on your Sub Club adventure.