Hello Everyone, I'm new here!

Stark + Wanted

Welcome to the community, mate. :slight_smile:



Welcome @JaEazy .

First I would encourage you to read about all the products in the main shop. Make a shopping list. Think. Ponder. Wait. Think more.

I see in your list that a few programs could help. Ascension I think is a logical choice.

As for others, Stark, Khan, WANTED might all be helpful as well. If “more attractive” you mean physically attractive, then WANTED might be something to make sure you read about.

I tend to ask people focus on caution. I would encourage you to pick one program, notice what happens for 21 days as you listen. The other thing is ZP has its own effect.

So you have two things to experience with your first program: ZP format and the program itself.

As for height, there is Emperor Fitness Height Inducer at the Q shop.

Now I know it might be tempting to grab WANTED. If you do so, great. I would lean towards encouraging Ascension first, then re-think about your next step.