Hello everyone! I’m new and would love your help!

Good day, everyone! My name is Jay, and I came across your forum while researching subliminals. You guys appear to be very knowledgeable and helpful, so I felt confident enough to join the fourm and ask for your advice.

I am 25, married, and expecting our first child in October, all while living at my mother’s house. My wife and I have been here for three years, and I honestly don’t know why we haven’t moved out on our own yet. I think it’s because I’m always worried about money.

I borrowed money from banks twice, the first time for $3,000 to buy my wife a car, which I ended up wasting on things I can’t even remember. The second time was $10,000, of which I wasted $7,000 and used the remaining $3,000 to buy my wife’s car. My credit is currently ruined, and one of the financial institutions is suing me to collect their money. I’m not sure why I manage money so poorly; I’m assuming it’s a money-related belief I have.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I’ve tried affiliate marketing before, but when things don’t work out, I get shiny object syndrome; it’s as if I’m not consistent with making the marketing business work; I keep giving up and self-sabotaging myself, then moving on to the next business idea. I really want to start a successful home business because I currently drive trucks and I want to be there for my first child as she grows up; I hate being on the road.

I’d also like to improve my social skills so that I can be more charismatic. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to start doing webinars and other things, so I don’t need to be shy about putting myself on camera and making videos. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of confidence.

What are your suggestions for products to help with my money and social skills/camera shy issues?

Also, could you please explain stacking to me? I’d love to read your guide if you have one.


Welcome bro,

This is a great place to be. I’m only 6 months into Subclub myself so I wouldn’t want to to give serious advice but Chosen and Eog stick out to me while reading your intro.

However I think @Billions would be a great help here for your issues along with @Lion for the foundational information we all need to know :slight_smile:

I wish you huge success and happiness. Good luck and don’t forget to read as much as time allows for on the forum, there is beyond wealth here.


Hello @JaySolo. Welcome.

For wealth, I would recommend the same as @Geoff. Which is Ecstasy of Gold (EoG). It is an all round financial title that will remove your limiting beliefs about money, help you find your purpose and guide you to monetize it to generate wealth.

CHOSEN is a good choice for positive and charismatic leadership. But so is Stark if you want to run a business of your own. Stark will also help with independence and self-reliance.

I would recommend you read the sales pages of both to help you make a decision. And read that of EoG too.

Here are the guidelines:

If you have TWO titles in your stack, both Zero Point, do the following:

  • Day 1: 1 loop of each title.
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: 1 loop of each title
  • Day 4: Rest

… and so on. After 21 days, take five days off. If Day 21 is a rest day, you may include that in your five days off.

For the full details, check this link:

A worthy goal. Best wishes.


@JaySolo Greetings and welcome. There are many wise people here to help you. Good luck and enjoy your Sub Club journey. One thing I did was to read all the questions and journals on the website. This helped me tremendously and ask questions.


Thank you all for your advice!! I’ll definitely continue reading posts on this site, and I’ll check out the subs you guys recommended @Lion @Geoff :grimacing:


Ascended Mogul for Money
Stark/Wanted for videos


@JaySolo : A lot of the things you wrote remind me of myself a few years ago.
I can recommend two subs.
1 - Ecstasy Of Gold which is one of the best money sub we have here.
2 - Ascension for charisma and leadership.
As a soon to be new dad, you will need Ascension. Being a dad is going to be the MOST challenging thing you’ll ever go through. You will need Ascension. You can also use Ascended Mogul instead of Ascension.
I see some people recommend other subs but some of them are too advanced for you as a newbie. Please do yourself a favor and stick to those two subs until the end of the year. Don’t start switching subs and sabotage your own results. Stick to Ascension until the end of the year before switching to another sub. Ascension or Ascended Mogul will build your foundation for most of the other subs we have here.
Leave Ecstasy Of Gold in your stack for at least one year or until you reach the money goals you have.
Lastly, results are based on action. Therefore go out there and take massive action and you’ll see how much the subs will help.


Can I run EoG, Stark, and Ascended Mogul at the same time? Or would I have to choose between EoG and Ascended Mogul?

That’s great advice! I already purchased EoG and Stark, I’m looking at Ascended Mogul now.

EoG + Stark + Ascended Mogul is waaaay too much for a newbie. It’s might even be too much for experienced users. The results will take a long time to manifest. You’re going to be a dad in October, you don’t have time to be playing around with a heavy stack like that.
Pardon me if I sound brutal but you’re going to be a father in a few months and you’re living in your mom’s house and you need money. You have no use for Stark right now. Leave that alone. :joy:

Pick two good subs instead of three and start taking massive action. That’s what you need right now. I was in your shoes at one point of my life too. I wish I had these subs back then. If EoG + Ascended Mogul is your choice, run that stack for a year before trying to switch. You’ll be surprised how fast time goes when you have a baby and how much money it takes. Leave Stark alone for now.


Okay, I get it. I appreciate and respect the fact that you’re being honest with me, and given that this is my first child, my priority is to get my shit together because you’re right, we need to be living on our own. Later on when I’m a more experienced user, I’ll add Stark. :grinning:


Btw, you guys have any advice for raising daughters? :thinking:



  • Be a strong father figure and don’t allow any feminist BS in your house.

  • Make sure you open her mind early to other cultures and languages. I don’t know where you live but if there is a bilingual school in your city, enroll her in there. It is an unbelievable professional and personal advantage to grow up speaking two languages.

  • Make sure she understands early how money works but you need to know that yourself before you can teach her. Make sure she grows up in a household where money is not an issue.

  • Make sure she develops early a healthy self image. Sports is the best thing for that.

  • Last but most important, MAKE HER LIFE FUN!!!


Hey @JaySolo welcome. Im new here too been here for 31 days, running ASCENSION. Still too soon to see anything but I will try to help you out.

I know what you are saying, you are stuck at home etc. but I think your mindset needs to change. Forget the culture of moving out and getting your own place etc for now, why do you need to do that? All that will happen is you will run further into debt, unless you can afford it.

You currently have a roof and a support group such as your mother (parents) to help for when the baby arrives.

Once the new element to your life, the baby arrives then you can work out what the next steps are for you. Right now work from where you are if you can.

Im not saying being home is going to be easy but it is good enough.

Some here have suggest what I think they regard here as major subs. Yet from the posts ive read, it seems no matter what sub you use here, you need to start on the basic foundations. I could be totally wrong but that seems to be the trend ive noticed.

So spending money on subs that may only give some results may be pointless.

Ask the question what is the basic sub that I need.

Same with stacking, using more than 1 sub may not be good for you. Again im new here but its again the trend ive noticed here that new users like me need to start on 1 sub and a basic foundational sub then move on.

I suggest to you that you use ASCENSION as I was suggested by one of the founders here. Read its objectives list.

See that it works on fear, which I think you have as well as procrastination and motivation. Let those 3 set the base foundation.

Use this sub easily for 3 cycles (21 days + 5 days break called Washouts here).

Then see about ADDING a sub on top if you wish or keep going with just this sub.

I suggest you DO NOT add any other sub to this sub UNTIL you have seen how you respond over time and notice results for yourself.

This is my own thinking for myself.

Im trying to help so im sorry if my newbie advice isnt correct but good luck! everyone here is friendly and wants to help each other so you have this to begin with.

And congratulations on the pregnancy mate.


Wow. Great thread! Thanks for being so honest and open.

For now, you’ve got the right idea! Run EOG + Stark, it’ll help you socially and with money beliefs. Don’t add a third title.

I agree with people suggesting Ascended Mogul for you over Stark… but if you already purchased Stark, and you like Stark, and you want to work on your social skills, run Stark! You’ll do great on it. Don’t let us stop you.


Ramp up, man.

1-6 months of Ascended Mogul, combined with working and money-making. And business-building activities if that’s your path. (Ideas will come to you out of ‘nowhere’ as you play the subliminals. Take them seriously.)

As you start to gain momentum and notice changes happening, bring in Ecstasy of Gold. At that point, you can layer. For example, after 2-3 months of Ascended Mogul, bring in Ecstasy of Gold stage 1. Play them together for 1-2 months. After that, it’s up to you whether you phase out Ascended Mogul or not. At that point, you’ll have enough experience to base your choice on how you like it and on what it’s doing for you.

My oldest is a daughter.

My “advice”:

Work on healing and growing yourself.


Aim to be available to respect her and to connect with her on her own terms. Choose your actions and responses based more on what’s actually happening; and based less on your assumptions and fears. Eyes open.

When (not if) you make mistakes, course-correct without wasting too much time on other nonsense. Put out the fire first. Then go beat yourself up or blame the government or whatever else your dysfunctional coping response of choice is. (or better yet, then just get back to living.)

You can say sorry sometimes when you mess up. It does NOT make you weak. Actually most men are too weak to do it.

Remember that your newborn/6-month-old/1 year old is not just a newborn/6-month-old/1-year-old. She’s a 2 year old, 12 year old, 22 year old, and 32 year old who is just taking a bit longer to talk to you. That 32 year old won’t be able to talk to you for, say, about another 32 years or so. Until then she’ll be invisible. But, brother, she’s here, and she’s watching. And remembering. Do yourself a favor and start respecting her now so you can have a good relationship when she finally shows up and starts talking to you.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your family. Your love and your joy are great gifts that they will remember.

Okay. Enough so-called advice.

Blessings on you, and your family, man. Wish you great happiness, thriving, and bounty beyond all of your expectations.


Magnificent choice, mate. You’ll learn and work like a machine but your social/sex life should improve massively as well. Just know what you want, keep going towards it and be patient.

Welcome to SC.


WELCOME TO SUB CLUB!!! :partying_face:


Thank you so much for all of your suggestions!! I’m thrilled to be a part of a community of intellectuals who care about people and want the best for us! The amount of information available here is incredible, and I’m definitely taking everything into account!
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