Hello everybody and two question

Hello everybody,
I’m new and just want to introduce myself. I am looking forward to being here and will hopefully learn a lot.

Almost all of the subliminals here sound great in my opinion. Everything is exciting. But there are so many subliminals.

Is there somewhere an overview of all the the subs and what they are doing? Because many of the subs sound equal…
And I dont want to read every text in the shop…

And also: are there some instructions how I can mix the subliminals? I have read you can hear more than one sub…

Have a nice day.



This will help if you are planning to stack them.

Also, if you plan on doing single titles at a time: https://www.subliminalclub.com/support/how-many-loops-should-i-listen-to-single-title/


You are @batman. You gotta do the investigation, detective :grin:

Start with the new user manual. It’s a good place to start:


For new guys, the best thing to start with in general is Ascension, Mogul or Ascended Mogul, if you feel fancy. Or if you don’t want that, tell us what are your goals and people will recommend something to you.

There is no comparison list of all subs, sadly.


There isn’t a comparison per say but on the main site you can filter them down depending on overarching goals

Your first mistake was revealing yourself, Batman. :smiling_imp:

It’s generally recommended to start with Ascension and then expanding into that which resonates with your personal goal. Ascension will help you form a foundation that other titles would work from. It’s never a bad choice to start with it, especially with what it has to offer (or ascended mogul, if you wish)


thanks for your answers. I have read a little bit and have some more questions about the different versions of the subs.

For example:

-Sex Mastery X2
-Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA
-Sex Mastery X2 Q

The Sex Mastery X2 Q contains only the Sex Mastery X Core Modules I-III, which you can use for your own custom subliminal.
The Sex Mastery X2 Ultima is something like an Aura Subliminal with the fokus of the subliminal “Sex Mastery X2”. The inner growth is not really part of it.
And the Sex Mastery X2 is the complete Subliminal.

Is that correct?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re correct.

Sex Mastery XQ core is for the custom subliminal and contains the core modules.

The Ultima are different product lines that are fast acting, which you could expect to see the effects within an hour or two. Best used when expecting to do something. In this case, if you were planning to have sexual intercourse, use the Ultima of Diamond, or Sex Mastery, or Libertine, True Social if planning to socialize, Sanguine Ultima for reconciliation/mood lifting and so on.

And then you have the SMX2 which contains many different modules aimed to make you a sex god.

You will come across some titles that would contain a combination of many titles, such as Primal Seduction, which contains Primal title, Sex and Seduction and Sex Mastery, among other extra goodies.

The suggested listening is a normal title and then supplementing it with an Ultima, in this case Sex Mastery and then the Ultima after a while. The reason behind this is that the normal titles have a long term effect compared to ultimas, although you could use an ultima like normal and still reap a lot of benefits. Furthermore, the normal titles usually contain healing while the ultima version of the same title would not; as it is expected that you’ve used the normal version. A more narrow and focused acting is what they are.


Thank you all for stepping up and helping out the new guy!

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So Ultima are short term and normal subs are long term. I have read somewherr that combining is the best.

At the moment I am doing an alpha male subliminal from a other company. I will finish this in the beginning of the march.

Then I will test subs from here. My goals are fighting fear and having sex. What would you recommend me?

You have the correct mindset for this. Once you dedicate yourself to something you’ll finish it. I like it.



On the other side I had and have often days where i want to quit, because 6 month are so long.

I think here the times which you have to listen are shorter and you can combine the subs. Because of that, I want to test the subs here. If they work for me, it will be amazing :wink:

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They will work, if you allow them to work :smiley:

Still, when you start with SubClub, run them long term. That’s what I’ve done and I got the results I wanted.

And I’m not sensitive to subs. Or any other modality either. SubClub subs are the only thing that I managed to work for me. But it took time.

Now 1,5 years after sticking long enough with my stacks I’m really happy with my results. I have changed what I run, but I recommend at least 3 months.


Ok. I am curious about how the subs from here will work…
Can you recommend something? At first I want to use complete subs with and no Q-subs.

I only have used EoG and Emperor long enough time to get results. There are other people who are more qualified to give you advice.

I’m a bit of a special case, as I’m extremely nonsensitive to subs. There are plenty of other people here who have gotten way faster results than me.

@RVconsultant @JCast @Azriel @Voytek


What do you mean by a complete sub?

What do you mean by “no Q-subs”? Do you mean no custom subliminals?

Thank you for the tag!

What are the shortcomings you want to work on, what do you want to improve, what do you want to achieve? Those are questions which need to be answered before you make your decision on which subs you shall use.

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Good luck with that

@JCast since @Batman is new, you might want to elaborate on what you mean by that. I know because I’ve been here for months and month, and I know the products. And I know your sense of humor.

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