Hello all, have not had much experience with subliminals

I didn’t understand how the forums work, so I pretty much introduced myself in the journal topic. I’ll link to my journal here, so you can read it, if you wish: Acension - A skeptics journey

As I said in my journal, I’m a big believer in the unconscious mind, and have had some experience with other ways of working with it, but not subliminals really, which is why I decided to create a journal and track my progress.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know everyone and join the community.


Welcome to the community everyone is very helpful here. When I first joined I was overwhelmed and confused taking a couple days to navigate the forum and read the post was very helpful and utilizing the search bar, it took me about a week after that to start my journal. Peace and blessings to you😊


We are here to help you, my friend. Please feel free to ask any question before which I would recommend reading the support pages and various journals here.

Support page link:


Hi @BeautifulSoulGoddess, thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, getting familiar with the forums has been a learning curve for me, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now. Thanks for the warm welcome, and I’ll take a look at your journal - you can look at mine as well if you wish, it’s only a few days old at this point.

Thanks @Lion, I appreciate all your help. One question that did come to my mind last night was the possibility of using subs on my daughter.

My situation is one where she comes to my place a completely different person (than when she left the last time). I’ve been trying to get her to use mindful breathing, but she wants no part of it.

My ex (her mom) has turned to be a very selfish woman (oftentimes lying and deceiving to get her way), and my daughter, has unfortunately, begun to internalize that mindset, and has been bullying kids at school, only thinking of herself (and wondering why she has no friends), lying to people and getting in trouble because of it, etc. I don’t know if the topic has ever come up before, but I’d be interested in getting your take on this. My daughter is 10 yrs old. Thanks


10 years is too young for the subs. Most subs are 18+ and some 16+. Below that they should not be heard.


Okay, thanks for answering my question @FireDragon


@FireDragon is correct. Fortunately, the subliminals over here will help you parent her better.

My recommendation is to add something like Lovebomb or CHOSEN to Ascension after 2 to 3 months of Ascension.

That will change her perception of you and help you lead her. Ascension and the alpha mindset it will give you will also help.

EDIT: The subliminal “Emperor: House of Medici” is also excellent for family matters.


Okay, thanks @Lion I appreciate your advice on this. I’ll stick to Ascension for the time being, and add in one of those you mentioned in a few months once I notice some really significant changes occurring in myself. Have a great day.

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Excellent decision, @aklimatize.

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I would also go for Ascension with either Lovebomb or Chosen because of the positivity aspects. If I was in that situation I would enjoy it to have some positivity bubble to protect me. After some time or some cycles you can look where you stand then and create clearer goals on which milestones next to take to get to your dream life and which subs can support you.


Can you elaborate on this, please? Do you mean just become more positive, so no negative affects me, or do you actually mean that the sub will create positivity around me, so that I’m protected from negativity?

Yes, this is an excellent way to put it. One thing I know I’ve been lacking in for some time is creating goals and going after them. I feel like I’ve been one of Pavlov’s dogs, and learned helplessness…well, no more! I’m going to pull myself out of the shit and the mire and start chasing stuff again. Thanks bro.

It is the mental attitude that will change to positivity (so also your focus of what you will notice in the world), you will have an aura of positivity and attract over time more and more positive people in your life.
You can read up the objectives on the website


Ok, thanks for the clarification. I will take a look at the objectives; I don’t think I ever saw them previously.

I don’t know how much custody time you have with your daughter, but you have got to show her the best example of a disciplined, strong alpha without the aggressive take-from-others bit. She’s 10, so unfortunately that will form a core part of her behaviour.

Ascension will do the trick. Chosen is more of a soft power sub you can add later. Godlike Masculinity will turn you into a rock - the child will sit up and take notice and hopefully course correct.


I agree with you on this; I’ve always tried my best to be a good dad to her. Oftentimes, I feel as if I’m flying blind in a lot of things, as I never had a dad myself, so I did not have a good example. However, I think I’m figuring it all out, but there are some other influences that seem bent upon her not getting better, so I’m also trying to tackle those (legally of course).

Okay, I think I will add in GLM after about 2 months of Ascension then; I definitely think she needs a strong hand to help her see the right things to do, and as of right now, she fights me at every turn (not all the time, mostly when she first comes from my ex’s place). I appreciate your insight into this, and will follow your advice here.



Hi buddy.

Have you considered running : A Lovebomb for Humanity

Seems like the perfect title for your situation


Great to have you onboard myself and Lion have been community members for 3 years if not more.

RVConsultant and DarkPhilosopher are both cool guys. I know RVconsultant from 2015 we were both members of the Hayley Quinn club he is a top man.

I introduced RVConsultant to SC years ago by getting him to try emperor. He was hooked from the start.

Saint and Fire are top blokes who are genuine unlike the other scammy vendors out there.

The products are safe and do work providing you put in the heavy lifting.