Height on emperor fitness


I’ve been on stage 4 for 25 days and stage 3 for 35 days

A lot of people have asked if I’m taller and have stated it

Anyone else who use this sub long time notice this?

Please I wanna get to the bottom of this


Emperor Fitness Height Inducer?

That module is in the Q Store.


I always get that reaction when I start doing Wrestler’s Bridge in my workouts. Mostly because of the improved posture.

Besides …

Slimming down also contributes to the illusion that you’re now taller. :wink:


My dad physically measured me. I was his height I’m now taller


Keep in mind I was using a height sub but I stopped and over the last month specially the people who tell me I look taller (no illusion I ask if I’m closer to the sky) have said I do


Homies who use fitness subs and lift hard talk to me


How old are you?


twenty nine almost 30, I started listening to height frequencies, i stopped but feel i still grew taller.

MAYBE it is my posture but I’d like to know more about people’s shifting tech in the ef because I look fucking amazing, my body looks good its well proportioned



You’re experiencing physical shifting technology.


so EF has height inducer in it?


Yes, @Yazooneh. Am imagining that’s the reason why they named the module Emperor Fitness Height Inducer because height Inducer was first in EF


How much taller are you?


i grew overall in 8 months 3 cm give or take, and this month I just feel taller with others and im going to measure tomorrow morning to be accurate.


Your height is different day and night, literally. You tend to be tall in the morning but shrink towards the day because of gravity.


This logic applies.


Yes proper traction and hydration of disks and spine, improved posture, these will all temporarily to more permanently increase height a minor to relevant amount. After two years of yoga practice my friend who was my height is now 2 inches taller than me. I’m a twin and used to hang from a chin up bar for 2 minutes total a night for a year, and I’m an inch and 1/2 taller than my twin. I also did two years of manual male enhancement exercises and that significantly upgraded things. So I know what is possible with effort.

I was hoping in the case of the physical shifting modules I’m using-Emperor Fitness Height Inducer and Male Enhancement- they would provide something possible beyond what would be do able without them. Which they very well may given time. I’m not tracking it to much but no results other than slight initial increase back to previous best so far, which is a good start.


Bro same even the male enhancement thing

I’ve gained 0.8 inches and still going


from the male enhancement module?


No I dont have a custom

Manual penis enlargement exercises


Project hero shall save the day!