Headphones Query



@SaintSovereign and anyone else

Are these headphones sufficient for Ultima use? I have seen the threads about the Sennheiser HDs, but I haven’t seen any cheaper recommended listening hardware.

I ask because I already own these.


I have used that before. But for Ultima I use the Sennheiser HDs. So I’m interested in @SaintSovereign to answer this too!


Welcome to the club! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, I’m hoping these ones work, but if they don’t I would prefer to know sooner rather than later so I’m not wasting listening time ya know?


One thing you could do is plug them into some other device and play ultras on them. use Frequensee on your phone and hold the mic near the headphones to see if the ultra spike shows up. I do that with my iphone and Ipad when testing out new/different gear.


I’ll try that :smiley:


You use them on phone?


They’re alright… can’t say they’re optimal for Ultima use. Ideally, you’d want something a bit more high-end, but this SHOULD work.


Thanks for the answer, Saint. Do you have a recommendation that’s a bit cheaper than the HD 280s? I understand that flat response is optimal? I don’t know much about headphones, honestly…


I used to use cheap headphones for some time and I got very good results but after switching to Sennheiser HD 280 the results improved, especially if it comes to Ultima. The same when I switched from a descent mp3 player to my phone whose sound quality is better.


You had an mp3 player with a speaker?


No no, I’ve always used headphones. A couple of days ago I switched from that mp3 to my phone and I noticed an improvement in the results. Then I figured it was about the quality of sound on both devices


Any of the Sony MDR earphones – even the cheapest ones – have a mostly flat response, and a frequency range of 5-24kHz.

Only avoid the ones that specifically mention Extra Bass.


Oh ok, I see.


I’ll check them out now :slight_smile:


MP3 player


has anybody tried out Airpods with Ultima and getting results?


I use the Sennheiser HDs and Airpods and both work well.


The HD 280s, or a different set?


Yes, the HD 280s.