Headphone jacks going extinct

With headphone jacks going the way of the dodo these days in flagship phones, is it a good idea to listen to subliminals using wireless headphones like Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds? Wondering for three reasons:

  1. Is their Bluetooth functionality okay to use during sleep?

  2. And how effective are they with subs as compared to wired headphones?

  3. Are they good for Ultima too?


FOr this very reason i have a seperate low budget phone only dedicated to subs, which i never plan to change or updgrade


@mecharc - although I did consider that idea, what I normally do is give my older phone to someone else to use, when I upgrade. I prefer being minimal in most affairs so that’s why I am thinking about this.

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An opinion of the legendary Yardbird.


It depends on the phone and bluetooth headphones. While people usually look at bluetooth version(4 vs 5), that is not making a difference in terms of audio quality, just battery life.
Bluetooth means that the sound is encoded before is sent to the headsets. It’s the codec used for this encoding that will make a difference. I’m on Android, so I always look for LDAC or aptx-hd.
Here’s an article descibing the whole codec audio quality thing:

For quality and consistency, maybe a dedicated player would fit your needs: I keep a fiio X7 in my bed just for subs, switching from headsets to speakers. I swear by FIIO brand, here’s an article with some of their products:


@King - really cool. But he is talking about Bluetooth speakers and not headphones. Also, I am still wondering about sleeping with Bluetooth headphones.

@lovage - it’s a very interesting work-around but that’s not for me in terms of a dedicated player. Will still read the links. Possible that there is a solution in there somewhere.

Been using my Huawei Freelace bluetooth earbuds to play my sublminals for a long time.

Perhaps I should upgrade to a flat response headphone.

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@King - excellent. Wanted to hear something like this. Do you put them in your ears when you sleep?

I use a Transcend MP3 player for subs. :+1:t2:

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@Simon - do you use the headphones that came along with it?

No, I only play 1 or 2 loops a day now…

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@Simon, @lovage, @King, @mecharc

I think I need to be more specific with my question. Suppose I had the recent iPhone SE 2020 (a very basic but good phone) and had the Airpods (not Pro), will this combination be enough for sleeping with them in your ears? Good for subs? Good for Ultima? And I don’t want to purchase anything else.

No. The player is over 5 years old. Phone ones. JBL.

I hardly use earphones though. I play subs on speakers.
Computer Speakers. Also over 5 years old. :smile:

And these were a major upgrade. :astonished:

Until a year back, my subliminals setup was a 10 year old phone (Samsung Monte) and an even older Ipod Dock (TDK iCubic). :blush:

:smile: :smile: :smile:

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I don’t find that Airpods can sustain a charge for much longer than 2 hours.

There are other bluetooth headphones that last longer.

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The way I see it, you have a few different options. Which works best for you depends on your lifestyle.

  1. If you love Bluetooth and if you’re frequently using an iPhone device as you’re out and about (and want to use the same one overnight), you can invest in a long-battery life Bluetooth headphone/earbud. Some of them last a really long time. On the other hand, that means you’ll have those waves bombarding your head and brain for the entire night. meh. I don’t know.
  1. If you listen while in one spot (bed, desk), you could use wired headphones (connected to your PC or some other device that retains a jack)

  2. If you’re using a current or older generation iPhone/smartphone or iPad/tablet, you can invest in a dongle. I use these:

3.5 mm to lightning
3.5 mm to USB-C

iPads/tablets will always have the USB-C. So that’s also another option for overnight listening. Charge up your tablet, switch to low battery mode, and then plug in your headphones and play overnight.


@Malkuth - yes I understand the short battery life of the airpods but am keeping that example to ask basic questions with a modern basic setup.

Also, if one is playing only 1 or 2 loops of a particular sub in a night, the battery life of the Bluetooth headphones won’t be an issue.

Again, if I use galaxy buds, it has more than a night’s worth of juice.

Just wondering about these questions and about whether anyone has done it this way. Is Bluetooth headphones harmful for sleep? Will subs work with Bluetooth headphones? And about Ultima too with these products.

Ah, I see.

Sure, have used AirPods all the time. In daytime and overnight. Have not harmed my sleep. As for my general health? Don’t know.

Don’t know about Ultima. But they seem to work great for other subliminals. Maybe someone else will have more detailed opinions.

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@Malkuth - that’s awesome. And yes, lets see what others have to say too.

Airpods are great, Bluetooth headphones are great as well. As long as you hear the sound of the waves you should be fine.

Subliminal’s work on every device, obviously if you’d like to get increased results you can always get high performance audio technology, but this is far from a requirement to get good results.