Having younger me listen to subs


Something I’ve been contemplating is combining subs with Neville Goddard’s “Revision”…or something similar. Meditate and visualize I’m placing headphones on 10-year-old me while I listen to subs.

Neville’s revision is a way of “Changing the past” with imagination…so I figured it’d be cool to havre 10-year-old me listen to stuff like Emperor, QL, Khan, etc…whatever would have really benefited me back then.

If I can wrap my head around keeping a good solid visualization for 45+ mins at a time, I’ll probably start a new journal about it since this wouldn’t a 100% passive method like set-and-forget is.

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Great…Thanks for starting this thread…how did you get the 10 year-old you?

Would be interesting to hear how you mix the revision techniques with subliminals.


I just figured 10 would be a good age to start loading my mind up with all the goodies from the subs. the mindsets for building an empire.

Maybe 12 would be better. Dunno about that.
As for the HOW, I’d either just imagine/visualize going back and placing headphones on young me…watch his face as the subs play.

Or, since I am a hypnotist, just record a session for myself where I just set up a construct so when I listen to a sub, my SubC mind gets to look back and find the earliest optimal/best age where that sub would have benefited me in that moment and every moment going forward and then drop the sub into my “timeline”.

I think the ripple effects of that could be amazing, assuming this idea would work the way I’m thinking.


I am not too familiar with Neville Goddard, but I have played a game similar to this for many years.

I’ll think about what I would set up for my younger self if I could go back and mentor him. People might think that’s about regret, but strangely, it’s not. It’s more about kind of consolidating what you’ve learned and clarifying what your dreams and values are.

Every so often, I try to stretch my mind in the other direction. I’ll imagine the me from 25 years in the future coming back to do the same thing for me now.

I like playing these exercises. Sometimes they yield real insights. Sometimes it’s slow going. Either way, I like it.


I thought about this too, but I dont think Neville would support this.
Think about this: What are subliminals? A tool. For what? To live the life of your dreams.
It is a means, a way to get to where you want to be.
When you imagine, you only imagine from the end, not what you do to get to the end.
Meaning I think it would be wiser to revise your past self and make him act/feel/think like you wish it happened with emperor/khan.

Btw welcome back, Bill, long time no see!


I’m with @ExploringAstronaut on this.

If one is going to Reframe/Regenerate the past, it’s best to install New History, not a picture of listening to Subs. As a hypnotist, I’m sure you understand this.

I used to do this, and also getting advice from Imaginary Mentors.
In recent years, I communicate mostly with the version of me that has already achieved the goals I’ve currently set.

I don’t think about the Past much.

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

This is a really rich, evocative thought. It has been staying with me in the days since I read it.


This is timely.

Intend to start doing this.

Thank you.


I go about the same way in my life. The only reality is the present, so focus your thoughts on the present or visualize the future to create the new.

  • Socrates wrote, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


It’s in the first 7 years where the child is most susceptible to being programmed