Greetings from Slovakia (Maybe you heard about Czechoslovakia from the past)

Hello there from Europe, Slovakia.
I discovered SC just this week and I was really impressed.
You could say I came here from morphic fields.

I have already bought Emperor. Since childhood, I used to have frequent headaches (not migraines) and I already had experience with wired feelings (which can lead to headache in my case) after listening to subs from youtube.
This time I have listened to Emperor Qv2 (Masked) two times via headphones and had the same wired feeling. Based on general instruction 2 times is a baseline. So my first question is if it is sufficient to maybe listen to only one loop?
I bought also Paragon and will try Emperor x1 and Paragon x1 on the same day. Maybe Paragon will help my brain to better adapt or rid of frequent headaches.
Second question, since Wanted came out and caught my eye as of many of you, if is it a good option to listen to sub every other day, like:

Emperor 2x(1x)
Wanted 2x(1x)
Emperor 2x(1x)
Wanted 2x(1x)
Emperor 2x(1x)

Or just stick to only one?

Third question. I am 40 but have complete gray hair and also stuttering, but I assume any Sub can’t cover any of those issues.

Wish you much success.


Welcome to Subclub, my friend

Emperor + Wanted would be the perfect stack for you. Play the Masked files. The ultrasonic is not so simple

You can start with 1 loop of each everyday. If that is comfortable, increase the loop by 1 each week. With 2 rest days of course.

Also drink 1 or 2 litres of water everyday

Emperor could solve your stutter issue and Wanted has the hair module so it could solve graying. Will take a while though

Don’t forget to take as much action as possible on both titles

All the best


Is it a Reconciliation if I had pressure in my head after yesterday’s listening? Last night I had a lesser deep sleep but a bigger REM phase. That pressure in my head is annoying and I doubt that I can listen to 2 loops today. I wanted to play today Wanted 1x and then Paragon 1x but instead, I will probably listen to the only Paragon before I go to sleep.

@SaintSovereign @Fire
Just a small suggestion. Maybe it would be worth trying to create something for learning foreign languages. As for me as a foreigner, it would be English but it could be anything like Spanish, French, German, Russian and so.

I’m sure you could use limitlessQV2 for that


Welcome @Lineer2. Brother, you have chosen a pretty excellent time to arrive here. I’ve been here for about 1.5 years, and the choices available during this time have just expanded more and more. It’s pretty crazy.

Anyway, Emperor and Wanted are great programs. I’m running different ones myself, but will get to them eventually.

Yup. Limitless. as @pacman said.

Also if you ever create a custom subliminal, check out the Polyglot module. (It’s specifically focused on language-learning).

For the gray hair and stuttering, if and when you get to building a custom, consider APS:Hair and a module called Emperor’s Voice.

But no need to rush for that. The modules you already have, Paragon and Emperor, will very likely also start to help with the exact same areas.

Be sure to stack non-subliminal strategies and actions together with using the subliminals. They’ll cross-fertilize and enhance one another.


How are you dealing with overload?
All day I am sluggish, tired. Did one time paragon around lunch, it helped for a while but now the headache is slowly coming to me :frowning: .

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Nazar, jak sa máš? :slight_smile:

Rest. Even if it’s overload not related to subliminals, it’s best to just rest. Subliminals add additional load to your mind, so I wouldn’t use them when overloaded.


Nazdar ak chces mozes mi napisat na [email protected] a mozme sa spojit potom na FB.

Thanks, so this would be I guess the best solution, rest.

100% wanted fixes all your hair problems and also stuttering as long as you take action towards those things, its the title of pure physical shifting

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rest and dont overdo your loops, drink a lot of water with electrolytes and the headache will magically go away


Tak vitaj medzi nami :sunglasses:

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What do you think about this pattern of listening?
3 loops overall
3 loops overall

I am asking because after two days of listening I feel a little bit overloaded. So far I was doing like 5 days of listening and 2 days rest like it is in manual, but this new pattern will be maybe better.

And by the way, I am rotating (Primal, AM, RICH, Wanted). I could not decide which three so I am currently rotating them sequentially like.

Primal, AM, RICH
AM, RICH, Wanted
RICH, Wanted, Primal

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The rotation schedule you have looks okay.

With the manual, it assumes that the subs are in the Q format. Subs are now stronger in the QV2 format. Less loops is safer.

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Is it possible to somehow merge Ascension and Primal into one with custom subs?

Yes, definitely.

That’s one of the main functions of a custom.

Just include the elements that you want to merge. And the Q-engineer and Q-computer system will do the rest.

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But I am worried that Ascension Q core is not absolutely the whole Ascension program with all attributes like Godlike Masculinity, Rebirth, Romance Manifestation, and so on. Or is it? Same with Primal Q Core.

Oh, don’t worry.

The Q-store core has all of the elements of the standalone program. I had the same idea as you originally, then @Meng123 corrected my view.

I know that the term ‘core’ implies that it only includes some ‘essential’ elements, but despite that linguistic connotation, that is not the case. Ascension Core in the Q-store is all of Ascension.

I’ll try to find the thread where he explained it to me, so that he does not have to do it all over again. :sweat_smile:


There it is.

It took me a while to understand this, but that was just me. Maybe it will make sense to you immediately. haha.

But this quote from Saint is the crux of the matter.

Here’s how I’d explain it.

Think of the content of a subliminal as a group of specialized professionals. The structural scripting is something like the office where they sit to do their jobs.

The only thing that changes between a Major Program and a Q-store Core is the Office. Now it’s a more modernized office called the Q-Office. But all of the same personnel are still there, doing their same jobs.


That would be great, thanks. I am actually thinking about it because I found out that both of them helping me with stuttering. From Ascension, I am somehow more calm, stoic, and confident, and from Primal like chill and laid back and my speech is better.

Since I want to have a good foundation I am currently going Ascension, Mogul (AM does not have an effect like Ascension alone) Primal, Spartan, and alternate Limit Destroyer with Rebirth. Just one loop from everyone. 5 days listening and 2 days rest.

But it is quite too much for my energetic system. So I was wondering if I can merge Ascension with Primal into one whether it will be better managed with a lesser count.