Experimental Listening Pattern


Just wanted to drop a note here about some interesting research results that we’ve observed in our secondary private testing group (those who don’t post here). We’ve been experimenting with different listening patterns to see which garners better results. We’ve observed promising evidence that the best results come from listening to the stack during the day and not playing them at all during the night. We’re also observing good results from taking a “rest day” once a week and not listening to the stack.

I tested this myself and have experienced exceptionally vivid dreams at night – possibly because the mind is completely in “processing mode,” and more pronounced results the following day.

Test it out and let us know.

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Interesting. What’s the next best alternative for those of us that cannot play it during the day?


And are there similar tests done by those using just one sub and not a stack? I’m wondering if stacking too much causes the subconscious to fight against the programming, thus the need for rest?


I agree that more clarification will be helpful.

Is this for people who are running a playlist of multiple products, or just one sub for multiple days / weeks / months?


Could you please tell us more about these better results, and how they are the best results?

I listen all the time, and even when listening at night, I get crazy psychedelic dreams.

What does “better results” mean? Less reconciliation? Faster changes? More manifestation? Ease of use? Deeper transformation?


Some interesting results ,i listen to mine 24/7 day and night but take the odd day off occasionally. Also the daytime listening you mentioned is that masked or ultrasonic??


Maybe they are just noticing the results more. I dunno. I have vivid dreams all the time. I play all the time like you. Is it possible that when you are new to listening to subs you get overloaded because your not used to it so it takes time for results?


Well, the Private Testing Squad should be the elite of subliminal users :smile:

If @DarkPhilosopher can run 3 huge multi-stage programs at once and be okay with it, I am sure those people can handle running something 24/7.

I am just curious what they mean with “better.” Maybe it simply means they felt less reconciliation. But not necessarily more significant results.


Very good point :thinking:


I commend Sub Club for doing this research.

For me, I just get my listening stations up and running and let them run for weeks or months on end. Research may show that strategy not to be the most efficient, but it is a very low maintenance strategy.

I personally do not want to be watching schedules to turn things on and off, but if somebody likes to do that then I think it is great.


I try to listen as much as possible during the day but it’s not always easy. I was thinking that not listening at night and letting your brain process or rest may be a good idea


Doesn’t seem to make a difference between those running a singular title vs. an entire stack.

More noticeable and prominent results, in various ways, depending on the person. The consensus is that the subliminals “work better” this way.

No notable difference between the two.

I agree. I still maintain that “set and forget” is the easiest way to get benefits. We’re just exploring alternative listening patterns to see what happens.


Can you tell us which subs you were using during the test?


How many hours of exposure during the day are needed to make playing them at night inferior? 4, 8, 12+ hrs during the day?


A wide assortment, no pattern based on title was discovered, though most of the testers have a multi-stage as their “base.”

No less than 6 during testing.


@SaintSovereign have you also tried different volumes measured at ear level? so eg. -80db vs -60db for ultrasonic?


Ok, so to make things clear:

A person who listens to subs for 6 hours per day, for 6 days a week, will get much better results than someone listening 24/7?

Well, I am open minded. I hope a bunch of us test this pattern and notice whether it makes a difference. The importance thing is the results, not being married to one way of thinking.


Maybe its the same concept to bodybuilding, your muscles grow when you are resting/asleep, if you keep on training you burn out and sometimes have the reverse effects, maybe its the same with the mind, not sure though


I’m also curious about the average listening hours this group puts in. As well as the average hours of sleep they get. And the conditions, as it seems logical to me that if your exposure happens when you are in a repetitive state, doing things that aren’t too challenging, the programming is easier to incorporate as compared to being in something new, like new classes in school or a new job, or physically strenuous activities.

In other words, what are the testing parameters and how well have they been followed?

I actually notice this behavior in myself. At least once a week I have every intent from turning on the masked tracks when I go to sleep, but something stops me from doing so. And there are days when I’m so busy my exposure is minimal.

I can imagine there are a lot of people that simply can’t expose themselves all that much during the day. I myself do not like playing it out in the open where it would expose others. So I’m stuck to having headphones, which may not always be possible at work.


No, not necessarily. What I reported was that those who tried the experimental listening pattern and listened only during reported more pronounced results than those who listened while sleeping. Also, those who took a “rest day” noted pronounced results too. That being said, this is all subjective, but I’d imagine that there’s something as “too much” listening, just like going to the gym. I believe there needs to be a period where the mind is processing.