Example of a real life khan in this time?

Please don’t say khal Drogo or gengis, kublai khan. A current khan would be…

What style do you think a khan would wear?


I begin.

Maybe Hugh Hefner.

Tate… There is a guy named Andrew Tate.

He is an asshole, but I think he fits the Khan archetype :eyes:


I want that bed…


a khan in bathrobe…oh no :wink:

what about Tom Cruise


Definitely the right response to this thread. Andrew Tate is Khan personified. Personally, I don’t even think he’s an asshole, just a bit abrasive.


Steve Piccus

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Confident, babe magnet, somewhat well spoken, a daredevil of sorts, successful actor, an influencer in his cirlcle etc. Could very well be a Khan.

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Donald Trump. This isn’t a political endorsement, just saying he could fit the profile of a modern day Khan.


SaintSovereign and Fire. Two great great subliminal producers. Truly special. Truly phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant. Everyone is listening to their products. Believe me.

Together, we will make the subconscious mind strong again.

Together, we will make the subconscious mind free again.

Together, we will make the subconscious mind clear again.

And yes, together, we will make the subconscious mind great again.

Nope! That guy is too insecure. All his braggadocio is just a cover for his deep insecurity.


A perfect example of Khan (or Emperor too) is 50 Cent. Successful business wise. And he is only making more money as time goes by. He now has a movie production empire, after ruling the music industry for years. He never has a problem being merciless to his enemies. And he can pretty much have any woman he want and he did smash a lot of amazing women too.
Jay Z would be another example of a Khan who chose to stop exploring the sexual benefits that being a Khan provides. After he got in trouble with his wife. And by the way, you’re not marrying a woman like Beyonce and getting her to stay loyal to you if you’re not a Khan level individual.

Dr Dre would be an Emperor instead of a Khan. He is a billionaire (or close) but he is also a loner. He doesn’t appear in the media when he doesn’t have to. He mercilessly discards collaborators he doesn’t have a use for anymore. He has a very small circle of close friends and collaborators he has been working with for the last 20 years. He doesn’t appear to be interested in participating in social life as much as 50 Cent is for example.

None of the people that I mentioned appears to display a deep sense of personal insecurity that they try to cover with braggadocio the way Trump is. You can’t be a Khan if you’re insecure, regardless of the money you have. That’s why stage 1 of the sub is designed to break all those things down.


Got that right! Lol.

Leonardo DiCaprio would be another Khan. Money, fame, respect, amazing women when he wants to.


He almost snagged Jeff Bezos’ girl :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Bezos was close to learning that all his billions won’t stop DiCaprio sex appeal and smashing ability. :joy:


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If you actually watch the video you will notice that DiCaprio was polite but uninterested whereas Sanchez was “all eyes” for him.

DiCaprio can do better.

Bezos clearly can’t.

Because after the first few tens of million, money is irrelevant to girls.


I don’t care what anyone says : money, fame, status, power and looks are the things women look at. Get any 3 of those 5 and you’ll be smashing them left and right. Female nature doesn’t change.