Emperor VS. Khan


Hey Guys. I’m torn between centering my next custom around Emperor or Khan St4. I’d like to hear from some people who’ve used both. What kind of persona does each seem to push you toward? From what ive heard, Emperor tends to make you more dark and introverted which is how I am now. I’m a bit more like that than I want to be. Am I correct that Khan should push me to be more socially forward, but retain my dominant traits?
Also, is there any difference in the financial and success effects that these two programs have?


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If you haven’t used Khan (which I guess you have not based on the question) then I dont think you should put st4 in your custom.

The rest, yes Khan does put you more forward socially, and less introverted and lone wolfish but you can choose to be introverted and lonewolfy if you like. The longer I run it the more I notice I can let go and even enjoy dominating people if they try to talk shit or something whereas with emperor you just brush it off (no dominating for the sake of dominating, you just do your own thing)

Emperor has more wealth scripting also. Khan more romance.

I hope this gives good overview, in conclusion, go with Emperor for your custom OR run whole Khan until ST4 then add it to your custom



How many threads do we need on this question? :smile:


While I agree with you, I’d say some of the info I wasn’t able to find till now.

Eg khan having less wealth scripting than Emperor. It’s good to know, Sowhile I do hope we see an end to these threads eventually, I think it’s not really covered. Plus, as time goes on people may learn new things =)


At first I though you just quoted yourself and responded to your own quote like you were talking to a different person :joy: I see you were addressing Simon.
Yes all the details help.


Ah yes

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A thousand!! Emperor vs Khan 1000, the legend continues.