Emperor Q+House of Medici - [Stacked]

After reading several journals finally got Emperor Q + House of Medici. It’s been about 6 days so far and here are just of few of the things I’ve noticed.

HoM for me started off subtle. However after 20+ hours of listening I find myself wanting to go through every name in my phone and evaluating the relationship. Who do I keep or remove based on the value we bring to each other.

A thought occurred to me that all social relationships have a cost. Be it time or money. I felt a more nuanced view lurking in the shadows but that hasn’t surfaced yet.

I’m looking for a new job and already started a technical course I’ve been putting off for several months. At the same time I felt compelled to sit and map out interview strategies and set of a minimum , mid and max salary targets.

I’ve never used a tax attorney but feel like it just makes sense to hire professionals to handle these things. In addition think I’ll hire a service to handle minor thinks like scheduling appointments, travel and other minor things.

Tonight while listening I literally screamed “I’m fcking rich” but that could also be from the regular Emperor.

I’m really interested to see how HoM helps me evolve and develop my personality over the next year.

Emperor Q is strange. More often than not now when it’s playing my the head gets really warm. I notice my little pot belly and it pisses me off more and more every day. At the same time and can clearly see what my abs would look like without this extra fat.

Started a new eating plan almost effortlessly and have a strong desire to start working out. I notice that I’m pretty damn good looking. It’s odd, like something I never realized before. Not sure how else to explain it. I shaved my head, already thinking about how I dress and will be getting rid of all clothes that don’t “feel” right.

I no longer have any feeling of loneliness and enjoy my own company more and more. In social situations realize I’m no longer externally focused. I’m indifferent to opinions anyone else has of me. However I’ve become much more aware of any promises I make. Something about following through on commitments has gotten really strong.

There are number of other changes but I’ll update more as time goes on. I thought a lot of this was bullshit. Happy to be proven wrong and looking forward to the next step in this adventure.

Have only been running step 1/module of both programs.


Didn’t listen to any subs yesterday, a lady friend was visiting – seemed like a good opportunity to have a break.


The results from HoM are incredibly interesting to me.

A lady I’m seeing had her b’day party this past Monday. The event started an hour after I finished work and I later learned she rearranged everything so to fit with my schedule.

I almost cancelled – I really wanted to cancel but the more I considered cancelling this thought kept getting louder and louder. “You have to honour your commitments, whatever the cost”


Last week, I started a class that is turning out to be super technical (for me), much more than I expected. Classes are recorded so I was able to review the next day no problem. However in the moment I was worried about falling behind.

Anyway I honoured my commitment and went, engaged with all her friends, paid the bill and left after a few hours so she could party without me. And frankly after awhile it felt like I was wasting time, think that was the Emperor coming out.

HoM has a lot going on in a good way. I’m really looking forward to using this one even more and see what develops.

Emperor Q

When I woke up this morning my first thought was I’m going to stop drinking. It’s never been a problem but it feels like just alters my energy and dims my focus, can’t have that. So giving up drinking, red meat and starting today will work out for 25-30 minutes 4-6 days week.

Also noticed I’m really enjoying being alone. When with people I have no problem socializing since that is a really big part of my personality. I love interacting with people, hey love me and I’m comfortable being the centre of attention.

I didn’t mind being alone before but not I’m actively enjoying it – not really sure how I feel about that. At some point pretty sure I’m going to miss all the social interaction.

In terms of dating I’m actively seeing 4 women and courting 3 more, however think I want to cut that down. I love women, love being around them, they can be frustrating as all hell but that’s part of the appeal.

However now I’m starting to feel like they’re more of a distraction from my actual goals. The energy I spend with them could be reduced to a bare minimum and I’ll have more time to focus on move the needle in one or two key areas.

In terms of finances I just started investing in raw land. Just had an offer accepted on one and looking to acquire 5-10 add’l lots by years end. And really want to start a new job by February at the absolute latest.

It’s strange, two areas that I take for granted are the ones I feel need to be changed with Emperor.


So — things have been pretty strange recently in that changes happen (almost) effortlessly without lots of internal conflict.

HoM —

Raw Land - I’ve gotten much better at screening parcels for potential investment.

Securities - I haven’t researched a stock years. Once in awhile will look at business news but nothing crazy. Couple days ago I put together a value investing check list from a book I’ve had for years but never read. And look forward to moving a few companies though the process. This time instead of looking for a quick hit, I see the value in building a position. Not just with shares but also with crypto.

Private Placements/Offerings - Started looking at companies presented in a group/platform I have access to. Initially I wrote it off because of potential carry costs the custodians have in place. However now I’m figuring out ways to make this happen.

Professionals/Team Building - I’ve always been cheap when it comes to hiring professionals to do something, if I thought self help options were viable. I mentioned in an earlier post looking at tax attorneys, now that idea has extended to other professionals who can help move things forward. Just the thought of building a team over time feels good and anything else just feels like I was being penny wise and pound foolish.

What’s Possible - I missed a couple days of listening time. After getting back in the groove my bar for what I felt I deserved financially just shot up.


Sex/Dating - I used to have high sexual energy and consistent dates. Since listening to emperor I’m just not interested. It feels like more energy should be focused on hitting my goals and sex/dating is just waaaay at the bottom of this list. It’s as though all that sexual energy is channeled into goal achievement. Visited 2 different lady friends last night and just wasn’t into it. When heading back home this morning I wondered if that was really the best use of my time.

Focus/Goal Achievement - I’ve become hyper focused on my goals. Also, Instead of working on multiple things at once have laid out a plan of achievement and I’m focusEd on hitting them one at a time.

Diet/Body - I haven’t worked out yet. Was going to start the day of my first post but didn’t. That experience made me look at other decisions. It’s as if there’s a moment where I KNOW what needs to happen, I can choose that but when I decided otherwise (like with working out)it bothers me. And the discomfort increases until I actually move in that direction or take the actions necessary.

Social - I had a few friends over and loved it. Usually I’d put more effort into cooking, drinks and overall entertaining. This time I didn’t because didn’t seem like a good use of my time.

This part I really don’t like. I’ve always been very social so I can see this solitary thing really wearing on me.

Also recently in social situations I’m content to let people talk and just provide prompts where appropriate. Unless I’m really interested, in those moments I’m very strong willed and stand my ground.

Will keep an eye on the social aspect though. Dimming such an important part of my personality long term isn’t something I care for.


As mentioned in an earlier post a current class I’m taking is kicking my ass. Purchased Beyond Limitless Ultima a day or so ago and just ran it solo maybe 6 times. After the first few loops I passed out completely. After waking up had no desire to study, however that changed yesterday and for the first time I got a very basic grasp of the early material.

I had the most unusual dream early this morning. It was unusually vivid but I just dismissed it later on. Earlier today I had a date, she mentioned going to a landmark from my dream. It didn’t hit me until just having a discussion with a friend the significance.

Based on the dream, my feelings about the dream overall and this date I know it won’t work out at all. So I need to cut bait now and move on.

This is a super helpful side effect, will be running Beyond Limitless solo twice days per week.


I’ve been listening to Emperor solo. Few things came up that have been very helpful.

It hit me that I ask for permission a lot, not outright but in actions and when seeking input at times. Not something I’d ever attribute to myself but…there it is.

And that along with the second point is why I haven’t hit the level of success I want.

I am very scattered, to many irons in the fire. To really move the needle in any meaningful way my entire life needs to be focused on accomplishing one thing and everything else has to take a back seat.

I’ve very rarely if ever had this level of focus. It’s not circumstances, bad breaks or timing. It was all just me seeking approval and/or not having the level of focused intensity necessary to get things done.

So, now I know everything has to be in support of one goal. I’ve decided it’s going to be switching careers. And everything, including subliminals needs to be in support of that one outcome.

I’m only going to use SubClub programs that help hit that goal. I also drastically changed my eating and social habits. Everything has to be streamlined and focused.

Hell if I stopped right now and didn’t get any more insights, I sure as hell got my moneys worth. Hell of a lot cheaper than therapy too.


Haven’t updated in awhile — I took a break from reading the forums.

This won’t be formatted or organized, thoughts may be a bit scattered. Just wanted to get things down.

Feeling extremely confident about moving forward on my primary goal which is switching careers. Not even sure if confidence is the right word. There’s a strong sense of certainty. Kind of the same way I know I can go to the grocery store, get the ingredients to make dinner.

It’s more thinking about logistics than wondering if it’s possible.

Had a couple dreams, in the first I chased someone down and beat him to death. For whatever reason felt like he deserved it.

In another I was growing and someone was forcing me to shrink down. I would fight and growing (physically). Looked like a parent and child. I was the child and the parent was trying to keep me in my place. I wasn’t having it, literally woke to myself raging against this parent.

Socially I’m also just not interested. During discussions I am much more forceful about getting my point across.

The best response is when I sleep with Emperor playing in the background.

Realizing I tell a lot of stories to myself, waste a fck ton of time just being in my head instead of taking actions in the real world.

I intend to remove all women I’m currently seeing from the equation…they feel like a distraction.

When having sex I’m much more aggressive.

Had major reconciliation where I felt totally empty, no hope, passed eventually but it was a bit much. Started thinking I was using the wrong sub. And bought Alchemist, Minds Eye and Quantum Limitless.

Feel a main pull to Emperor though.

So many things are changing, my taste in music is changing.

Switching to a vegan diet for a 100 days or so. Giving up drinking, blow, weed. Just no desire, same thing with masturbation. Anytime I’m horny someone ends up in my bed and masturbation just feels like such a massive waste of energy and time now.

I’m more focused on knocking down my goals.

Started dollar cost averaging a percentage of income into crypto. Setting up debt repayment plan so it’s on autopilot. Land investing I’m putting on hold. Need to focus on one thing only.

Have been thinking about a custom build. Initially only Emperor in T2, T and Q. Since they all hit different why not just run them all for several months?

That or read bios for of former Emperors, see what skills/behaviors they had and build a custom around those attributes.

We’ll see.

Also have become much more empathetic, this wasn’t something I expected.

And started thinking about myself in the next 7 years. Going through the Be/Do/Have model. Also improving the quality of questions I ask myself.

I have to be better, focus now is two months out what does that look like, how do I feel…

My hair has been growing for a year or two. Shaved it all, it’s as though everything in my life needs to be cleansed. Remove the excess.

Was watching 60 minutes interview with Ken Burns last night.

Said something about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon maple syrup. Such a silly thing but felt right.


Noticing anytime I need to make a decision there’s a little pause or empty space available.

In that space I get to decide how I’ll respond to a situation — my old response/old me or something different.

Never had this before so think it’s in direct response to the subs.

Had a dream a few nights ago.

Chased some guy down and beat him to death. Not sure what line he crossed but felt like it totally deserved it.

In other news.

I got an “assistant” — it’s an app where you delegate things to and they assign a live person to get it done.

Game changer — and I really attribute that to HoM. I’m looking at ways to free up my time to focus on higher value projects.

Have been seeking out healthcare professionals to get myself tiptop. And with my new assistant a potentially critical appt I’ve been putting off, because after 4 hours on the phone I couldn’t get it done, they were able to take care of easily.

Finished my course — have a good grasp of the material and full confidence I’ll be able to get a solid job and successfully transition to a new career.

Have been looking at financial news, youtube finance videos, the news papers with intention to read business and financial news (didn’t read them but the habit will come). All of this has been effortless, I didn’t plan it but I catch myself doing it…not sure if this makes sense.

Even got an acupuncture session with chakra clearing and energetic balancing.

No idea what the last two really do but I felt great after.


I’m such a pussy.

That’s a thought I had 2-3 days ago. This evening and afternoon I’ve felt an incredible level of rage.

The guy walking down the street, filth in the street, my job, dumb fcking excuses I’ve made for not being where I want to be, my lack of courage or fortitude with almost everything, wasted time doing just dumb shit.

I literally wanted to smash things. Just completely rip apart a room.

Meanwhile, I’ve become almost indifferent to criticism. Before I’d get defensive, now it’s not personal. I’ll listen to it, consider who I’m speaking to and extract what’s valuable/useful. However I don’t feel the need to tell the person what I think of their critique, I just thank them and move on.

As for personal relationships I feel like I should just burn most of them and move on…fck it.

Doing a lot better at work. However outside of my immediate circle I need to figure out more effective ways to provide value to the world.

The shit I’m doing now has minimal impact.

Also I generally just have no time for bullshit from anyone — least of all myself.

I just can’t believe how much I allowed myself to buy into other people’s bullshit. Or how much I’ve completely bullshit and lied to myself about almost everything.

It’s just fcking shameful.

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Strange dreams —that I don’t clearly remember. Woke up really early and the rage is turning into a fire/desire to achieve.

So @ 5:30 right after I got up did 1 pushup and 1 situp…baby steps:)

Feel a strong need to go through my financials and create statement of cashflow and figure out my income to debt ratio.

I’m finding HoM softens and smooths out some edges of Emperor. Can’t really put my finger on it exactly however they definitely interact in an interesting way.


Hey bro! What’s up?

@mecharc, It’s been interesting. I just posted an update below.

So I put money into crypto and I do know how to explain it – I got kind of hunch about which to buy. Right now my little investment is growing. Looking at it today have an idea what’s the next crypto investment I should make.

That’s all HoM.

One thing I really don’t like is how much more…reserved I am. A friend I hadn’t seen in a couple years came by last night. I was more thoughtful and reserved about my responses.

On the plus side, I’m hyper focused on goal achievement, it’s insane. Not only that but I can clearly see the action I need to take. When I follow through everything is…clear. I know what needs to happen.

But if I don’t take action and follow through I feel tired, foggy, and feel bad about not moving in the direction of my goals. The clarity is a distinct feeling, from the time I wake up, every action helps me maintain that state of clarity or leaves me feeling lethargic.

More women have been reaching out to me randomly, not my objective but definitely something I’ve noticed.

Does the ultrasonic hit harder? Got headaches after only a couple of loops.

Have lost weight and have a much stronger desire to work out/I eat healthier and have been spending less overall.

My overall feeling these days is not only do I have control over my future, but I can truly shape it as well. Which frankly is not only freeing but also a bit terrifying as well.

For all the benefits of HoM wondering if it might be a good idea to go full solo with Emperor. Both in T2 and Q.


I forgot to mention a couple things.

Seeing photos of scantily clad women now totally turns me off. It was really interesting, I never really watched much porn in the past but not…not interested at all. There is an occasional desire to masturbate but it feels like a total waste of time, so zero interest.

That energy is now totally focused on my goals.

So…I was in a sex cult for a couple years. Not something I really talk about. I mention it because I’m still in touch with a couple members.

We met a couple times and of course ended up having sex. Before we got to that point we had a conversation and suggested we be friends. Things went in the other direction, she at one point was a professional so has a lot of experience with many different types of men.

I felt like she (by default) tried to run a type of game, I called her on it directly and we were able to immediately resolve it. We still will be in touch but I’m moving away from just having random sex with the same people.


I noticed this as well. Some family members greeted me happy birthday and I did not have much to say but thank you. There was a feeling inside me that I should make some small talk, but I didn’t. I think the reserved part is from EQ.


I’ve heard the higher status someone is generally the more cautious they are about things they’ll say.

Guess because of the potential impact it can have or just lack of neediness(?)

Gross generalization and it could be complete bullshit.

Maybe that’s how this sub plays out, less talk more action?

Could be, or more introspection, which I am hoping PS would somehow counter because I’m already introverted as it is.

I read somewhere Q is supposed to be more social though, so hopefully that really is the case. Maybe the more I use it, the more I’ll see it’s more social aspect.

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This is all Emperor

I’ve noticed today how many beliefs I took from my father. It’s crazy how I’ve emulated him in so many ways. Right down to the work I do now, damn near the same company and industry.

What’s fucked up is — the more I really focus on moving forward with goals that get my juices flowing, all I feel is fear.

It’s like being locked indoors with no light and finally stepping out into an open field. I wonder now how many of my beliefs and values are truly my own. And how much of it is me moving towards or away from the image of my father.

Another thing that’s come up is sex. My dad had so many women, so so many. He spent lots of time spent chasing money and p*ssy. I’m the end he ended up with plenty of both but was deeply unhappy and lonely in many ways.

Looking back it all feels like so much energy wasted — that could have been focused on really accomplishing things that make life more rewarding.

For myself, I’d like to have more sex with fewer partners who are higher quality — instead of the other way around which is what I have now.

I’d much rather have one or two lovers, one being the ideal.

Another thing, I realize in the last 10-15 years so much of my life has been lived in what feels like darkness. In the sense that I wasn’t living from “my truth”…god that sounds so much like a bunch of new age hipster bullshit but…I get it now.

The life I was living really wasn’t my own. Don’t get wrong I still had a great fcking time — but I was more a passenger than the driver. At best a groupie just coming along for the ride.

He’s dead now…and I’m still trying to please him.

That shit is over.


@Apollo, that’s interesting, will definitely be looking out for the same. I don’t want to lose the small bit of social savvy I have.

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I’ve been listening to Emperor solo, already have my goals for 2021. Signing up for salsa classes. Will also start going to my favorite gay bar again once or twice a month. The caliber of women that come in are consistent and pretty high quality.

Plus — almost zero competition:)

I woke up several times from a dream. Felt like someone was chipping away at what looked like light green glass from my solar plexis. But I was “inside” my chest looking out.

Woke up at 5:57 this morning and first thought was I need to hit the bathroom then get to work on my goals.

Super focused.

Earlier I mentioned feeling intense rage, that is now an energy in my chest just moving forward.

Feels like it’s building.

And I also feel nervousness and a bit of fear. Think it s fear of the unknown, of finally being in the drivers seat.


So, shortly after my last post I had a total freak out moment.

A buddy and I were visiting another friend, we played pool and later bowled a little. I just wasn’t present for the first part and while bowling didn’t feel the need to engage. I lost the first round of bowling badly. The second half I just focused a little and won, same happened with pool.

It wasn’t till later I realized this was about conservation of energy, not even physical necessarily but a psychic/emotional energy.

So when seeing friends or in groups, I thought Emperor was making me anti-social. But now I see it’s about conserving vital energy for the important things.

This is all hindsight.

At some point my energy went a bit haywire and I didn’t have that grounded clarity. So instead of stepping back and taking a day or two off I ordered Dragon Reborn and Stark Q.

Then listened to StarkQ Terminus, StarkQ Ultima and Dragon ST1 almost non-stop for 2-3 days.

Total avoidance.

In a moment of reconciliation I moved away from what felt like to much… freedom. To truly feel like I can accomplish damn near anything I focus my intention and energy on was in that moment, more than I could handle at a deep foundational level.

I’m going back to Emperor, and to optimize my results think I need to focus on one or two subs.

One unusual thing did come out of this, when listening to StarkQ and Dragon Reborn this thing kept coming up where I just had to be right in conversation. This morning I had a dream that highlighted how I make decisions. It’s hard to explain but I was able to see the way I had to be right in conversation bled through to everything else, including the way I made decisions.

Instead of gathering and evaluating my decisions based on available evidence it was almost always emotional. I’ve been blessed to have moments on intuitive insight, even then I would choose emotionally instead of following my intuition which in every single case has always proven right.

It was very insightful, now I have to decide what will happen with my stack. For now definitely focusing on Emperor. Also subsonic seems to do better for me than masked. But time and experimentation will tell.

A random thought came to me. If I wanted to lose 40lbs – the safest way to lose weight, keep it off and hopefully avoid saggy skin would be to lose about 1lb a week. Which would take about 40 weeks give or take.

I’m applying the same mindset to these Subs. It took years to build up all these thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve me. I’ve got to at the very least focus on one primary sub for 6-12 months. The goal isn’t just to lose the “weight” but to keep it off long term. And the only way I can do that is to evolve and perhaps even change some things completely.

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