Emperor of the jungle journal


Hi everybody!
I am a first time subclub user, longtime sub user, and one hell of a guy. …so I just happened to stumble onto this site and had to try t as my life needed a boost. I chose emperor because it just sounded so good. I have been listening to masked exp on headphones at night, hours vary from 1 to 7 per night so far. I also listen to us emperor exp during the day same exposure length 1 to 7 hours.

Day 1
When I first bought it, at 10pm, I was flooded with thought energy and didn’t get much sleep because my mind was thinking about all types of areas of my life. Slept for 2 hours. Woke up, felt good, my attitude was promising. I noticed I was flirting with this one hostess, who has a crush on me, quite well. Gonna ask for her number next time I see her. The bouncer at a bar I frequent says, after we shoot the shit a bit, “bro, you got my number right? We gotta get together.” And hands me his number, he has acces to better venues. I did drink but not as much as I normally would. Got home and…couldn’t sleep from excitement.
Day 2
So I got about 2 hours of sleep listening on headphones masked. I don’t normally recall my dreams but I know I dreamt. Met with someone for estimate and got great price! Took a nap first chance I got. Hung out with an 8/10 super cute type but intelligent (smarter than most girls I meet). She showed ioi’s towards the end of the night and wants to meet up again (sweet!). Kissed her on the cheek and she came in for a full body hug. This is promising. The bus ride home 2 sets of cute girls sit around me. Crazy ioi’s from the girls across the aisle. I was pretty exhausted from minimal sleep and had 2 drinks with date. Got home and crashed hard.
Day 3
I have noticed my sleep is deep!lol. Still not recalling what I dream about yet but I know I am dreaming. My attitude is above neutral (I want to say positive but it’s more driven). Saved 700 on a bill. I think I am noticing more respect from strangers.
Day 4 today
Just woke up at 5am and started this journal. I am listening to the experimental versions to help with the development of the series. I keep a journal to track my progress and note all these things I am grateful for. I will post what happens today later. Thank you all for following my journey.

+goals: improve my dating life, will be starting a new job end of September and need all the help I can get there, and want to get an apartment (more like be able to buy one) so I can crush ass in it, lol. Also want to get back into being healthy and working out.


Welcome to Subliminal Club and thanks for your patronage!

Great results thus far. Remember, the best way to get results from a subliminal like Emperor is to gently push the boundaries. When she gave you the full body hug, you should’ve pulled out your phone and just told her to put her number in it. Her response would’ve shown you just how well the subliminal’s actually working.


So, funny thing, I gave her my number a few days before on messenger
But she continues contacting through messenger. I tried escalating Kino, repeating what she said a level higher, but my beta self kept poking out.
We have plans to meet up in 2 weeks but she dropped hints, I think, to ask her out to a movie which I will do next week when I have money.
Thanks for the input.


I would wish you good luck, but you’re an Emperor now, and Emperor’s make their own luck. :wink:

I’ll go with “happy hunting” instead.


is that effectively 14 hours per day that you listen?


Thanks man. I will keep on going.


No. My listening schedule is all over the place. I basically listen as much as I am able to. Summer is a lot of events and vacations. I missed about 2 days but am back on track. I am working so will do journal entry later.


Day 5
Went to the casino. Played poker. Cold cards all night. There were two hands, the only winning ones, where I got a gut feeling(like a sure of energy vibrating in my midsection) and knew I had the best hand and doubled and tripled up, respectively. The guy next to me was on fire though (he played blind and won[delt a pair and board trips, come on!]) and when I butted heads with him and he rivered a straight…ugh. busted out and left. Needed more time to recoup if I played more but not feeling it.

Day 6
Went with friends to beach house. Beautiful house, gorgeous weather, beautiful women everywhere. Got drunk with my friends but I didn’t listen to sub at night. I did get a lot of iois from avg looking women and got checked out by a few hot ones.
Day 7
Lots of respect from majority of people. There were guys who poked fun at me but I just ignored it. I am hitting resistance to financial matters as I was turned down for a personal loan. I am behind on insurance and credit card bills. I haven’t heard from work about future work yet. Tonight I am going to listen to some us exp then a few hours of males on headphones.

Day 8
It’s the morning and I am at work. I thought there would be morning rush hour but smooth sailing. I am getting respect from coworkers. I noticed that I don’t need as much sleep with the more I listen to the sub.

I will report what else happens at the end of the day now that I have more of a schedule.


Day 8 continued
Have not thought about porn or fapping. In a while.
I am getting back on track with a lot in my life. Really though, I am getting quite a bit of respect…like people going out of their way type of stuff. Old man I held the door for said no no I insist. Freebies. Waitress spilled soup on my shorts and bought my friend a beer cuz I stopped drinking for sub.

Day 9
Loan was denied so I got creative with my finances and am working something out but covered all my bills for past 2 months. I messaged that girl, well sent her a link to something we were talking about. Been tired, taking a lot of naps.
So this is about 7 days of listening and I believe such a long script will take another week or so before I get an aha moment.

I have noticed moments of bliss…best word to describe it. Just 3 to 4 times.


Day 10
Stayed in all day. Didn’t do much. Got stoned. Lazy. Watched motivational videos. Did some online shopping for exercise clothes and other self improvement items. Listening to subs still sporadic. Still listening to masked avg 4 - 6 hours per day and us extr 2 - 10 hours (set n forget). I burnt out my stereo and my new setup has to play through laptop speakers which is ok but I like listening through headphones or surround sound speakers. Fapped all night. I tried to justify it as training, lol

Day 11
Slept most of the day. Went out to a bar…had approach anxiety. Went home and entered the fap zone…training once more, lol
I did get a lot of big greetings and my friend introduced me to like 3 girls. 2 Asians and 1 white girl who seemed interested but not mutual even though she had a great rack.

Day 12
Slept all day and all night…literally. I blew off 2 work calls(unexpected) and didn’t show for a meeting. I stayed in bed, got stoned, turned on us extreme on my laptop, and watched movies all day/night. Watched so much porn these past three days as well, I justified it as “training” but I believe it to be resistance and me kind of seeing what kind of sex and sexual partner(s) I desire to attract. I have noticed that I get into it more when I “like” the “actress” who is getting plowed away at, imagining I’m the one plowing though, lol


Day 13
Got a haircut and the girl cutting my hair was touchy, like felt almost sensual, I didn’t think much of it. In my mind I thought she was into me. At one point I was getting aroused right in the chair. Lucky i had the covers on me. Lol
It was busy and I didn’t pursue…stupid fear.
Day 14
Listened to masked last night about 4 hours. I need to put more time in but it’s tough when you work with people in public. Work was great. I got singled out, but in my work that’s good, it’s like praise. So many beautiful women today that I liked and what you appreciate and observe, you’re most likely to get served, ie reticular activation system. I hope I using that right.
CELEBRATION! I got one of the hot girl’s number. Like an 8/10 and a 7/10 got my Instagram. Today was the first time I introduced myself to women I found attractive. I usually have the “they should open me” attitude. Here’s the thing…Im not satisfied. I want more. I am hungry for women. Give me that crack woman! Anyway, other areas of life: I am getting a promotion which means more complex tasks and responsibilities…and more money, like potentially 50% raise and finally eligible for benefits. I have a meeting with corporate on Thurs. Don’t even need luck…its a lock.


Oh add on…
The girl from the date replied and I think we are hanging out this weekend.


Looks like you’re responding to the romance and seduction scripting by resorting to masturbation (a common escape route). Approach anxiety is VERY HARD to tackle in subliminal programming because there’s so many underlying causes. We’ve included tons of anti-approach anxiety scripting, but there’s only so much we can do. I recommend approaching anyway, just fighting through the fear. That way, at least the OTHER scripting in Emperor can kick in and you’ll most likely succeed.

Good work all in all, though!


Busy, busy, busy, I am busy.

We will have to go by weekly reports.
Week 3
I am still talking with Facebook girl but schedules are keeping us apart. So from no responses with online dating for 6 months to 4 girls who seem interested…the cutest is a 6/10 at most though. In person I have been getting plenty of iois…some from hot girl’s.
Work is getting better. Benefits kick in soon.
Personal life is better. Getting along with family better. Like others I have noticed I have been doing chores effectively (meaning I just do them when I notice that they should get done once I think of them). Thoughts of getting my own apartment, buying my mom a new car, upgrade my wardrobe (so outdated that ppl have given subtle hints that I need a change) and other much needed upgrades.
Mentally…I feel more manly. Confident, controlled, and busy, lol.
I have had close to what I think are panic attacks when I’ve felt overwhelmed but they don’t last long…I just breathe deep and calm myself as best I can. I believe this is resistance or whatever emotional scab being picked at. After continuous listening though it passes as well like the sub smooths it out.
Need to start working out because I’ve been eating a lot of sweets and my clothes are not fitting…uh oh


Also I will let everyone know that my life is getting better. I noticed when I want and focus on something that I need in my life, something like it or it shows up fast. Like I had a big challenge at work and a solution came like 2 days later. I needed a shift (today’s shift lol) and I got contacted in a few hours about it. I was hoping there would be hot girl’s here and guess what? There are two 9/10 (10 being Victoria secret caliber). I am about to get their contact info for another job and maybe more…


Don’t know why the play by play, but it’s what I’m doing.
I told the first girl I had some potential work for her but the delivery could 've been smoother…she politely said she’d think about it. Could’ve handled it better.
I guess this is a sneaky way to get the number though. Gonna try different approach for second.


Coming up on one month listening to extreme 65% and masked 35% of the time.

I worked with a 10 yesterday. Yes 10. We talked about work mostly. I need to remember to lead the convo more. Lots of ioi’s. Lots of guys giving her attention but she would always come back to me (well we were sitting at the same table). I managed to start kino and after a while she reciprocated. I played it safe asking for Facebook but got her email instead. I walked her to her car but she only hugged me.
Here is how it relates to the sub…
I mentioned to 2 guys how hot she was and one of them says “fuck her” and I’m like yeah fuck her and he was like “no man go fuck her, just be like so what’s up etc.”. In my mind I was like why not? So at first opportunity to open her I did. YES! It took a few tries to get her to talk but I felt natural talking to her. Whenever conversation died she would start it up again. I wasn’t awkward but I was still far from player…I was more like likable fun guy to her. This was dangerously close to friend zone so that is when I made a conscious effort to kino any time I could.

Here is the skinny. Every girl I approach, I get closer to closing. I must have some issues like major issue with closing but it’s getting there. Consequently, each round of women I attract is getting hotter.
What resources should I check out for dating and women?

I notice that things that must get done pop into my head when I’m driving, walking somewhere, and whenever I’m doing something that allows time for thought.


You’re going to LOVE mixing Emperor with Sex & Seduction :wink:


As much as getting laid is on my to do list, making more money so I can move into my own place is more of a priority. Maybe I will stack mogul with emperor. To insure that is a priority to my subconscious.

I will get sex and seduction as well soon too.


I need clarification. I have been listening to extreme most of the time but masked when I’m commuting or at the gym, etc. is this ok? Because I will use regular with masked for consistency.

Week 4-5
I started working out again, whew. Girl at work has been bending over in front of me and she brushed past my crotch with her hip lightly. Caught 2 other coworker females staring/checking me out and one gay dude. One of the manager types gave me a few more responsibilities which means they trust me more. My side job/project is finally getting close to the finish. These project cause me so much stress and this one was problem after problem that I had to overcome. It’s getting easier to start things, like a decrease in procrastination. Porn is boring…I want to be doing not watching.
When I really need money, like in a pinch for example my credit card bill, the universe would connect me with a sort of lifeline and boom money.
Cutting it close, but whatever.