Emperor fitness multi stage questions


Alright guys so i went ahead and purchased EF

First it’s important to note I’ve been in the gym for a while now, 7 consecutive months so I didn’t decide to start fresh and use the product to help me get into it, I am balls deep in meathead creek and I bought this product to help aid me in my quest.

Therefore my question is: How important are the stages to the DEVELOPMENT INTO the other ones? I ask this because I find stage 1 cool, it’s everything you’d want from a nice introduction when getting into a new sport and looking for the long haul, technique! Sleep! yknow it’s good I just don’t feel I want to sit at that part for a month. I would sit on it for a week to benefit from the better rest parts and perhaps the “pre preparation” aspect but

The other parts ARE JUICY, the part after is all about fat burn and energy, the part after is legit lean muscle and basically physical shifting.

Summer hitting hard where I am (third world location, corona aint slowing us down as the cases are legit low) and I want to start hitting the juicy stages asap.

That is my only question: How important is first stage to the following stages in term of development, is it absolutely necessary in some way?

I don’t mind anyone adding other questions about this product, or adding in their own experience.

I also don’t mind your 2 cents but I prefer knowledgeable answers

thank you all, and another note I want to add is this site has amazing products, the boosters are the best i’ve ever tasted and today was my first morning listening to social and beast within.

Amazing, I can’t believe i’ll get to live those 2 10 minute experiences every single day.

Let’s go lads! summer body bois get in here and let’s douchebag around on how abuse this product to the max :smiley:


The official answer by saintsovereign was this one

As for my answer,you can mix and match if you want to focus more on a particular part.like stage 1 and 2 if your going for fat loss or stage 1 and 3 if your trying to gain mass.
if your trying for both or dont want to pick, you could always jump to stage 4 which contains all the stages since the program is polymorphic which means it adapts to your goals so the sub will decide what is optimal for you.its just a bit more dense so results may a bit slower than a more focused approach
Stage 4 was pretty noticable after a month or 2 but corona didnt help with the closing of gyms.now getting back to beast mode at the gym(^-^)


awesome bro, thanks to your advice im stacking stage 1 and stage 2 for half a month to see how things will pan out


Haha,good luck.sounds like a good stack.half a month may be a bit short to see results though.didnt really start seeing noticable differences until about a month in when things started to click.also maybe start off slow with the loops like 1-2 loops if yu havent already cause q is pretty strong.i originally began with set and forget and didnt see much results but things started to click once i reduced the loops and added in rest days.also try splitting your listening into 2 if you have the time,like 1 loop of stage 1 in the morning and 1 loop of stage 2 at night.gives your brain more time to process than listening all at once