PLEASE READ: Getting Better Results With Q


Just a reminder:

The instructions for Q isn’t “just run 1 loop,” and it isn’t “just run 8 loops.” It’s START with one loop, then add more as you see fit. If one loop isn’t giving you the desired loops, add 2 more. Once you start getting results – like increased motivation or determination on a sub like Emperor – you know you’re around your sweet spot.

If you start getting reconciliation, try to wait it out and see if it’s just the natural processing cycle. If you’re getting “negative results,” where you’re going beneath your normal baseline, cut back by one loop OR make sure you’re taking rest days. Speaking of which, try 5 days on and two days off. Or, a rest day every 3 days.

Understand that the point is NOT to prevent “overload.” These subliminals are dumping a TON of information at one time. You have to allow the subconscious time to process and act on it. Otherwise, you’re just constantly dumping more and more information that will eventually get processed, but at a much slower rate.

Imagine going to a complicated workshop on a rough topic – something like Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics From A-Z, so to speak. And this workshop promises that by the time you finish it, you’ll know everything you need to know to understand quantum physics.

Which version would work better – the workshop split over 10 days, with a time for rest and independent study every few days, or the workshop that crams the entire curriculum in one day? If you have no prior experience with quantum physics, the latter version would just overwhelm you. Sure, you’ll pick up some concepts, but you won’t get a deep, rich understanding of the topic. So, stop trying to brute force it. Give your mind time to breathe.

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Take the following with a grain of salt and if it is clearly wrong @SaintSovereign feel free to delete it to not confuse others

I really like the analogy you gave and it fits something else I noticed especially with the reconcilation of Terminus. Let me add something to your example:

One loop of the subliminal represents the Quantum Physics class. At the end of each class, the teacher is giving you homework to do to prepare for the next course the next day. When powering through, you have not time to act, you have no time to do your homework. With time the homework adds up and you are getting the feeling you always get when you know you have to do too many things: You don’t know where to start, and freeze, leading to you not doing anything at all. This feeling of overload is reconcilation. The only right thing to do is to accept that feeling and do your homework anyway.

And now comes the part that I noticed with Terminus

Sometimes, the teacher is giving you specific projects to work on. You can’t just randomly work but you need to specifically do that certain thing the teacher is giving you. In my case, this was my spiritual awakening. I was never interested in spiritually and denied to accept it. I experienced tremendous reconcilation for weeks, you can read everything in my journal about that, until one day I did exactly what the teacher was asking me to do and the reconcilation faded. After this day, must be like 7 days now, I didn’t experience any kind of such strong reconcilation, was able to double my loops, and am now getting mind-blowing results.


Unfortunately I been running the brute force method without even realizing it. My stack was ascended mogul, ascension, primal. When you say though start with one loop then add more if your not getting results, let’s say your running one loop and are not getting results when you add a 2nd loop do you listen to it right after the first loop or do you take some hours off to give the brain a rest then listen to a 2nd loop ?
yesterday was the first day I practiced the 1 loop method but I did this for all 3 subs mentioned above and took several hour breaks in between to give my brain some rest. When I ran ascension 4am at work this morning I noticed a slight euphoria feeling for a bit.
I know ascension has a module called extreme happiness,and this was the first time I can recall off the top of my head that while running a subliminal I felt happiness right then and there. I’m guessing maybe for myself ascension only needs 1 loop since I felt something while on it ? I may just experiment and find sweet spots for ascension, primal, and ascended mogul. I think I found my sweet spot for ascension though. Will run 1 loop of it later today and only ascension for today and see if it could happen again.



If e.g. 3 loops of StarkQ are the sweet spot for me, would it make sense to space listening to the loops during the day instead of listening to all 3 at once?


Depends on whether i’m running QLQ… right?


I run one topic (Mogul) while I sleep then run Aura and Mogul for 2 loops during the day then take a break the rest of the day. I do that for 5 days a week then Saturday and Sunday I just let everything chill and process, I’ve been noticing some results but nothing drastic and I’m ok with that, I know it’s working and everything will progress with time. I bought ascension core and haven’t even bothered running that yet, there’s allot of topics in mogul alone and I feel that I’ll overload my melon if I try dumping too much information on at one time.


Wonderful explanation. I’d done the same as well prior, and can vouch for the words reinstated by the boss.