Emperor + Emperor: HOM. My ideal, fullest self


Since I am no longer running my previous stack, it’s time for a new journal to keep things organized.

Emperor + Emperor: House of Medici.
Mon-Fri: Sanguine Ultima 1x in the morning, HOM 2x during work, Emperor 2x when I get home.
Saturday and Sunday: off.

I couldn’t decide on a 20 module custom as there would always be FOMO and it is a way bigger financial commitment than I’d like to make at the moment given my circumstances. SubClub always gets it right. The subs here are incredible and well-rounded. Why fix something that ain’t broken? In regards to my spiritual practice which was a big focus in my custom, Emperor strives for constant daily self-improvement and self-development. Aligned with my goals, this means this practice comes naturally and easily with Emperor.

For those in the know, I am in sales. HOM no brainer. I am working on becoming financially independent and free. Emperor no brainer. It has been MONTHS since running Emperor. It was my first sub alongside PS. And I’ll tell ya what… it is good to be back. Man, zi really have missed everything about Emperor. The dominance. The lack of desire for chasing vices. The supreme confidence and nonchalance about certain things. The “do not ever fuck with me or cross me” element. I will talk to anyone and everyone and not care.

The original reason I did not stay with Emperor and went with Khan was the lone wolf aspect of it. Since I am sales Khan was good for developing those social skills. Well, now with Medici, I will have the perfect tool to have the best of both worlds. My conversations with clients are easy, flowing, and fun. I can already tell that I can build these relationships up at will. And I am not some supreme asshole that goes off on anyone for no reason. If I get crossed or disrespected, sure I am ready to go off, but I can control myself better than on my Ev4 + PS stack.

I am financially free, independent, and can work from anywhere that I choose.

I pay off ALL financial debts associated with my school loans by June 2025.

I make $200,000 in commission with my W2 sales job by June 2021.

I own and run a 6-figure online business by March 2021.

I help my family out in a way that will help them become financially independent and free as well.

I have a supremely strong relationship with each family member.

I grow and develop my spiritual practice daily.

I am primal and survival. I am self-sufficient and ready to take on anything the world throws at me. I am safe and free. I am protected and the protector. I am Bear Grylls embodied in the real world.

Things that have happened:
Deleted Tinder as it became abundantly clear that it is a low value distraction and time waster.

Made my first ever payment to my school loans.

I am as motivated as ever to crush in my day job.

I am as motivated as ever to start something great and be great at it.

In regards to the above, I already have two great mentors. I have taken action on setting this into motion.

Talked with my both of my parents over the phone for over an hour each, catching up, and learning stuff.

I have no desire to meet up with any girls or FWBs just to stroke my ego.

I am fasting 20+ hrs a day.

I am becoming more consistent with my meditation. I have picked up a sexual transmutation practice.

Discipline, focus, confidence in myself, and a disregard for other people’s opinions (in a healthy way). My frame is my reality.

Khan was good and taught me great skills, but I do not believe it was optimal for me. There was way too much of a focus on women. Which might have been cool pre-lockdown of everything. But my priorities have shifted dramatically. Not enough of a focus on financials which has to be a top priority for me. I am not disclosing how much debt I have (maybe I will eventually but I would wager that 98% of you would be off the mark by quite a bit if you tried to guess it), but if you knew the amount, you would be asking me, “why THE FUCK are trying to go on dates right now? Be great, pay that shit off, and help out your family. That is your sole mission.” And so it is. Emperor, it is good to be back.


Ah yesss, welcome back to the fold
House of Emperor :sunglasses:

Awesome post
Subs are optimal for different times.
Sounded like Khan was perfect at the time and now
Getting your house in order financially and spiritually seems top priority .
The discipline and solo drive of Emperor will support that, while the social and deal making of Medici will cover sales.

Looking forward to hearing how it continues to go.


Azriel, always a pleasure chatting with you. While there are sad excuses of “men” out there always looking to (ineffectively) tear others down like a bunch of crabs in a barrel due to their own insecurities and shortcomings, you are always here building us up. Much love brother


@i_am - these are worthy obstacles to conquer. And you have the tools for it (Emperor + HOM). I haven’t tried either but they fit your goals like a glove. All the best, my friend.


thank you and much love to you to0. :slight_smile:

building people up makes for a better world
and more destinies and potential fulfilled.
I do my best to be about that.

I’m not 100% sure I know what your referring but at the end of the day
everyone is left to deal with themselves, and those crabbies who lash out, are likely
suffering the most… or sociopaths :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

but if it’s overtly destructive and interfering with the community or function of this forum, it will and should be handled appropriately by those who provide value to each other here and/or moderators as needed.


Thank you my friend! These are 100% opportunities rather than obstacles. I would not be who am I or on the journey I am without my situation. Maybe I wouldn’t have debt, but I would also not be on a journey to be my best self.

Nothing I can pinpoint that’s directed towards me but I just see it everywhere: online, in real life, etc. People using their failures and doubts to try to drag other people down. Other people’s success brings out their insecurities and they can’t handle it mentally. A sad state of weak mindedness, but I shouldn’t be giving my energy towards nonsense anyways. That (controlled) Emperor rage must be kicking in lol


Cool thing just happened. A colleague in our branch had a client and things didn’t go well for some reason. Honestly, I have not been fully briefed yet. Anyways, the sales manager in charge of the colleague put the head of our branch on an email and asked for helped with it. For whatever reason, they decided that my colleague isn’t retaining this client anymore. His sales manager tells the head of our branch to give the client to a “veteran in ___”. Our head reaches out directly to me and manager and tells me he wants me to take this client and to reach out to him if I need any help. I tell him I’m game and he tells me I will be officially assigned to the client tomorrow.

He def trusts my abilities at this point and wants to see what I’m made of. Let’s go.

In other news, I had a video chat with one of my mentors after work today. About to work on that venture after I grind out these pull-ups.


Will be taking Wednesday off now as well to allow for my processing time. Similar to my old lifting routine (Upper, lower, rest, upper, lower, rest, rest). Woke up today and knew I had to take today off.

I am speaking so effortlessly and “flowingly” now. I feel so charismatic when talking to people and clients. I directly spoke with the head of our branch for the first time today on the phone and I could just feel the respect he was giving me. He admitted that the client in the above post isn’t the easiest scenario for anyone to deal with, but that he wanted to give me specifically the opportunity to turn it around and close him.


Action took:
Came up with a name and designed a logo for my business.

Opened up a retirement account.

Bought $1260 worth of stocks that I believe will perform very well.