The newest subliminal, Emperor, is in development.

It is going to have to undergo extensive testing as well, because of all the new technology.

For now, it is too early to reveal much about Emperor, but I will share a hint - not everyone will be ready to run Emperor. :smiling_imp:

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The work on the newest, most cutting edge experimental technology has begun, and it shall be in Emperor.

Gonna have to put it through extensive testing first though, make it as stable as possible.

The pre-testing of the mini-modules of this technology is giving absolutely crazy results.


Interested to know more about the progress of Emperor!


Of course.

Most of the work done up till now was creating and structuring the different crazy technologies that are going into EMPEROR. With this subliminal, we aren’t going easy on any of our customers - it will be for those who have a burning desire to succeed in life, such a passion where their blood boils in their veins.

It is going to be a tough subliminal to run, and not everyone will be able to tough it out - one of the reasons being extremely increased manifestation rates - but it will forge men into greats.

It could be summed up as “men are forged in the fires of conflict and ambition”.

After we are finished with the scripting and the structuring, we’re gonna have to build it with our newest build methods. That is going to take at least 12 hours.


Working on some more scripting on Emperor - which was already in Ascension and Ascended Mogul, but I’m pushing this bad boy to it’s limits.

How would you like to have a booming, commanding, powerful voice that reverberates throughout the room you are in, making others look at you as if you are an Emperor sitting on his throne?

Oh yeah… :smiling_imp:


Finished scripting a new technology that is going into EMPEROR, and now I’m working on something extremely experimental, that has to do with the whole structuring of our subliminals.

If it works, it’s going to work extremely well and will massively increase the power of subliminals, and we might make an experimental version (alongside normal version) of EMPEROR with it.

Though if it really works that well, we will have to implement it into all our technology, which would be weeks, if not months of work - and then re-build ALL the subliminals with this technology and our newest build method.

Bring it on. :smiling_imp:


Love hearing about the updates, even though I have no clue exactly what they are :smile:

Hope to hear more good news and eventually see what EMPEROR can do.



Currently, I’m still developing that one technology. I want it to be as powerful as possible…

…and then after that I’m starting the development of the Evolution module. :smiling_imp:


Evolution module? That sounds fascinating as f***


Got so much more work done on EMPEROR today. Then, wanting to do some more, I go into the file and notice everything is corrupt.

Cannot access it, cannot retrieve it, nothing. Would set EMPEROR back for at least a month…

Good thing I have 3 back ups for it, so nothing is lost and EMPEROR is coming perfectly on schedule.

Let’s do this. :smiling_imp:


The Evolution module is officially complete.


What does this Evolution module do?


Just as the name says - evolve the individual as much as possible, but it does this through creating as many situations as possible for one to evolve.

We are making it one of the cornerstones of the subliminal and amplifying it to the maximum, meaning crazy manifestation rates.

As I said before, EMPEROR will not be for everyone.


Has there been a prototype of this in other subliminal, or just the idea of such? I feel that I’ve experienced this.


For sure, there have been manifestation modules.

But this one is specifically geared for as much manifestation as possible, that is geared towards growth.

The other manifestation modules depend on the subliminals in question - such as women for Ascension, and money/opportunities for Mogul, as well as mentors in all of the subliminals.


Throughout the day energy has been added, due to requests.

We are getting close to finishing scripting. :smiling_imp:


I was close to finishing the scripting for EMPEROR today, but then I had an absolute deal breaking epiphany.

EMPEROR is going to get another technology in it, and honestly, I was already in awe of EMPEROR’s power, but this is going to push it into complete absurdity levels.

You guys better be ready for it. :smiling_imp:


I will be. Getting a solid foundation first with Ascended Mogul


Really interested in Emperor, looks like your putting in a lot work in this sub from what i have read. I know you cant give an exact time frame but do you think it will be released to the public in the next few months after testing. Thanks