EMP + PCC (Qv2)

Hey again,

I tested out some competitor subliminal and had a pretty crappy experience with crippling anxiety and tiredness that would not cease. I decided to take a break from it, then I checked you guys out and read about Qv2 and thought I’d give my two favourite subliminals a run. After only one loop of each I noticed a big confidence and productivity boost already. It’s like all the shit I normally worry about vanishes when I listen to emperor. Such a good sub, but I’ve made mistakes running it too much in the past and burning myself out.

This time I want some confidence and productivity effects while avoiding overdoing it, as I believe that less is more for me when using subliminals. The plan is one loop each of emp and pcc every Monday / Wednesday / Friday nights. I’ll check back in with any results.


Listened to one loop of each as I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. This is only the second time listening and despite the bad sleep - I’m feeling good. I had a bad feeling as I lay awake that I somehow made a fool of myself the previous day because I was acting confident and decisive. I think the fear was that I may have been perceived by others as either an asshole or mentally unhinged. Loving how I’m feeling during the day though. The difference is night and day, instant results, so Qv2 is looking promising. If it hits too hard, I might even drop back to a loop of each Monday and Thursday as I’ve been reading people here who are getting results on limited exposure.

I had that feeling a couple of times when running a subliminal before going to sleep. Maybe run subs earlier in the day if possible.



Good idea, I will try that when possible.

It was definitely a weird feeling, a mild version of the dread felt when waking up after a night of too much drinking, trying to remember what had happened. On the plus side, I should sleep well tonight because I’ll be tired!

The first week is almost over, running one loop of each Emperor and PCC on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve noticed much greater focus and determination to work and get jobs done. Sleep has not been as good, but I am dreaming a lot since restarting the subliminals. The dreams have either related to fears or they have been about sex. I don’t think I’ve experienced any reconciliation as yet but I can feel the power of the subliminals building. For that reason I’m going to drop back to listening to one loop of each sub on Monday and Thursday only and continue to observe any effects. I’m looking for a confidence boost and increased productivity. I think these two go hand in hand for me because often I put off projects because I second guess my ability to do a good job. Emperor seems to smash through that hesitancy and PCC weirdly enough seems to help me feel better measured and cooperative during social interactions. It’s a fine balance though as Emperor definitely pulls in the opposite direction socially!

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Way to hop back onboard with subliminal club!

Another user here did emp + pcc and got great results. You’re going to have an awesome time with it!

You should be aware that Emperor is an extremely dense sub, and it says right on the sales page that it’s not for beginners. If you haven’t used SubClub products for a long time, you’re considered a beginner, like me.

PCC is a very light, fast-acting subliminal that won’t cause a lot of negative side effects but will give you results very quickly. You could listen to it 5x a week and likely not experience anything negative from it, apart from normal processing.

If you’re not experiencing any reconciliation, I’m not sure why you want to pull back from running your loops, but I also totally respect that and think that moderation is always beneficial with subliminals.

But you shouldn’t need to reduce your PCC loops. It’s such a light sub, you could probably increase your loops to 5x a week and still not experience enough reconciliation to be bothersome.

Also, I’m sorry to criticize your stack, but based on what I’m reading, the fact that you haven’t run other subliminalclub products in the last few months, that you want “confidence and productivity,” and that you want to be more comfortable in social situations, I think that Ascended Mogul might be a better fit for you right now than Emperor. If you listen to Ascended Mogul, you’ll get results faster, be able to listen to more loops per week because it’s a bit lighter than Emperor, and it’ll prepare you for when you are ready to listen to Emperor and get more out of it! It’s a great subliminal for being the social Alpha-Male, but is also about being an Alpha Male in every domain of life, meaning more confidence and productivity for you at the end of the day… in a faster amount of time.


Thanks for the information. I had good results with Emperor in the past and the only other alpha type sub I own is primal.

I was looking at the executive but noticed it’s the ultima version which I’m not sure how I respond to, having only some experience with rebirth ultima.

As for ascended mogul, I don’t own that one and I think in a way I always got turned off by some of these types of subs like executive, mogul etc because it seems to target a suited up businessman type of guy. I’m working in a physical labour role currently as a sub contractor but I’m also trying to expand my business, taking on more jobs / clients of my own.

That’s why I decided to drop back to 2 days of Emperor, just to still get some results but also maintain good sleep and energy levels.

Given this is the current situation, any further advice from yourself or any of you guys I’d be happy to read and consider. Cheers all.

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If building your own empire is not on your mind right now or beyond your reach (not enough resources money and time wise) it would be better to “downgrade” from Emperor to Ascension Mogul since not acting on empire building or the scripting related to women in Emperor would be a waste of your mental power, would slow you down and could cause a nasty recon. Remember that at the right time, when you have sufficient resources (time and money wise) and your main focus is empire building you can easily “upgrade” your stack back to Emperor.


@openmind, I actually disagree with @voytek, even though everything he said is true. And it IS true, but… ultimately the most important thing is sticking to a stack, monitoring for results, and having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

You’re already doing that, so if you want to keep on going with Emperor, I think you’ll have a good experience, like you did the last time you listened to it.

With that being said, Ascended Mogul is THE perfect sub for anyone who wants to start their business or take their existing small-business and make it uber-successful.

The more you tell us about yourself, the more it seems like Ascended Mogul is the better subliminal for you… but the best subliminal is the one you like and stick to for a long period of time.

There are plenty of people who listen to Emperor instead of Ascended Mogul in the “starting” phase of their business. So long as you’re genuinely taking action on starting your business, Emperor should be fine. It’s an amazing subliminal for INTJ’s because Emperor already has a bit of an isolated vibe to it, and so does the INTJ personality-type.

However, if you’re not ACTIVELY working on your business every day, getting clients, and if your business isn’t off the ground yet, Ascended Mogul will help you get it off the ground faster. That’s its express purpose. Saint called it “THE sub for anyone procrastinating on starting their business,” and I agree from personal experience.

It took my business from 0 dollars in revenue to 10,000 dollars in revenue in literally one month, through 5 clients. Business has been pretty good, ever since.

Emperor + Ascended Mogul is actually a very good combo. So, if you do want to expand your subliminal library, maybe you could stack them both.

But for the subs you have now, you could try increasing the # of PCC loops you do per week while limiting Emperor to just 2. PCC is light and you can definitely listen to it more than twice a week without any major recon.

I think I get what you mean but I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Ascended Mogul is a combination of Ascension (confidence, dominance, alpha male, social respect from others) and Mogul (money beliefs and money attraction). Sub club just uses suits and ties in their pictures because people associate money with suits. But anyone can use it. If you can use it to start a construction business, it’s done it’s job. The money subliminals aren’t just for corporate types.


Another option would be stacking AM with Limitless or QL (+RICH), it would be a “softer” version of Emperor, without that Empire building component and less focused on sexual life and becoming a god among men and at the same time that stack would be more oriented to creativity and productivity which seem to be your main concern right now.

RICH would help you find more paths of manifestation that is strongly aligned with the goals you mentioned.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. It’s a good community here, very helpful. I looked through the shop and I can see what you guys are saying, perhaps for my goals AM would be better at this time. I read through the sales page and a few reviews here and it sounds good. I wonder if I will get that hardcore motivation to get shit done that Emperor gives me. I think that’s what I like most about the sub, is the extreme work ethic it instills. I’m always looking for more work to do and really enjoy planning and getting jobs done to plan as efficiently as possible. If AM has similar effect plus makes me a little more personable then it would be a good choice to make the sub switch.

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Look into pairing it up with RICH as it opens a lot of paths of manifestation money wise:

If it comes to drive:

R.I.C.H (Ridiculous Income, Can’t Hate) Ultima will help you move with your heart towards endless wealth, day in day out, pushing you to unleash your passions in a way that will generate incredible amounts of money while manifesting wealth all around you.

Actually, you could think about the combo Stark + RICH since you’re looking for taking things to the next level and beyond.

Or stick to AM:


Thanks, I’ll look into RICH. I think at a time I considered starkq but because it seemed to have more social related scripting and goals, I thought it might not be as effective, I got the impression it wanted to create a more ENTP personality type which is probably not going to happen for me. I’ll look over the sub again though in the store incase I’m remembering incorrectly before making a decision. But I’m thinking to give AM a go. It sounds pretty good from experiences I read and it has a few cool things like anti porn and various other things that align well with my goals / vision for myself.

I guess my only question; if I take that route is whether or not I need to take a break after a week on Emperor? I’m a bit behind on the latest news around here, I only recently learned of washouts.

One day for processing will suffice. Fasten you belt since your ride on AM is going to be awesome. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, I’ll start AM tonight. Hopefully it works similar to Emperor with a little less intensity / tension feelings. I’ll start a new journal for it towards the end of the first week and keep tabs on progress.

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