Elme Sex Mastery Journal


So just bought Sex Mastery to help me improve my sex life with my wife, i have been using it mainly in my 30m trip to work 2 times a day in the car.

Dont want to use the ultra sound sub when the kids are at home, but when i have days off ill be using it 12h.

I must say i am impressed with the fast results im getting and its not placebo.

Some of the results are :

  • I am way more assertive specially at work, i was standing my ground and saying what i feel without fear to bosses and directors, they respect me more and treat me differently.

  • i am getting aroused and tons of interest from very hot woman, specially the ones that push my buttons.

  • Some girls do take action to approach me at work and even do stupid things as buying presents just to flirt. I might conclude this is some kind of sexual energy manifestation at work.

  • i do feel more confident from my inner world perspective.

  • My humour has been improved, i always speak my mind now.

  • i am very dominant with woman, specially with my wife wich is my focus, do notice i flirt more with her and tease her more, wich she loves.

  • Notice more respect from other influent and alpha man , we communicate in the level of mutual respect and sometimes even offer me stuff like drinks or trivial mundane stuff.

  • Feel very irritated with stupid things people do and normaly call them out on their behaviour.

Havent tried the Sex part yet…more to come in the future.


Are you only listening to SM? If so I’m suprised, since I didn’t expect this sub to have such profound influence outside of the bedroom.


More alpha traits and respect from Sex Mastery X?

Interesting results, especially when you haven’t had sex yet.


Yes i bought it 2 days ago, havent made sex yet since there was some logistical problems with the kids staying with us.

Normally i manifest subs very fast, i found it do to my energy working daily routine and concentration/ meditation practices.

I start getting all these results and went to see the scripts and its there : confidence, etc

I am getting some irritation but its my subconscious trying to resist it i guess. Ill keep posting results, i intend to do it for 1 year straight


Awesome that you’re getting such intense results so quickly! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey :slight_smile:


These are some wild results only with SM. You mention girls approaching you at work, do you think this is because you’re interacting with them on a more dominant level or because the sub is helping manifest these situations with less effort on your part?


Your’e Results are so interesting! I am assuming you got 4 hours of exposure so far?


Well the way i look at them is different, and my internal state is different aswell so in relation i am subcommunicating something different. Why i know is the subs working? Well i do work in a gourmet store in the richest part of town, normally the girls that go there are models, girls from tv, actresses and rich girls from nearby. In this sense there are girls way out of my league and they are flocking near the store, but my attitude is different on autopilot, its like my hormones tell me to act. The other day this perfect blonde girl was passing by and i just moved there to check her out, she noticed me and was suprised i was there making her notice i was checking her out, she smiled and went on her way. This may sound a normal thing but the way i was feeling when i was there was way different, i felt calm, i felt i deserved this type of woman and i was following my energy if that makes sense.

I was not looking to have this kind of results, since i do have this area of my life handled but i am enjoying the ride.

I do feel irritated this couple of days with no explenation like i im on my edge or something.

My beliefs are different aswell, i minimize most things that happen, i have much more calmer states of mind, i dont take shit from anybody but not in an agressive way, i am assertive with words and actions. I am way more confident that i do take action but i dont care wich is funny, it creates a flirt/ sexual energy when i do interact with the opposite sex.


4 hours of exposure yes, but since i have 2 days off ill be doing it 8hrs to 12h if i can.


Welcome to the Club. :+1:

Please tell us more about these. Always good to know how to make subs act fast. :blush:

Also, which file are you using?
Version 1 Ultrasonic, Version 2 Ultrasonic, or Version 2 Masked?


Hello Simon,

Well since i was a kid i trained aspects of my mind, since i too create subliminals i learned some cool stuff by trial and error.

I notice that if you quiet your mind for periods of time the subs work faster since the “noise” from your mind is not interrupting the scripts. Also the theta frequency is better to absorb all this knowledge directly into the subconscious, at first i thought delta states were better since they are more profound but i was wrong. Theta states in your brain correlate way better with your subconscious, its like your subconscious is conscious at that frequency. Delta states induce out of body journeys and multi dimensional experiences in a sense that they transcend the body and communicate directly to your spirit self.

Practical ways to improve subs :

  • Do the buddhist walking meditation ( walk near nature or the sea and use 3 senses while your walking, for example feel the feet on the ground, ear the waves and smell the sea. You will find something interesting.
  • cultivate a thetha brainwave, there are food and practices you can do, einstein , tesla , sun tsu, confucious…al the great minds have that in commun.
  • Concentration exercises, start with a candle…30m per day focusing the tip of the candle will do wonders. If you start thinking refocus your eyes in the tip of the candle.

I use the ocean wave sub, i only found 2 types for download. Silent and ocean.


Updates on the Sex Mastery:

  • Just told my wife i was doing this exercises to last longer in bed and she laughed, telling me i couldnt resist her. I dare her, well i do notice different patterns in breathing when we were having sex, also notice her libido skyrocketed even more. Noticed that i wasnt anxious to perform and be more in the moment, i always had to perform at least for 30m so she can have her orgasm, i noticed i holded myself Maybe 10/15m more minutes… i wasnt dissapointed i just need more exposure to the tape.

My mood isnt that good, having some irritation during the day, could be subconscious resisting or even creating new neuro pathways, dont know. I Just accept it and move on…

Lets is how it goes next days


I think SM , can really help in holding patterns . For me it worked wonders and I m glad to see same happening for you


I’m licking my lips to get this!!


if you are going to use it you will see results immediately. just play the first time 6-8 loops and have sex same day


@rising How do you think this idea is? -" Not having sex, but diverting the extra energy towards reaching goals?"


Easier said than done. If this is what you want Khan is more than enough, i dont see any reason adding Sex Mastery


The Dilemma I’m facing with Khan is that, one part my brain knows khan result will show in the long run,as it is heavy. but the other part of my mind is looking for some short term benefit so that it can still be reinforced for the long term benefits.


If you can wait, Khan ST4 contains Sex Mastery v2.


Its funny that it was the first time for me using it when i was having sex, so i started pushing things to the maximum since the beginning,like starting to run a marathon at full speed. What i found interesting is that several times i did want to come but was able to get back in the game with my pride intact :smile: :smile:. It is working and doing more of what it should, honestly is working way beyond the bedroom and what i was expected. I know if i listen to it more ill be holding myself more, and that is my initial goal with the program. I want to be getting the 5Hour mark, with that i know i can start doing tantra and cultivate male energy to other en-devours like making money and Health.

I was thinking in adding Godlike Masculinity and Spartan to the mix…Mogul for business later. What you guys think?

My goals is to be more dominant, better physique and make more money. I am married and waiting for the 3rd kid to pop out soon, trying to exclude the woman part of the equation in the subliminals as much as possible.