Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU (FINISHED)


I wish I could grow it long. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Any custom you could build on your Arcana cards? The Moon of The Hermit sounds pretty cool to me. Or maybe customs for both :smiley:

For me, it was just an “accident” that the powers of my cards are the powers I want to improve.


I listened to my stack for 19 hours yesterday and I feel it was a bit too much, at some point I thought I was starting to experience a slight reconciliation and I still feel tired. I guess I’ll have to cut down on the loops a bit. I have to bear in mind these are two different programs, it’s not DR and Elixir only anymore.

I feel powerful processing in the back of my head.


"Moon / Hermit


Imagery — Things to Look at and Contemplate:

Postures — crawling / standing
(the rawness of beginnings vs. the fullness of completion)

Colors — dark blue, purple & deep bright yellow / luminous blue & grey
(deep, lurid vs. high, clear consciousness)

Landscapes — valley / peak
(low vs. high; travelling far vs. climbing up)

Symbols — Moon / Star, Path / Staff, Pool / Mountain, Rich and varied
landscape / Simple, uncluttered landscape
(all these contrasts suggest the difference between dark, rich, mysterious beginnings and light, abstract, exalted endings)

Foreground Figures — Crayfish / Hermit
(the two extremes of the journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution)


Pisces (Moon) — sleep and dream; darkness – light and shadow; fluid, shifting images; profound yearnings; deep waters

Virgo (Hermit) — observant, analytical and smart; rooted in detail; patient, industrious; a perfectionist, idealist and purist; reaches for the high ground


The importance of night vs. The importance of day

The importance of pain / pleasure; beauty / ugliness vs.
The importance of wisdom/ignorance; persistence / giving up

The world as mysterious and uncertain vs.
The world as challenging and straightforward

The Moon and The Hermit share extreme qualities — low and high, vague and precise, yearning and ambitious, obscure and clear, far and near, many voices and one voice, fluid and solid.

For both, the journey’s the thing. For both, the heights are the objective. For both, illumination is the essence, while darkness is the matrix. One faces the darkness of the untraveled path ahead, while the other faces the darkness of the heights beyond reach. The light available to each leaves their darkness intact.

The Moon is the uncertainty at the heart of things, the unrealized and phantom possibility, the power of mutation and transformation. Shape-shifting unconsciousness and identity offer multiple realities that reflect inner rather than outer landscapes. The job of The Moon is to evolve, to move forward by inhabiting ever more subtle and elaborate forms, to experience challenge, growth and renewal with each new version of itself.

The Hermit is the finished, final clarity that shines at the center of things, the distillation of knowledge gained through effort, persistence, intelligence, and courage. Perfect faith and endless labor are rewarded by being lit from within. He becomes a steady, continuous, living light, a beacon to those who seek the outermost boundaries of personal growth. For those on the upward journey, the way is lit by those who have gone before.

Unintegrated and imperfectly realized, The Moon can be filled with nameless terrors and subject to depression. It may not trust what it sees or what it hears, and it is prone to believing the worst. It can be gulled into believing fantastic claims and stories, and may be drawn onto false paths with little or no reward at their end. It is subject to nightmares, and may come to fear sleep.

The Hermit can be ambitious, and lose sight of or never see how perfectly he can serve a higher power, or how pure he can become himself. He can be immersed in detail, careful of every step on the way to serving his own interests. He may be so practical and down-to-earth, that mysterious and unlikely paths are rejected out of hand. He can become so absorbed in making his own way that he has little time or patience for anyone else, and thus becomes isolated and emotionally barren.

Together, they travel from the depths to the heights, exploring the shadows and precipices that wait for every traveller on the path to knowledge. They promise faithfully that the great journey of personal evolution can be completed, and they will show you the way."

The journey of subs with reconciliation seems to cover all of it :thinking::rofl:

Teasing, that’s a great idea. Torcherbearer, Virtue: hope, Merger of world’s, New Beginnings and Alchemist and DR Stage 4 all come to mind. Emperor has the virgo mind of the Hermit, but Stark is more the combination-the illumination in the Dark.

My custom could be Stark in the Dark! Great suggestion, I’ll look into it deeply on my journey towards next official stack.


Will you continue to test your loop level, with mogul and the new stage just to continue to optimize or are you convinced high volume is best even on DR stage 2 and with the addition of Mogul?

No criticism here, just curious, and hope to see you get the most out of what your using.


I’m not a great fan of Arcana but it forces me to think about certain aspects of me and my life and inspires me on what I could work on, or which way I could take, it’s not like I believe it and blindly follow it but rather try to project some future plan upon it and then I analyze it and decide whether I want to follow the plan. I think it’s much better than getting excited over some horoscope and try to live in allegiance with it.

Sounds pretty interesting, the title and the modules. What about the name “Dark StarQ” (pronounced; dark stark-you)? :sunglasses:


For now, I feel it’s kicking the shit out of me a bit so I think I have to cut down on the loops to 11 for now. 5xDR, 5xMogul and 1xElixir and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll increase it with time.

  • I felt pretty solid today despite the fact I felt I was starting to get a slight reconciliation.

  • I generated a lot of ideas on how SC could improve their business and I posted some of them in here:

  • Women were more attracted to me today.

  • Men reacted to me more positively and with more respect.

  • I really wanted to have sex with my gf and I cummed really profusely.

It seems to me both programs have kicked in smoothly. :heart_eyes:


What a great pic, my Fellow-Shaved-Head-Brother-From-Another-Mother :grin:. Gorgeous couple!


@Voytek I meant to tell you I have the book you recommended and his follow up


Thank you, bro! :heart_eyes:


It’s a great, great book. Enjoy, James! :heart_eyes:

The baseline of the book is reevaluating your values, focusing on what’s most important for you and fucking all the rest.


Total Exposure Time: 30/400

I listened to my stack for 13 hours in total today and I still think it may be a bit too much. It seems to me 10 hours (+1h of Elixir) should be my “sweet spot” but not necessarily my processing/execution peak. But since I’ve just started this stack it’s more plausible to stick to the former.


Am curious. Which book is this, @Voytek?


It’s the Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson


That book is his best book I believe, followed by models.


Total Exposure Time: 44/400 (doesn’t include running Elixirx1/day)

Alright, so I ran my stack for 15 hours today and it seems to have been the right amount of exposure at the moment. It’s a bit more difficult time for me since Mogul is changing my beliefs about money and getting rich which causes slight mood swings and moments of doubt. But when I social context I’m solid and adamant if it comes to things beneficial to me. I like it.


Hey everyone –

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Total Exposure Time: 56/400

I’ve noticed that doing exercises improves my sense of power, I’m more solid. I don’t know if I can attribute it to doing exercises only or to the combination of those plus my current stack.

I’ve decreased the volume by 7,5% since it occurred to me I could have been listening to subliminal programs at a bit too high a volume. I hope it’s not going to diminish my excellent results since I care about both my hearing and my results.


:thinking: Now that you mention it…


It’s just riding a bike and some basic exercises in an outdoor exercise ground, like this: